DA Confusion for the 20th of September, 2013

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  1. Alarm clock not working? I ask, re 21A, 4D, who are Stan and Carol? Have come to a standstill after solving only ten.

  2. Also, how do I find the French ‘auteur’ of 18D, when I have first letter only?

  3. Arthur C. – re 21A/4D – help has already been posted eg:
    Ray | September 20, 2013 at 8:32 am |
    Arthur C. – 21A/4D – “Carol managed Stan” is anagram fodder for the 16 letters of answer.
    18D – homophone by 2.

  4. Fortunately, I just saw 22D, which gave me 21A 4D straight away. Should have counted those letters before, thought it might have been a film reference.

  5. nn, for 1A, take the middle letter (crotchless) from a synonym for strides (nothing to do with pants). Remainder is an anagram.

  6. 22d is probably someone I’ve never heard of . Can guess the first homophone as I have two letters, but no idea on what a little piggy would be apart from a piglet and that won’t fit
    Looks like I will have to google NSW rivers too.

  7. Nn re 18d, think of ‘this little piggy went to market’. The answer is a well-known Frenchman.

  8. I presume 26A is related to green, can’t find a river given letters 1 & 3 I have? Was the artist in 6D related to a bed cover?

  9. Arthur, yes 6 D could refer to bedding. The river is similar to a popular drink

  10. Arthur, green is the def, refers to a person. I have no idea what the rest of the clue means!
    Yes the artist refers to a bed cover.
    I have five to go. 20d 27d 23a 27a 29a
    Word searches and google aren’t helping

  11. Got 29 a now but am completely lost on the wordplay, as I am with several others

  12. Nn, 29A sounds like ‘rice’ and ‘crackers’ around an abbreviation of the answers age.

  13. Nn, 20D means both ‘squared up’ -think account – and ‘at home’.
    23A definition is first word, with the capital letter.
    There is no 27D – if you mean 27A, think of JFK.

  14. Have 23a now, but again I am lost on the wordplay. Took me a long while to work out what sort of Banks it was too

  15. Nn, re 29A, rice is a xxxxx which sounds like the first five letters of the answer.

  16. Sorry Barry meant 24d not 27d.
    Thanks for hint on 27a, that leaves me just 20d and 24d to go, but at least now I have all the cross letters I should have a chance

  17. All done now, thanks Barry. Hadn’t heard of 24d either. That makes three people I’d never heard of plus that NSW river, no wonder I was having trouble.
    Off to think about some wordplays now

  18. Barry, re 29A as with you I read as “… sounds like ‘rice’ and ‘crackers’ …”, but then to me it is around the “shape” of the rice crackers, not “… around an abbreviation of the answers age.”

  19. Ray I think you might be right about the shape.
    Have been over to crossword club for the wordplays I didn’t get and see Ian is stuck on a few too. 28a 5d and 25d.
    I don’t have a clue on the first two, but I think 25d is something along the lines of the cubicle being letters 1, 3 and 4. Letter 2 is captive? Doesn’t quite work for me but nice try.
    In 23a Ian has heartless increase cluing letters 1, 2, 7 and 8. Can see the heartless, but I don’t equate increase to the word that he has as heartless.

  20. nn – 5D – think is &lit. “belt!” = anagrind. “eg: lad from Belgrade’s” gives the 4 letter fodder. And “from Belgrade’s” is the defn.
    28A – defn = “ill-suited”. “team” synonym gives letters 1,2,4,5. “gains following” = letter 3.
    23A – defn = first 2 words. “thrash” = letters 3,4,5. “one” = letter 6. “beset by” = container indicator. “heartless increase” is a 5 letter word for “increase” with middle letter removed for letters 1,2,6,7.

  21. Thanks Ray, I had missed the significance of the eg in 5d
    28a thanks, that makes sense, but I don’t think much of using following to indicate that letter. Not sure if it is a common abbreviation in some particular field, but not one I’ve ever used. DA seems to be doing this more often these days, indicating a letter by using just about any word he likes that starts with that letter and somehow expecting us to see that it is an abbreviation.
    23a I understand, I’ve just never equated increase with that word. I’m assuming the letter that was removed was an A.

