DA Confusion for the 26th of July, 2013

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  1. I am stumped by 3D. Otherwise all done quite quickly once #1 son and I worked out what the numbers meant (oh, and a quick Google for 13A and 5D, which are outside my knowledge of Australian geography).

    I think 18D is a bit dodgy. None of it means “heavily armed” on its own, and reading it as “something heavily armed” overlaps with the birdwatcher.

  2. 3d refers to an Australian film from 2000. The boxer is the usual one, then a homophone for a distilled spirit.
    18d: I think this one is just one of those cryptic definitions, legitimised by the question mark. You have to imagine a fabulous creature.

  3. Lots of googling today. Happy to get the theme, although not one of my favourites, before heading off to work now.
    Tend to agree with Ian about 18D and it’s the one that gave me the theme.

  4. Well, congrats to the champs. After two runs through, have one answer, 14A, and it took me some time to see how it fitted the clue. Looks like a long, hard day, at the moment.

  5. Two only (15D was easy), hardly seems worthwhile trying further. Couldn’t even solve 27D, after 50+ years of Bible study. 7D might help, haven’t any idea what it is. Will look back later in day.

  6. 27D refers to a children’s game, where one person shouts out instructions, but only those from a particular apostle are to be obeyed.

    As for 7D, it’s key to the whole game, so I think we should only give very cryptic hints, like:
    Westpac, a few weeks ago; or
    Patrick Rafter.

  7. Arthur, funny that you thought 15D was easy. It was my last one in! I did find 27D rather simple to solve…

  8. megse, 5D is a coastal resort and anagram of an abbreviation for “roughly” and 30A.

    6D Full words is slong for “bathers”. Take “caught” from it and you get another slang word for a local – and no, it’s not a pub.

  9. megse, 5D is a coastal resort and anagram of an abbreviation for “roughly” and 30A.

    6D Full word is slang for “bathers”. Take “caught” from it and you get another slang word for a local – and no, it’s not a pub.

  10. All done except 2: 28A & 24D – the latter could be a warning noise of a dog but I can’t see the connection with cynical – any clues.

  11. 24D: You need to look at the two words before “cynical”
    28A: Four letter word for “jiffy”, with a four letter word for “star” replacing “one”.

  12. Thanks Rupert!
    I came to ask if anyone could explain the wordplay in 28A and you had done it already.
    Enjoyed it today, particularly the theme which I am a big fan of.
    I’m doing the crosswords on the i-gadget and am wondering if there was a note of some sort in the printed version explaining what the #1, #2 etc meant?

  13. Re: #1 – #6, no, there was no explanation. We were supposed to work it out on our own, and it sounds like most of us did.

  14. Thanks, Rupert (9.34), I had heard of the game, stupid I didn’t think of it earlier.That gave me 26A, interesting the same word is used in Japan (similar in Italy), thanks, I imagine, to Oreste Vaccari (q.v.). But still only four solved, might just abandon it, unless I get a flash of insight. Not hopeful.

  15. May have 1A, if it suggests there are two Arthurs. Is the fine in 4D money, or quality? Still no idea of 7D, despite Rupert’s earlier clue. Is 4D 2D a movie person?

  16. @Arthur C, you are on the right track with 4D 2D and 7D relates to it. For 7D, think of a common brand name.

  17. Thanks, Mrigeoy, but I’m too stupid. I tried abandoned for 3D, one of the few words that fitted the two letters I had, but no amount of mental gymnastics relate that to the clue. So, must just give it up, I think, worst result for a long time. Still no ideas on 7d.

  18. NO! I think I have 7D now, and I see the connection with Mr Rafter! So, will persist a little longer. Thank you Mr Google.

  19. I finished fairly quickly this time. Don’t approve of the way “nabbed” is used in 28a. Surely when you nab something you just take it. Otherwise enjoyable, despite my not being a fan of the theme.

  20. Well I’ve wasted half a day, still only six (or seven if my 1A is correct). 7D didn’t help at all. Who, or what, is the Jimmy in 5A? I’ve looked at all the words that contain the third and fifth letters I have, nothing gels at all. Same for 11A. But my 6D, 7D must be correct. Hopeless!

  21. I can identify, Arthur. A tough one today. I have just finished, needing all the aids I could muster. Getting the theme helped a lot with the right hand side. The left was a bit tougher.
    The jimmy in 5a is a what, not a who. Think of it as a verb. What do you use?

  22. Sandy, I just discovered 5A. Had never heard jimmy used, only jemmy. So now 5a makes sense, but my 6D, where I thought cossy was perfect, now has to go. No further advanced. Sad.

