New poolroom for TT’s first DA smackdown

Ladies and gentlemen, one of our newest cruciverbalists has stormed onto the scene, as she and I put in a near-perfect performance.  TT, take a bow.  This poolroom’s for you!!

She kicked it off by getting the theme, unassisted.  I did have to chip in with a few 007 references, as she grew up without the disturbing influence of TV, but took the honours again with some of our final clues.  Unfortunately there is no one known as JIMMY COCKBAR, but it hardly matters!

Feel free to comment here about your own DA moments that need to go straight to the poolroom!!

2 thoughts on “New poolroom for TT’s first DA smackdown

  1. Congratulations TT, but be careful. As one DA Tripper put it “doing a DA involves hours of staring fruitlessly at a piec e of paper, punctuated regularly by banging your head on the table in anger at your own stupidity” These crosswords should come with warnings, like the cigarette packets —“May cause Insanity”, or “Can waste hours of your time with Nothing to show for it”

  2. Nothing to show for those hours but bits of newspaper kept around my desk for weeks and sometimes for months.
    Keep it up newest Tripper

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