DA for the 4th of October, 2013

Time to recover from last week’s brutally difficult DA with another DA.

Bring it.

DA 20,116 (4 October 2013)

DA 20,116 (4 October 2013) - Solution

6 thoughts on “DA for the 4th of October, 2013

  1. I thought the experts would have been here by now, saying how easy this one is. I have six or seven solved, much better than last week. Re the actor, in 9A. As before, I don’t watch movies. A first name comes to me: Winter month knocked out? Does that ring a bell?

  2. Good to see Rupert back on Friday morning.
    Definitely easier than last week, and although I have no interest in one of DA’s penchances for a certain aspect of contemporary kulcha, I managed to get the answers from wordplay and confirmation by google.

  3. Likewise Gayle. Never watched that show despite the raps. Neat puzzle yesterday.

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