DA Confusion for the 13th of September, 2013

Confused? Unsure? Friday the 13th and DA will do that to you.

Have your questions resolved here.

88 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 13th of September, 2013

  1. All out. I found tough and very hard to get going. 1st out 18A and last out 22A.

  2. Well done Ray. Have only six so far, thought once I had the annual event all would be easy. Isn’t! I had 10A first, followed by 18A (hadn’t seen that word before). Progressing.

  3. Penguins? The answer to 2D seemed obvious, except I can see no connection with the clue, if I write in the obvious answer. Explanation, please. Letters 1, 3, 7 all fit the across answers I have.

  4. Ian – 27A – I think “buff lowered head” means a 3 letter word for “buff” with 1st letter moved to position 2. Is that what you were meaning?

  5. Brond 23a is an anagram. I have most of eastside but struggling elsewhere help please

  6. Must retire for a while, lunch to prepare. Have all of LHS save 12A. Name of a place related to 28-29A? My Wordfinder says ‘No words found’?

  7. I have to go for awhile too, Arthur but it looks as though we can help each other.11a think old PM not Australian as def, 20a think Greek.

  8. I thought that this was going to be hard as I know nothing about the theme, but it turned out to be fairly easy. Struggled a bit with 25D but when solved, it’s a very good clue with good misdirection.

  9. Hurrah! All finished, ultimately proved not too hard, though, as usual, some clues not fully understood.

  10. Got the theme, but can’t get 22A, 26A, 16D or 25D.
    Can anyone give me any hints?

  11. Ann, 22A first three letters represented by “countback”. Last three by a famous boxer (real name) with lost a. Definition is Strong.

  12. Ann – 22A – defn = 1st word. “boxing star lost a” = letters 4,5,6. “countback” gives a (rough) 3 letter synonym for “count” reversed (“back”) for letters 3,2,1. “beforehand” indicates first bit of clue after second bit.
    26A – den = 1st word. “distorted” = anagrind. “tuba” = fodder = letters 2,3,4,5″aboard” indicates container. “sloop” = 3 letter synonym for letters 1,6,7.
    16D – “Name” = 6 letters synonym for letters 1,2,3,4,5,6. “local” = 3 letter synonym for letters 7,8,9. The rest is defn.
    25D – this is very good. “So called” = homophone indicator. “flag” = homophone. Rest is defn.

    Hope helps.

  13. … and I won’t bother with the rest as Ray beat me to it. Just to add that 26A was a new word to me and to my wife and we’re both musicians. The original French word from which it is derived is much better known to musicians than the answer.

  14. Thanks, Ray and Barry. All done now. I actually had considered what was suggested for 22A but didn’t think it was correct as an adjective.

  15. All done except 13a and 7d, which nobody else seems to have been troubled with – am I just being stupid?

  16. OK – not stupid, just not yet Ozzie enough – I had to look him up! (I am now a citizen, but the Pom element persists.)

  17. Mary, I guess you now have 13A. 7D is a place in 29A with the prefix Saint. The answer is from “turned 19 after the first” – but you have to spell out the number. “Turned” means what it often does in cryptics.

  18. desperate and DA-less! is there somewhere I can get today’s puzzle? I’m in a place with no shops

  19. Got the theme straight away, but as I have little knowledge of it (and even less interest in it), I am trying to decide if I can be bothered spending the evening googling.

  20. nn, don’t give up. The theme isn’t really 28 and 29A; it is mainly related to 29A only. Only 1/5 A are specific to the 28 part, and there are a couple relating to what is used, but they’re not technical.

  21. I’m not sure about parcel (10) and supportive (11) as “container” indicators. 3 seems an attempt at an &lit clue but doesn’t work because of “Observe” It would work very well without the initial word. Plus my usual beef about the likes of countback = count back and revhead = r

  22. Am plodding away Barry, have a few of the theme clues and having read the above, I might need an atlas. Wordfinder gave me 26a which I’d never heard of and 19d which sounds vaguely familiar. Above hits gave me a few more. I got 2d very early but don’t get the wordplay despite hints above.
    Have 21d but don’t see how the second letter is clued in the wordplay

  23. Agree with Ian about 27a, lowering head just doesn’t work with an across clue. Never heard of buff used to mean those three letters but dictionary says it is so. That’s three new words for me so far.

  24. Finished now. Never heard of 12a or 13a either.
    Minor gripe with 11a, if it isn’t an Australian PM he really should tell us the country, otherwise the list of possibilities is just too big.
    Have a few wordplays to sort out yet

  25. Not clear about 3D. If observe is letters 1 and 5 and hoofed beast is letters 3,4,5, where is the answer defined?

  26. Jack – see FHF above ie:
    FHF | September 13, 2013 at 5:42 pm |
    … 3 seems an attempt at an &lit clue but doesn’t work because of “Observe” It would work very well without the initial word….

  27. Jack – per Wiki –
    A rare clue type is the “& lit.” clue, standing for “and literally so”. In this case, the entire clue is both a definition and a cryptic clue. In some publications this is always indicated by an exclamation mark at the end of the clue eg: SPOIL VOTE! (ans: VETO)

  28. Thanks Ray – This is something new to me, although I must have seen it somewhere in my life. I now have to agree with FHF in that “Observe” spoils it, even though the donkey is well roped.

  29. nn, re 21D, you’re looking for the second letter? I think that you have first and last letters as the policeman. In fact it is a three-letter word for policeman that is “erected” that gives letters 1,2,7.

