DA Confusion for the 18th of October, 2013

Have your confusions sorted out right about here.

45 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 18th of October, 2013

  1. Good to see site is finally back up.
    For me, today’s DA was one of the quickest I have ever done (less than an hour when normally several). And yet, I still do not get wordplay for 21D. I would appreciate if anyone could enlighten me. Thanks.

  2. I think if you gambled in Victoria, you’d get it. Liza Minelli may help.

  3. andy wain – thanks – I think I have that word even though not from Vic), but I do not get the word play. I think “Cheers” gives letters 1,2. And “show” gives me the word you refer to above. But I then cannot construct the removal / change from there with “sees apparel removed”.

  4. Hi Ray, yeah not a great clue for DA. “sees” implies more than one “c” to me. Anyhow I often best guess to get the right answer! (Sometimes not too well!). Quiet here today.

  5. This page still isn’t loading on Chrome for me.

    Got most of it out very quickly, but stuck on 6A, 10A, 15A, 4D, 6D, 8D.

  6. Indy, 6A screen think of a face screen, audition (sounds ). 15A someone who might swing an object might help (his father has been in the news a bit). That might help in th etop right corner.

  7. Indy – 6A – Defn 1st word. “audition” = homophone indicator.
    10A – “Fashion” = 4 letter synonym for letters 1,2,3,4. “spring” = 4 letter synonym which “ignoring maiden for the French”, (swaps out 1 letter for 2) gives letters 5,6,7,8,9. Defn = last word.
    15A – the wordplay doesn’t quite work for me, but I got – “I’m” – letters 4,3. “in” = container. “bed” = 3 letter synonym for letters 5,2,1. “back” reverses this. Defn is “hot-and-cold swinger” (which I have as an Oz tennis player!!).
    4D – again not quite right for me – but double defn. “It shoots” = defn 1 (but abbreviated??). “motor component” = defn 2.
    6D – really good one I think. Defn = 1st word. “did you say?” = homophone indicator and this is for both parts of the construct – so homophone for “total” gives letters 1,2 and homophone for “totalled” gives the rest.
    8D – defn = 1st word. “try” = first part. “relationship” = second part and then Spooner. Think Milli Vanilli.

  8. I have 21D as a type of fabric, but I don’t see that in the definition (also don’t get the pokies location in the wordplay).

    I agree with Ray that the wordplay is iffy in 15A. I also don’t like 3D, unless I’ve just missed the clue as to which couple of letters are dropped from “decent”.

    Thanks again to Gayle for the link.

  9. Rupert – 3D and 21D – have same. For 21D as “andy wain” noted above it is a possibly a Victorian reference. Irrespective I still cannot get the wordplay.

  10. Ray and Rupert, I agree that wordplay for 21 leaves a lot to be desired. Rupert, the reference is essentially Victorian (as in the State). 3 wordplay refers to a fairish wine with two letters removesd. Again, the way the clue is mean’t to work eludes me. “.. after a couple..” of what?

  11. Ray – Word play for 21D is as follows: Cheers = Letters 1,2. Show = Letters 3,4,5,6. That sees apparel removed = Letter 7 (that minus hat). Definition is a place in Victoria where there are some pokies.
    I thought 3D was a bit woolly.

  12. Almost done. I don’t get the wordplay for 14A, althoughI’m sure I have the right word. Remaining is 18D and 28A. I have words that fit, but don’t see how they relate to the clue.

  13. 14A wordplay: definition first word. Outside is container; dragged gives a synonym for 1,2,6,7,8,9. Remaining three letters are at intervals in “member”.

    18D: definition first word, wrangling is anagrind, “incessant” the fodder, with the edging of “stagers” removed.

    I think for 28A, “was effective” refers to letters 3,2,1; but it’s not that good of a clue.

  14. Jack – 21D – thanks much. I do not think I would have got there as stuck on another word. Well done.

  15. Indy / Geoff,
    28A – “was effective” = letters 3,2,1. “in returning” makes it 1,2,3.
    If it “—” then it “was effective” in my view.

  16. I still don’t get 28a and have problems with 17, 22 and 25a. Also 17, 23 and 18d….

  17. I couldn’t get the site loaded on any device yesterday. This is the first time I’ve ever completed a DA in under 15 minutes, still it was a fun puzzle.

  18. Also had no joy loading site yesterday. Managed on my own hoping it was my new found brilliance, but now see it was just easier than usual. Yes JS not a fan of spoonerisms either

  19. Didn’t think much of south of 12a as a a definition for 20d. Had never heard of the place and spent ages looking at a map near 12a for it before giving up. that was the only one I didn’t get yesterday, although I didn’t understand some of the wordplays. above comments have sorted most out now i think

  20. Nn, luckily I’ve had holidays at both places so got them pretty easily but I can see how others may struggle.

  21. Pretty smooth run with NE last to fill. Thanks to Ray for 15A which helped.I don’t get the definition though. Swings the racket and swings punches, but why ‘hot-and-cold’, or is it his temperament? I was trying to substitute ‘c’ for h’ or vice versa. And should there be a second reversal indicator? How did anyone solve this?
    I quite liked 3D and don’t have a problem with it. ‘After a couple’ just means starting from the third letter. Maybe a quibble about ‘decent’ ? Connoisseurs might disagree with the synonym. Good misdirection … at first I thought it might have been along the lines of last week’s inebriated pronunciation. ..
    … which leads me to pet quibble grumble, homophone in 29A …. not! USE = YOUZ not YOUS.
    Thanks to Jack for explanation of 21D.
    Liked 25A, 26D, 1D, 19A, 22A, 12A. Overall I found the surfaces much more to my liking in this week’s crossie. Even the anti-Spoonerism camp gotta give it to DA for 8A, I reckon, whichever way it reads. And the idea of a mime attempting or testing a relationship with Spooner brought a chuckle.

