DA for the 27th of September, 2013

It’s that glorious time of the year again: a DA and the grand final together.

Report about it here.

DA 20,110 (27 September 2013) low res (1)


DA 20,110 (27 September 2013) - Solution

8 thoughts on “DA for the 27th of September, 2013

  1. A very tough but rewarding outing. The theme came to me late but was very gratefully received! Took me most of the day after getting my first 2 clues out in the first hour!

    Love this standard of puzzle DA.

  2. I love DA’s themed crosswords. The creativity and hard work that must go into them are astounding. Loved 5a, 21a and the theme in general.
    So it’s all the more disappointing that this one, like one-for-all-all-for-one before it, was made less accessible by the bullshit key clue, 9d. “Agenda item” = global warming? Bullshit.
    But the bullshit didn’t stop with the obtuse direct clue. The “try” and “student” wordplay was needlessly awkward, book=b crappy and the rest of it worse still.
    Has this page and SBS made DA too powerful for his editors? Can no one at the Fairfax puzzle page stand up and trim back the bullshit to reveal the gold underneath? In a week when we were dazzled by LR, how much longer will we be on-the-same-page with DA if 9d-like bullshit is allowed to prevail? Will this site need a namechange????

  3. Echo some of your thoughts RC as to how much work and how clever the theme and the clues may be, only to fall short in a couple of places. I get the feeling that DA puts so much into it and his brain moves so fast that the larrikin in him just goes on to the next thing.
    Are there crossword editors any more or gone with the cuts? The other Fairfax compilers could do with a check often as well, for different reasons, although I enjoy DS. On the other hand the Tele has axed the Stickler which I thought was consistently pretty good.
    Maybe we shouldn’t speak too loudly or they’ll just get rid of cryptics altogether.

  4. DA often has one or 2 clues — like 9d– where just about every letter is clued by a different element of word- play. It’s not often that this is the key to the whole puzzle–so many of us struggled even more than usual. To my little brain, DA ‘s puzzles are never less than 9/10 on the difficulty stakes. This one was 11/10– just to show us who was boss, I reckon. After the 3 Musketeers puzzle, DA said that because of the negative feedback he was not going to proceed with another similar one. I’d hate to think that that we have seen the end of these super-quirky ones.

  5. I hear you both. I love the themes and I don’t mind them being hard….but I thought 9d was inelegant. Maybe you’re right Gayle, maybe Gina reads this site and as she’s not having much luck eating her children, maybe she’ll eat poor old DA….

  6. I agree that the clue for 9D was inelegant for all the reasons RC has listed (esp b for book & the definition) but a criticism of themed crosswords in the past has been that the theme, once solved, makes the rest of the puzzle too easy. I think here, DA went out of his way to make the theme unguessable (you had to play around with the wordplay) & then the genius of the crossword is that it is unsolveable without the theme, and bloody difficult even with the theme. For the record I got 9D at half time at the AFL grand final, my fingers & scarf stuffed in my ears because the “entertainment” was dangerously & unbearably loud at ground level.

  7. Ditto, not a good puzzle, not really enjoyable at all…..but I did laugh at JC’s bread and butter

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