DA Confusion for the 30th of August, 2013

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  1. Tough today. Have all but NE corner, and struggle with wordplay of 19D and 16D (if I have correct).

  2. The usual good fun this week. If you don’t get the theme straight way, try Googling the couple of women’s names that appear early. Then much becomes clear.

  3. This week’s mini theme is Ozzie. Have got the key 9 across but took a while to get the wordplay working backwards after getting 3D. 13D and 18A are gettable from wordplay. Too early for spoilers here .

  4. Mini theme is not so mini. Found that both 9A and 15 A, I could only get after solving other clues and working wordplay backwards. But that’s part of the discovery. Still have a couple to go and some wordplay queries but gotta go to the doctor now.. play later.

  5. I didn’t think it was Ozzie? Anyway – after I got the theme it was a bit of a doddle this week. 7/10 I think. 26D my fav.

  6. Very very slow start, only five or six answers, widely separated, so not much help. If 3D starts with a SW Ireland area, can only think of two names that follow it, one has an apostrophe, so he is out? Is a TV channel mentioned in 12A? Seems likely to me, but clue not clear. Long way to go.

  7. Pretty easy once theme is cracked. Give away is 20A – anagram can only be one name and that immediately gives 18A, then 9A is obvious.

    Arthur, you’re on the right track with your Irish county in 3D

  8. 19D straight more like a whiskey ray.
    14 across. Any help please? Have 1 D but not sure Y.

  9. Wonder why my comment posted ten minutes agi is still ‘awaiting moderation’ …

  10. This site’s spam filter is a little on the blink. Seems the spam filter I use is a bit up and down this morning. Sorry for the troubles.

  11. Barb&Fran – 19D – thanks. I did get there. Did not reply as “moderation” was blocking.

  12. 12a Yes Arthur,channel is mentioned, def is first word. Barb&Fran 14a look for a double meaning words 1,2 and 3,4.I also enjoyed 26a Keith. Have nw and se corners any help especially 15a and4a?

  13. 12a Yes Arthur,channel is mentioned, def is first word. Barb&Fran 14a look for a double meaning words 1,2 and 3,4.Any help with 4a, 15a 17d ?

  14. Thanks AS. I was surprised to find that what looked like was the my first post ended up being fifth.
    Keith E. I don’t understand why it’s not Aussie? Can understand why Rupert might be giving this one away.
    Arthur C, the name you’re looking for in 3D is/was associated with the TV channel in 12A.
    Barry, thanks for 29A. That was one I hadn’t got. Wasn’t looking for a woman’s name as hadn’t twigged that the def was before the elipsis, ie at the end of 18A.
    Barb&Fran 14A, is a two word phrase, 3,4 used to refer to someone’s father, and answer is an actor.

    9A Got bogged down there for a while until I got other answers and then the theme. Was looking for a homophone. Is ‘heard’ just a distractor, hence the question mark?

    21D Who’s Bill’s partner? It wasn’t Ben of the Flowerpot Men.

  15. My last comment awaited moderation and then self-destructed! Try again:

    Gayle, for Bill’s partner, think of courting in an old-fashioned way

  16. Gayle – 9A – “heard” is not a distractor.
    21D – Bill’s partner is the first 3 letters of the answer. Its a saying / idiom.

  17. Gayle, In the 50s, there was an animated movie having the title “Bill and xxx” It was about two little birds.
    Cannot get wordplay for 7D and 10A. I also think 23A draws a long bow.

  18. Jack – 10A – a double defn.
    7D – this is my pick of best for the week. No need to read every character printed.

  19. Jack, re 7D, take “fall” from first two words then mix up the remainder.

    10A is double definition; think farming.

    Rather liked 23A

  20. Six to go – 14,24,28A, 2,16,21D.

    I think I know 24, but can’t be sure without the wordplay. Similar with 2D.

    Any hints?

  21. I thought 7D wordplay was pretty harsh, but I suppose its to be expected of DA!

  22. Thanks Ray – 7D is very good. I get one definition for 10A, but the other is a bit of a stretch. Also not sure how letter 3 fits into 12A (the ABC losing case)

  23. Jack – for 12A I read “ABC” as giving a 5 letter word with “casing” (first and last letters) removed to give letters 1,2,3.

  24. Indy,28adef first word, clue is hidden, 24a def first two words, clue is a kind of double def. 8d and 23d still not sure of any help?

  25. Indy – 16D is first letters of words 3 and 4, then a type of muscle with the first letter removed

  26. Think we have finished but don’t quite get the word play on 2D. Any suggestions?

  27. Thanks Ray – I was reading “like” to give letters 1 and 2, but I now see that “like the ABC” gives letters 1 to 3 after case is removed.