  22. nn – 23A – removed letter is “O”. (and correction to typo above – ““heartless increase” is a 5 letter word for “increase” with middle letter removed for letters 1,2,7,8”).

  23. Down to a couple (or maybe one. My 8D bothers me, I have desert nomads, with one letter removed from normal spelling? Clue unclear to me. Other one in 25D, where the clue is meaningless to me. Further elucidation needed.

  24. Arthur, the desert dwellers are Australian, of the winged type. A word for moves is around one (I).
    25d. the answer is an abbreviation for a book about someone’s life. i.e. a brief life. I think the wordplay is as I’ve outlined above at 10.39, but it seems a bit clumsly.

  25. nn,
    dictionaries list ‘f’ as an abbreviation for ‘following’, so it’s legit. I don’t know where it stems from.
    ‘cubicle captive’ anyone ?

  26. Uh oh. Just thought of it.
    A ‘cubicle captive’ is someONE stuck in the loo, or B–.
    A s— clue.

  27. Thanks ZZ, if it is in the dictionary, then I guess it is ok.
    I didn’t think much of the cubicle captive either, see my earlier post

  28. Favourites today 18d and11a. Blocked in N E corner.Despite clues above can’t find 5d. Help with 16a would also help.

  29. Found him by going through alphabet. Even went to see the exhibition! Is 16a to do with football?

  30. megse – 15D – double defn (sort of). “case” (as is “case the joint”) is one defn. “Keep” is the other (read in reverse).
    16A – “Formal start postponed” is a 4 letter word for “formal” with first letter moved to last to give letters 1,2,3,4. “needs” = 5 letter synonym for letters 5,6,7,8,9. Defn = last 2 words.

  31. Fantastic! Thanks for the assist, nn, a couple of complex clues beat me. All finished now. I emailed the puzzle to an English friend, have to wait to see how she did, but she won’t get the peculiarly Australian answers.

  32. All done except for 12a and 13d. Have no idea of the word play for 3d (assuming my answer is correct, and assuming also that ‘extremes’ refers to first and last letters) nor of how the first letter of 14a fits into the clue. Does it mean that if one splits something one ends up with half? I suppose that makes some sort of sense. Any hints for the two remaining would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Indy, 7d is a 4 letter word for gamble minus first ,before one & 50.12a def is centres word play not sure of.Dave R 13d first two words def, low as in depressed 1-4 and place for spirits?5-10
    Thanks ray for 15d.

  34. Thanks megse. I suppose letters 5-10 could be a synonym as well as a container. Not thinking too straight today after spending a large slice of the morning at the dentist.

  35. Cannot get the painter in 6D. Perhaps my 12A is wrong; I have it as the centres of atoms.

  36. Like Arthur, I had the wrong spelling for 8D. Thought the ‘one’ referred to the singular. That made 12A and 16A very difficult to get! I couldn’t work out 25D without help from above hints either.

  37. Jack, I agree with your 12A. Think of a ‘warmer’ that goes on a bed, then possibly Google to confirm for 6D.

  38. Cannot get started with top left corner. But have almost everything else.
    Can’t see 1A despite the hints earlier.
    Nor 9a, 11a or 14a. Or 1d, 2d, 3D!
    3d feels like a Star Trek character but can’t connect any of them to a wordplay.

    Only other one missing is 26a.

  39. Jack / Ann / megse – my take on 12A is very convoluted but here goes.
    “Tip” = a 4 letter synonym – which when “out uni” loses 3rd letter (the letter “U”) – which gives letters 3,4,5. “stopping” = container indicator. “radical uni” = letters 1,2,6. defn = “centres”.

  40. Julian, 1A is ‘a secret site’ with an anagram of ‘I like’ and a letter missing from ‘strides’ as in the verb. 1D is another word for ‘adore’ with letters 1,2,3 from the first four words of the clue and letters 4,5,6,7 from the last two words.
    9A, think ‘snitch’ where your witness has been clipped (one letter missing) and flipped (reversed).
    11A is a place which is also an acetabulum (which I had to Google the meaning of).
    14A is a risk.
    2D is a current pop singer.
    3D I’m not too sure of though.

