We Have A Cluetopia Winner: Bernie Take A Bow

We had a number of strong contenders, and if I wouldn’t have been accused of nepotism, RC’s entry might have taken home the chocolates:

Tormentor’s tales are a hint to one who urinates loudly (9)

I liked Alex’s use of capitals and vowels in his entry:

DA’s new book – title of “Catatonic Capital Consonants with all vowels” (9)

And smut is always highly regarded among the organisers of this here website, which meant john’s entry was highly regarded indeed:

I copulate wildly, producing puzzling history (9)

But I couldn’t go past Bernie’s entry simply because when I first read it, I didn’t realise it was a clue the surface reading was so damn smooth:

DA’s book initially could lend untold encouragement to ordinary puzzlers in Australia (9)

So Bernie, take a bow, and send through your details via the email address to the right of this here page and I’ll post through your copy of Cluetopia.

DA’s Cluetopia Launch Party and Crossword Extravaganza

DA is celebrating 100 years of the crossword and the release of his new book, Cluetopia, with a launch at the Reader’s Feast bookstore over on 162 Collins Street, Melbourne, this coming Sunday, 27th of October from 4:30PM.

More details here: http://www.eventbrite.com.au/event/7828510285/eorg

I’ll be heading down — and I’m not sure if that’s a drawcard or a drawback. What’s unquestionable is that DA’s presence at the soiree is definitely the former rather than the latter. So head on down.

DA’s New Book, Cluetopia, Given Away!

Released tomorrow, Wednesday, October 23rd, will be DA’s new book, Cluetopia.Cluetopia

Cluetopia is a celebration of the crossword’s 100-year history, which DA himself is “…really hoping the book translates as a mystery tour, where every year offers a passing glimpse on another era, or culture, through the peephole of a puzzle”.

And to celebrate, I’ve got a copy to give away to whoever comes up with the best cryptic clue for CLUETOPIA by 9AM Monday next week, the 28th of October. Here’s an example of a clue that wouldn’t be likely to win:

Puzzling place misdirects a cue pilot (9)

Please limit yourself to two entries just for my sanity.