  28. Pamela – Answer to 2D is “con.” 14A gives a 3-letter word, then remove a penny. “Asked” gives letters 4 to 7.

  29. Pamela – 2D – defn = 1st word (as in pro and con). “14-across, surrendering penny” is a 3 letter synonym of 14A with 1st letter removed. “as asked” gives 5 letter word for last 5 letters.

  30. Tough today. Managed most with help from above and cracking theme. Still have some wordplay queries. But first I need help with SW corner – 23a, 27a, 17d and 26d.

  31. Thanks to Gayle. I had forgotten that other one, I had been tinkering with Stokes, who of course didn’t fit with boxer. Still have only seven, not likely to progress much further, pool table beckons. This could easily be my last DA, muscle problems worsening, blood pressure very low at time. But I have enjoyed battling DA over the years, will hope for at least one more.

  32. Sandy, 23A – definition is Bogan. Answer made up of two words that look like they should rhyme but don’t.
    27A Definition is first word. First four letters mean “box”, fifth is an abbreviation for “grand” (think cash). Last work is a synonym for “ad”

  33. Why doesn’t anyone else have problems with 15A? I just can’t see it even with every second letter in! Sandy, 23A reads as a two word rhyme but does not sound like a rhyme, first word is def. 17D is anagram with def last, 26D is great clue, don’t think of Tut with a capital T, 27A first work is def, rest is answer

  34. Sandy, 17D is a “bloomer” and is an anagram of first word plus last of Johnson.
    26D is probably not a real word, just a verbal represenation of a sound meaning “tut” as in disapproval. Find a four-letter word for a piece of work and remove Cleopatra’s bottom.

  35. Is 9A the name of a TV show? I don’t watch very much TV. Had one possibility in mind, but can see no connection to Italian city. Will look again later in the day, but not hopeful.

  36. Yes, Arthur, it is a TV show that was on a few months ago. It is about some of the other characters that are answers today, like 3D, 18A, 20A, 13D and involves 19D and other 15 acrosses.

  37. Arthur, in 9A the Italian city is not one of the more usual ones, although still fairly well known. It is missing the sound of “you” and is “dressed” – another devilish clue similar to the one a few weeks ago which caused much confusion and comment.

  38. Tina, 15A is a word for “looking” which is “diminished, i.e. shortened, inside a three-letter word for “West” (think old actresses”. Definition is “Who” (perhaps). A wonderful clue; one of the best of the day.

  39. Thanks Barry – it was my last clue and I had lost all focus on work because of it! Is a great clue

  40. Thanks Barry and Tina. All done now. I also now understand wordplay of 15a. Not sure of wordplay for 1a, or the middle bit of 5a (gone with the wind reference?)

  41. Sandy, 1A is what Kermit may say, and a slang word for “shuffle off this mortal coil”.

    5D, yes the plantation is from Gone With The Wind, surrounded by “lots”

  42. Sandy, 5D yes, gone with the wind plantation…, 1A a bit silly another word for die…..

  43. Loving this site – my first time here. I have spent sooo long alone and frustrated on a Friday.

  44. Sandy, 1D repair the schism in “go at” and you get animal that is the symbol of this sign of the Zodiac

  45. Was lucky enough to get the theme early, and was on track (so I thought) to complete in under an hour, and (IIRC) for the first time ever without recourse to reference material of any kind. Sadly, 7D was unknown to me. So close!

  46. AG, yes 7D was the only word that I had to look up… until your post, which then had me searching online for the meaning of “”IIRC”!

  47. Well I got a few more, found the TV show, had never heard of the character in 18A, though it fits exactly with the clue. Will finish now, I think, as said, I’m not a TV watcher (but may view a bit of footy tonight and tomorrow. If I’m still here next Friday, will try again.

  48. All done – I was distracted by Barry’s ‘anagram can be only one name’ for 20a at first, so put in ‘euclid’, which really messed up 21d!

  49. Arthur, I do hope you are here again next week.
    It took me ages to get the ‘theme’. Last one in was 21D, thanks to help from above.
    Mary, I had Euclid in mind, too. Also thought Bill’s partner had to be Ben.

  50. Arthur, You’re a legend. Hope you’re feeling better and good luck at the pool table.

  51. Still struggling with 7D although confident about the rest, thanks to you all on 8D and a realisation – resigned acceptance ? – that DA was prepared to go beyond the evidence in his definition for 5D.

  52. Got most of it out except for seven answers all in the area at the top right.
    Got the theme early which helped guess some answers although I don’t understand lots of wordplays, have adopted Arthur’s tactic of trying any word that will fit.
    Have an answer for 5d that is apparently correct but it is a filter feeder not a bottom feeder and I can’t make any sense of the wordplay. Will read above comments in the hope of some enlightenment.