  41. Julian, think of site as in web site for 1a. For 11a, think “in” as trendy or fashionable for first word of answer. 2d is a singer my granddaughters like. The stooge (heading off) who is interrupted was one of a trio.

  42. Julian – let’s try 2D as a starter. “Rock-bottom” = letter 1. “sort” = 4 letter synonym to give letters 3,4,5,6. “interrupts” = container. “stooge, heading off” = one of the (3) stooges with first letter removed to give letter 2,7,8,9. “singer” = defn.
    See if that starts something.

  43. Ann – 3D – think of a language in Star Trek, that even “minus its extremes” (first and last letter removed) still gives a word meaning language.

  44. Once again Ray, You have nailed it (12A). I did not think of that word for tip.

  45. Thanks, Ray. That is the word I have, I just hadn’t been sure why. I had forgotten the language of Star Trek.

  46. Ray, your comment helping Ann confirms my answer for 3d, but I have no idea what the expanded word is, nor do I have any but the faintest idea what Star Trek is; some TV program? Science fiction? Do the characters speak fictitious languages? DA does expect us to have a wide knowledge of culture.

  47. Or maybe I should have said:
    HIja’. HIja’. HIja’
    (geez – I hope that’s right!!!)

  48. Finally got there in fits and starts, too late to add to the discussion. But I am still puzzled by 9a. I can’t fine a word for witness that can be clipped and flipped to get the answer I have.

  49. Sandy – 9A – if you have correct, when the 5 letters are turned, you would need to add a 6th to get a “witness”. Think of “witness” as in “witness to a signature” – a JP equivalent.

  50. Thanks for the help everyone. Finally got there. Liked 11A in the end. I had googled Acetabulum and got the right answer but only worked the wordplay out after hints here.
    Have absolutely no interest in current pop singers so 2D meant nothing to me and had to google to confirm after working out the wordplay.

  51. If anyone’s still here … that would have the highest number of over-obscure wordplays I’ve seen from DA from some considerable time. As I went I marked a total of eight questionable ones, six of which I’ve had explained here.

    I still don’t understand 26A, nor why “kool” = “keep” (if that’s DA’s intent) in 15D. Anyone?

  52. AG – 15D – “Keep” = “peek” in reverse = “look” in reverse = “look about”.
    26A – defn = “Green”. “River in NSW” = “colo” = letters 2,3,4,5. “restricted by tide’s last” = “e” = letter 1. “drift” = “gist” = letters 6,7,8,9.

  53. Thanks all for the explanations of DA’s tortuous thinking. With the definitive answers in today’s Age I cannot find an excuse for letter 6 of 29A: maybe “kept around” would have been better as there are lots of other shapes. Also I don’t get 14A that looks to me like old money at 1 plus some more old money backwards at 2,3,4,5. Help please.

  54. Mike – 29A – I think “rice cracker … shape” = “O” is just typically DA.
    14A – for the 1st letter (“P”), I get this from, “Split up” which removes the “u” and leaves the “p”. And agree with you for letters 2,3,4,5.

  55. I googled NSW river for 26A and saw a reference to a (Perth) article which refered to nomic tides- so I think that is an importane element of the answer. Liked 29A- although the 11A was the first I solved (thanks google) and still a gap in 19A.

  56. @AlandSal, What is your gap in 19A – we have it as a slang word for a long time – it is a pay TV network backwards, with 2 letters for working inside. Now maybe someone can help us with 25D – it’s the only one we didn’t get. we have _ I _ G, and no idea what it is about.

  57. Doug & Gwyn
    25D:”Brief Life” is the definition and the “cubicle captive” means some one (I) trapped in a toilet. Letters 1,3 and 4 form a slang term for toilet. See ZZ above Sept 20 12.08

  58. Well Bernie. Thanks for the explanation. We agree with AG’s comment about over obscure word plays – a bit much this week. Enjoy it a lot more when there are “AAHHAA! moments”

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