7 thoughts on “LR for the 16th of September, 2013

  1. What is this. I call in to comment about today’s (20th) and no grid yet! Almost died overnight, heart misbehaving badly. But, still here today, PTL. Have only four so far. But found what looks like a shocking DA error in today’s Quick: 29A – Electromagnetic wave monitor, but the only word I could fit in was modulator, an entirely different device.

  2. And now six. 9A is nice. But where is grid for today? Somebody slept in?

  3. You are certainly smarter than the average bear, Ray. I have only ten, 1A took me ages to see. Haven’t a clue on 21A 4D. Who are Carol and Stan?

  4. Arthur C. – 21A/4D – “Carol managed Stan” is anagram fodder for the 16 letters of answer.

  5. Arthur I have ten so far, but don’t understand some of them. Carol and Stan are part of the fodder.
    Ray, it took me a while to get 9a, but it was good, also liked 3d and 17d. I got the answer for 1a but don’t understand the crotchless strides bit.
    Will press on

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