    Re 2D. The name of a well-known 2D is hidden (nesting) in the last two words of the clue. He could actually have been linked to 20A as a well-known fiddler, although he probably played a lyre as violins hadn’t been invented then.

  30. Ray, re 3D, doesn’t the word “observe” provide the first and last letters? As in XX, I bring you tidings of great joy”

  31. Barry – I agree – that’s how I got there. But I think FHF has a good point in that just “holder of hoofed beast” could also work.

  32. My my, he’s keeping us up late tonight!
    Stuck on 14d 17a and 27d & unsure of some others!
    Loved clues for 4 down and 16 down! & got a chuckle from 15 a!
    I presume 25 d would be found somewhere beneath 16d?
    11a very clever clue!

  33. Thanks Barry, you are right, I was looking at two letters for the policeman, all makes sense now.
    I see the hidden violinist now, I misinterpretted the above hint and was looking for something contained in the answer instead of in the clue

  34. Totally stuffed this week. Had only one clue out (18A) before coming here. Have now got two more, but it looks like a long hard slog. Haven’t even cracked the theme.

  35. Cracked theme and a several very large pennies dropped on other clues. Good thing its raining I have an excuse to stay inside.

  36. Struggling with 12a,23a,26a,27a.Also ,if the answer to 23a is what I think it is,does anyone know if the tdf always goes through that area?

  37. Maybe a few of the other answers too?I know the route changes every year and I thought the Paris part was the only stage that is always in the race?

  38. Help! please – eg 1,5a would help for a start. Didn’t manage ANYTHING this week without your help.

  39. @John I am still looking for 12 23 and 27 myself. But do have 26.
    Defn is first word. A type of instrument . distorted tuba is letters 2,3,4,5. 1, 6,7 is a type of sloop. Letters 5,6,7 also give you a male child.
    Do you have 14 and 24, scratching head on those.

  40. @John. I think you are right with 23a. The 28,29 went through there this time, but it is not in 29.

  41. A friend helped me out with a copy of the crossword. He’s the one who got me hooked on DA in the first place, so so he bloody well should! ;) But he didn’t send me the answers.

    I have convinced myself from the wordplay that 13A is DEBNEM (staff = MEN, sleep with = BED, perversely). Unfortunately, no person by that name appears to have led anything in NSW, liberal or otherwise. Help, please?

  42. sb. 1A word for ‘chicken’. 5A four lettered word for scottish ‘tongue’ inside ‘juicy wings’.
    This should get you started.

  43. Nearly at the 9d .. But got there earlier. Just 8d and 10, 12, 15a the remaining spokes in the wheel. Any help great fully appreciated!

  44. Starsign. Finishing with the gruppetto on this mountainous stage is no mean feat.
    12A. Letters 1,2,7,8 – ‘finished’, 3 – ‘revhead’, 4,5,6 – ‘track’.

  45. Well I’ll be! Got 12a ! and crossed the line in record time for me though I’m on plenty of drugs at present !

  46. hooray! Thanks Steve.
    AJ – how are you going with 14? I think it’s a double definition – I hadn’t heard of it for first 2 words of clue; think of less obvious meaning of compact

  47. Hey Rupert. next time send me an email, and I can return your many favours. Cheers

  48. All done but one.I had a guess which was right,but as it was a blind stab I don`t feel I can count it as a win.There`s always next week…Favorite clues were 11a and 14d.

  49. Thanks Steve, Just got 12. track as in hound someone….
    Never heard of it. I guess it was Cyrano’s department.

  50. Gilly. 9A first word ‘victors’ as in winners. Second word ‘really’ without odd letters, then four lettered word for ‘clocks’ as with your eyes.

  51. xx ,Im looking for old copies of DA cryptic crosswords.Maybe old SMH/Age ones from over three months ago?Many thanks

  52. john, I don’t know how far back you want to go, but have a look at the link to DA Motherlode on the righthand column here, under Categories, 9th from the top.

  53. Bernie – 6D – “Keep” gives a 4 letter synonym. “game” gives a 5 letter game. “contrarily” = put them in opposite order. So “game” = letters 1,2,3,4,5 and “keep” = letters 6,7,8,9. The answer is a “.. food (cheese I think) and / or a locale (region in the south) ..” on the TDF.

  54. 24d is double meaning. Added synonym. And someone in a play without lines is an….

    Had visitors over the weekend so only looking today. Not enjoying it. I had just one clue (18a) before coming here. Even then have had to google or wordfind several. Just cannot get into his way of thinking this week. Still missing 17a,14d,27a.

  55. I can’t find any comment re 4D above – surely a homophone indicator is missing – or am I missing something?

  56. JK – 4D – I do think a homophone needed – answer comes from “wee – knights” as I think indicated by no capitalisation of the names.

  57. Thanks Ray – I had assumed it was “weak knights”, given Lancelot’s moral weakness with Guinevere & possibly some other foible of Galahad: never have come across lack of capitalization indicting small or “wee” in a crossword before.

  58. Julian, I am with you on 17a. Seems this got asked a few times but not answered.
    I have g_0_ o_e_s.
    Best answers I can think of are glow ovens, good overs or gaol opens. Huh??
    Who got this one without google and played fair?

  59. Dudley – 17A – GOONS and DOME = GOO – DOME- NS. Does this help?? In “DA land” this is a pretty straight forwards one in my view

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