  53. Yippee!!! after a dishearteningly slow start,have now cleaned up another one.Some of the wordplay eludes me still,but will have another look later.Many thanks as ever to you good folk.

  54. Got one answer from the above and this was just enough to allow me to finish it although much wordplay and a couple of definitions are a complete mystery

  55. nn, you are correct with your definition of “filter feeder” rather than “bottom feeder” but we non-ocean-dwelling experts don’t really know the difference. A four-letter word for “plenty” surrounds a Georgian plantation made famous in a 1930’s book – also the school that my daughter went to in North Parramatta, next to Kings.

  56. Thanks Barry, I get the wordplay for 5a now, I’m only vaguely familiar with the book/movie so the plantation wasn’t immediately apparent. In is case there is a big difference between this filter feeder and a bottom feeder as it’s prey is mainly found near the surface and it tends to herd it into a small area then swim through it. Other similar species may be bottom feeders but this certainly isn’t.

  57. Is DA having a dig at himself with 23a. Given some of his recent homophones, I’m surprised he’d classify these as false rhymes!

  58. Aargh, I used oneacross.com to find the “Ghana garment”
    but wordplay eludes me. Any elucidation?

  59. I used oneacross.com to find the 7 down “Ghana garment” but wordplay eludes me. Any elucidation?

  60. @Gil, I had to use a wordfinders to get the garment too.
    I think the wordplay is as follows the ” – ” gives the first four letters, back to back gives the 6th and that is contained in two. Clever clue but just about impossible to get from the wordplay especially if, like me, you’d never heard of the garment

  61. Gil, re 7D, look carefully at the symbol between “garment” and “two”. That gives the first four letters. Think of the Roman for two, around “back to back”. Not the most elegant of clues today.

    I hope that this redeems my assertion that Dulcie isn’t the only anagram of a name. I’ll never live this down, being a mathematician myself.

  62. Why are all my posts “awaiting moderation”? Was it something that I said?

  63. AS, our host of DA Trippers said this morning at 10.49: “This site’s spam filter is a little on the blink. Seems the spam filter I use is a bit up and down this morning. Sorry for the troubles.”
    Good on AS. Even when he was in the Balkans and near Arctic and on a different time zone kept us Trippers going. Got a glitch today.

  64. Thanks Gayle, let me retract all the evil thoughts I may have had about my erudite offerings being censored by an imaginary cyber super-being. As General MacArthur may, or may not have said “I shall return”.

  65. @ Barry, I was also with Mary on Euclid. And I didn’t do at all well at maths, except for algebra and geometry.
    Onya Sheepish!

    nn, ‘false’ homophones : ) , and thanks for the -, that eluded me this morning

  66. got it after googling.very cryptic .never even noticed the symbol being there!

  67. Well, I wrote in a few more just before bed, ended eleven short. Could someone please explain how 1D works? I wrote the answer down, from the Zodiac in the clue, but no idea how it is clued. Several others I don’t understand: 6a; 7D (never heard of it); one or two others. Tnx.

  68. Arthur C. – 1D – if you “repair schism” in “go at” you get “goat” and then the clue is “Zodiac’s goat” which is the answer.
    6A (you mean 6D?) – “Star sent up” = reverse “sun” to give “nus” which is the plural of the Greek letter / character “nu”.
    7D – “Ghana garment” = defn. “-” gives “dash” = letters 1,2,3,4. “back-to-back” gives “k” = letter 6. “two” give “I I” = letters 5,7. “purchases” is container indicator.
    Hope helps.

  69. 7 not a very elegent clue. Clue should start with adjectival form of Ghana. Back-to-back is not the same as back to back. The latter is a valid word play for “k”; the former is not; it means something quite different.
    28 Squad as an indicator of a hidden clue is a bit far-fetched, at least according to the definitions in my Chambers dictionary

  70. Agree that squad is far fetched. We have almost got to the same point with containment indicators as we have with anagram indicators. As far as DA is concerned just about anything goes as long as it just about fits the surface reading.

  71. I put in Euclid too , Mary.
    And I couldn’t see how those huge things swimming near the surface Kyle be bottom feeders like mullet or prawns.
    Thanks for all of the help. I’ve still got a few to go after too many hours.

  72. To borrow from a camera ad – If my web browser can also take photos, that’s why my typing is sometimes erroneous.
    All done thanks.
    I guess the show was topical when DA prepared this crossword. I had to get 13d to realise there was a second set of characters.
    For me, I liked 26d for its misdirection.

  73. Came to the site with only 14a 27a 2d and 26d to go. Wrapped it up quickly after that. Thanks to all for clues?

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