  22. Gayle Re 15 You are right strictly speaking there should be a second reversal indicator for bed. Re 3 wording is not good. The wording suggests the answer refers to the wine not the simpatico definition. The answer is not descriptive of a decent wine after the first two letters are removed.

  23. Gayle, doesn’t the word ‘report’ in 29A indicate that use sounds like yous, as in a p itlural form of you? It works for me, and I’m usually the one to compain about David’s homophones…

  24. Oh, ok Barry. On further thought, it’s more complicated because YOUS is not a homophone in the rest of the solution, so it’s really ‘heard’ then reverting to ‘seen’. I’ll just have to settle for the ‘?’ in the clue.

  25. i wouldn’t have minded 20d if it was somewhere near 12a but it is a long way south and such a small place it probably doesn’t appear on any map with a scale that would be small enough to show both places. He may as well have said south of the north pole for all the use it was to me as a definition. No hope of getting it from the wordplay either unless you’d already heard of it.

    As for the Spoonerisms, they usually give me a laugh when and if i get them. The ones i don’t like are those with dodgy homophones or those in which the word formed by the change of letters doesn’t actually fit with the syllables or sounds of the original word. Not sure how well I’ve explained that and can’t think of an example at the moment. There was one a few weeks ago that didn’t really work for me but I can’t remember what it was.

  26. Easy to fill in the grid (ta Da!) but I struggled to read the runes for 3D, 21D, and 25A, with Jack having given an convincing reading of 21D.

    On 3D, does DA use rude words? If so, FHF, the second letter could be one a drunk (“after a couple”) might use to describe a ffabulous wine.

    On 25A I get the anagram but can’t see any direct relationship between the solution and pitch. Any suggestions please?

    nn, re 20D: I hadn’t heard of it but guessed correctly – including the spelling!! – and checked, as you could, on Google maps. Search for 12D and zoom out gradually keeping 12D on top. On my screen I can see it on a map that also includes foreign places like Sydney and Albury, and weirder ones like “Muddled up race for the best oats (8)”

  27. Mike Re 25 Think of pitch as a verb as in setting things in the ground. Letters 1 7 and 8 make up a synonym.

  28. If anyone’s still wondering about 3D – The answer is a word for “deliciously drinkable”, but the first two letters aren’t included (ie ‘after a couple’). And without those two letters, the word that is left means ‘simpatico’.

    My favourite was probably 8D. I like the spoonerisms.

  29. Mike I did exactly that with a map but never thought to look that far south. Even when I zoom out far enough to include the area, that town is too insignificant to show up on the map I was looking at, so I never found it. Had to wait for the solutions for that clue which was particularly annoying as I rarely get DA out completely without the help of this site and I would have managed it yesterday if it wasn’t for this clue! As I couldn’t get on to this site all day yesterday I couldn’t even get help for it. Ah well, there’s always next week…

  30. Quite an easy one this week, although I had problems with NE corner when I filled in COMET for 15a. I rather liked the concept of a comet swinging by every so often, although ME should have been backwards and not forwards. However got the correct solution eventually, but agree that the clue seems to indicate that only “I’m” is reversed. How about “I’m in bed on the rebound with a hot-and-cold swinger”?

  31. Peter, “I’m in bed on the rebound with a hot-and-cold swinger”?

    Double entendre totally accidental?

  32. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. This was the fastest I’d ever done, finished by 0815 Friday, gave up trying to post my boast here. Thought maybe it had been closed permanently, glad it hasn’t been.

  33. I tried to get on this site throughout both Friday and Saturday! I, too, managed to finish much more quickly than usual. Hopefully, there won’t be any problems next week.

  34. OMG, It has happened. This site has achieved total creepiness.
    All the word wankers really freaked out when they couldnt post and boast their amazing achievements of solving another DA.
    I couldnt believe it last week when Barry actually posted Gayle on how to Google going commando, I think people know how to Google. Barry you are an embarrassment to yourself for saying that.
    But then Barry said he solved this puzzle in 15 mins, That is just complete wankerism, prove it Barry or just be silent.Nobody cares how quickly anyone solved it or not.
    Arthur your included in this.
    Once again OMG creepy

  35. You’re well name, *jimmyDArat*! But next time you post something I hope you’ve learnt the difference between “your” and “you’re”!

  36. Barry | October 21, 2013 at 5:05 pm |
    AS, don’t worry about the rat – he’s amusing. And when he remembers to take his meds, he can come across as almost normal….

    Barry it would seem to me you have just tried to make a politically incorrect very offensive joke about people with a mental illness,
    hows that working for you ?

  37. Sorry, Jim, old chap. I am so ashamed of myself. From reading your posts, it has been quite obvious that you’re suffering from a mental illness and I am deeply mortified that I used this very friendly forum to use my superior intellect to make fun of a person who obviously needs psychiatric assistance. Please excuse me while I find the rock salt and nails and flagellate myself.

    Oh yes, and by the way, for the record, I actually did solve last weekends DA in under fifteen minutes. My post was not intended as a boast; rather as an indication that it was pretty easy. For the record, it usually takes me 30-40 minutes to complete a DA.

    And another thing, Jimmy my boy, you owe an apology to Arthur: he is a real gentleman and does not deserve your abusive comments. At his age, he deserves the respect of us all, which he gets each week from the regular, genuine contributors to this forum.

    AS, I’m, not sure what software you’re using for this site, but in a past life of mine as an IT specialist, it was pretty easy to block unwanted content by adding a character string (like “jimmydarat”) . This would usually prevent unwanted life-forms from spoiling the enjoyment of those of us who really appreciate what you are trying to do.

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