DA for the 11th of October, 2013

Get into it: It’s DA for another October week without sporting diversions.

And if you really want a big DA fix, he’s a gadabout town. This from this blog:

Melbourne crossword fans can grab two chances to get some DA in person. This Friday you can join me for some prize-games of wordplay at the Mind Sports Festival, in Murrumbeena. While on Sunday, October 27, I’m launching Cluetopia at Readers Feast, in the city. Both promise ample haha & aha.

More specifically, from here: http://davidastle.com/da-blog/post/salon-401/

DA 20,122 (11 October 2013)

DA 20,122 (11 October 2013) - Solution

2 thoughts on “DA for the 11th of October, 2013

  1. Well I quite enjoyed today’s. Didn’t work out the theme for a long time – should have got it earlier after a couple of easy gets ie 17D and 24/31. Anyway DA puts in da work – darn tootin’.

  2. Holy Mackerel, trippers, that was the best DA I’ve done in a while. I’ll take the credit, he’s clearly lifted after my spray from a few weeks ago and threat to rename the site LR Trippers. You’re safe for now, DA.

    I didn’t quite get it out though. I had SCAT for 3d, which I still think is a better answer, but I concede it clearly wasnt the one DA had in mind. As a result I missed the golden 9a. Also gold in 4d and 7d.

    Missed 3 in the SE corner. Fiddlesticks!

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