DA for the 6th of September, 2013

It’s the election-eve DA, one to perhaps wrap up in time for Antony Green’s graphs.

And just a question: does anyone know of an Australian prime minister other than Kevin Rudd to have spoken a foreign language fluently? I remember Whitlam appearing in an ad speaking Italian, but his accent hardly inspired confidence in his non-scripted verbal abilities.

I assume one of the prewar prime ministers would have spoken French… Google searches have not brought up anything of note.

DA 20,092 (6 September 2013) (1) DA 20,092 (6 September 2013) - Solution

9 thoughts on “DA for the 6th of September, 2013

  1. It appears Fairfax no longer offer the $5/month digital subscription I’ve been happily paying, and want $25/month instead. The Age only want $15/month, but it’s still rather more than I want to pay for crosswords, given the Guardian gives them away for free.

    It’s been a fun couple of years. Thanks to our hosts AS and RC (and the silent TH), and thanks to all the regulars, particularly Gayle, for keeping me company in the ridiculously early mornings; Arthur, for reminding us that you don’t have to finish the crossword to have fun; RobT, Ray and Ian for helping me out with so many wordplays; and everyone else.

    Keep cruciverbalising,


  2. Yes, I had a different ‘issue’ this morning. Due to the drop in people buying printed newspapers and the distances and topography of my area, the local newsagent is no longer delivering. And it was ‘see you later’ for me too. But SMH organised for a delivery from 30 miles away. Only trouble is it no longer comes early in the morning. So I logged on to SMH this morning to get the online version and found the $25 Rupert mentioned. As I have 7 day delivery it says I’m entitled, free … only I can’t find it.

    Please don’t go Rupert. We’d all miss you. I’ll figure out how to get the online version to you.

  3. Concur – had the same issue a while ago and have had to take that offer up.
    Rupert – as Gayle suggests, let’s see what can be worked up for grid supply.
    This week – tough but fair I think. All out and I think all clear.

  4. Bring back the old paperboy/girl! Good exercise, no fuel emissions, and a long distance swim to Rupert. Armchair cruciverbalists supporting triathletes of the future. Makes you sad though, doesn’t it? The death of newspapers. Not many people read anything in depth any more … or in many cases, write in depth either . My husband used to like the Tele crosswords and sport, but we’ve stopped buying it, or even picking up a discarded one, in the runup to the elections, because of the blatant propaganda and unbalanced reporting.
    I remember living in London in the 70s and there were several editions a day, timed for morning and afternoon tea. Sigh …

  5. AS, to your question …. Would you count Bob Hawke’s Ockerese? Or Kevin Rudd’s attempts at Zip-hipspeak?

    See you later .. suffering FriDAy withdrawals… gotta go to work without my fix.

  6. Gayle if you already subscribe to the Home delivered printed edition for two days or more each week you should have free access to the online version. At the top right of the screen click on subscription. When the next screen comes up click on the button that says activate now. You will need your subscription number but if you can’t find it you can type in your address details etc and get it that way

  7. Rupert info had checked in earlier i would’ve scanned the grid and emailed.

    If you can show your email address I shall try to remember to do it next friday….

  8. Gayle, if you have a subscription ( I have a 6 day one) you log onto SMH digital editions
    using your subscriber number and a password and should be able to print the crosswords. Very handy for us as we get mail only 3 days per week (2 SMH’s come in one day ) and if we are cut off from town by floods. Hope you have success.

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