DA for the 9th of August, 2013

Happy days for another fine DA coming on Friday.

And next week, on Sunday, looks like there’s a DA feast going on in Trentham. As was commented on over at the About page of this here website:

Just wanted to say that DA will be appearing on the 18th August at the Trentham (a small town between Daylesford and Woodend, Vic) Mechanics Hall as part of Words in Winter. He will entertain audiences with clue tips, stories of his life with dictionaries and lots of big words. We hope to have a few rounds of Letters and Numbers at the end followed by a Q&A in a relaxed setting. Should be fun! Call 5424 1354 or 5424 1146 to make a booking (or just turn up). Starting at 1pm.

More information is here: http://wordsinwinter.com/event/trentham/

DA 20,068 (9 August 2013)


DA 20,068 (9 August 2013) - Solution

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