DA’s New Book, Cluetopia, Given Away!

Released tomorrow, Wednesday, October 23rd, will be DA’s new book, Cluetopia.Cluetopia

Cluetopia is a celebration of the crossword’s 100-year history, which DA himself is “…really hoping the book translates as a mystery tour, where every year offers a passing glimpse on another era, or culture, through the peephole of a puzzle”.

And to celebrate, I’ve got a copy to give away to whoever comes up with the best cryptic clue for CLUETOPIA by 9AM Monday next week, the 28th of October. Here’s an example of a clue that wouldn’t be likely to win:

Puzzling place misdirects a cue pilot (9)

Please limit yourself to two entries just for my sanity.

20 thoughts on “DA’s New Book, Cluetopia, Given Away!

  1. … except 40 should be 150, which doesn’t sound so good. I promise not to post any more until after a coffee.

  2. There’s a copy waiting for you in Melbourne, RC.

    Feel free to enter and claim a moral victory, though.

  3. Egyptian lost her tail when mixing with the user interface for DA’s latest.

  4. DA’s book initially could lend untold encouragement to ordinary puzzlers in Australia (9)

  5. Thanks Rupert, but I thought later the last word should have read “Australasia”.

  6. I met Alex at today’s launch party for DA’s book, and via paper, he submitted these two beauts:

    DA’s new book – title of “Catatonic Capital Consonants with all vowels” (9)

    or with a cryptic direct clue:

    ‘The News’ ad backs book – title of “Cryptic Capital Consonants with all vowels” (9)

  7. Is there a vote on this, or are you judging autocratically, AS? My vote so far is with john, which may be more my sense of humour than his cluing skills, but a fabulous anagrind nevertheless.

  8. john’s clue is truly hilarious. I’m torn between john’s clue and Bernie’s “initially” clue. I didn’t realise that was a clue until I saw the (9). Very clean surface.

    Anyone want to put their two cents in?

  9. I’m going to autocratic and award the book to Bernie, simply because I wouldn’t have realised it was a clue without the (9).

    Next giveaway, I’ll lean more towards rewarding smut.

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