  23. You are on the right track with cossy. Try a different spelling then apply ‘caught out’ to it. The def is local variant.

  24. BTW Arthur, I have even been to theological college and had trouble with 27 down. I got four five-letter apostles. But had to catch on the cryptic allusion to the children’s game.

  25. Took a while to work out 7d, was messing around with where to put the undies for ages. Another ten min to get the first of those referring to 7d and then with a lot of googling i got the rest relating to the theme as it isn’t something I’m all that familiar with. Not got many of the non themed ones yet will have to come back to them later.

  26. Finally, slight breakthrough. Have 5D, realised what 6D is, also 17 & 21A. Hope springs eternal …

  27. Took lots of googling today. Liked the # clues once I finally, having got 4D, 2D, worked out what they meant.

  28. Haven’t seen a single one of those films, but I remember some of the names. Don’t do movies. But now getting some answers.

  29. I seem to be the only one confused by 1A. Secretary gives letters 3 and 4, but how do the other 4 letters relate to a space station (presuming I have the correct answer, which means “spoil”)?

  30. Jack – 1A – “a space station” = letters 1,2,5,6. More specifically, “a” gives a word for letter 1. “space station” = 2,5,6

  31. Think the Russian one, Jack. I’m still ten short, but too much eyestrain, peering at screen. Will give the rest away. As I said, I’m not into movies.

  32. Thanks Ray and Arthur. I have rarely heard that word and had totally forgotten it.

    nn, the secretary is a personal one.

  33. OK, I’ve made amazing progress by my standards, however, I need help! 15d, 23a, 24d, 28a and 30a. Any clues? Given that they are linked even a couple will help. Thanks.

  34. Kes, none of the clues that you mention are linked with each other, or to the theme.

    15D Def is “where hike starts”. A wading bird inside “the notice”.
    23A Def is first word. A narcissist could be first six letters. Last three are almost affluent.

  35. Kes, 24D Lab is a type of dog. Def is first two words.

    28A Def is first word. Star is a four-letter word. It is within a word meaning “jiffy” which is missing “one”.

    30A Definition is “lumpy”, in a medical sense. Cut (cleft) cauldron and make an anagram of the result.

  36. Keys, 15d: ‘the notice’ letters 1, 6-9; ‘wading bird’ letters 2-5; definition is last three words.

  37. Gee, I must have been slow. Sorry my iPad turned your name into keys, Kes.

  38. Can someone explain 23A wordplay with reference to the narcissist? The last three letters of the answer I understand.

  39. Kes “the” is as stated, notice is usual two-letter abbreviation we often see in crosswords

  40. Cale, if you have the correct answer to 23A, then split the first six letters into two three-letter words.

  41. Just got back to it , have a few more now, but needed to google 13a. Don’t think much of it as a clue (not that I fully understand the wordplay). Unless you are a Sydney sider you would have little hope of knowing it and it is too easy to get with the help of google.
    Haven’t read much of the above yet so maybe someone has explained the wordplay for it and also for 31a. I have the answer it don’t get any of the wordplay.
    Will press on for a while before reading all your hints.

  42. Ahhhh, in front of me the whole time! I was trying to work out if the first six was some Italian chap I should’ve known about!

  43. nn – 13 A – “Faith” gives last 4 letters. “country” = letters 3,4. “stimulate foremost” = letters 1,2,5. Yes 2155 is specific to Sydney, NSW, Australia.
    31A – “Stay” = letters 1,2,3. “waterway”= 5 letter word. “off limits” removes first and last to give last 3 letters. “near Venezuela” = defn

  44. nn- – sorry – 13A – “stimulate” = first 5 letters. “Faith in country” = last 4. And “foremost” = one before the other.

  45. 24 has to be a canine noise but I can’t see how 5th letter fits rhw clue.

  46. Kes – “close to cynical” gives 5th letter. “close” not as in “near” but in “finish”

  47. Kes, 24d, to become is first 4 letters. Close to cynical is the last letter.

  48. Thanks Sandy. That makes sense. Thanks everyone and sorry if my previous post gave too much away. This hint was given earlier today though.

  49. All done in 49 minutes, a record for me. Time for tea then I’ll try to sort out a few wordplays

  50. Just started reading the above. Thanks Jack for the secretary, but that one clicked two seconds after I posted that.
    Have read all of he above but still none the wiser on the wordplay for two of them
    13a can see the stimulate but can’t see how faith in country gives the last four letters as indicated by Ray above.
    31a, can’t figure out what that river is

  51. Got the waterway in 31a now, a bit smaller than a river.
    Is faith a person in 13a?

  52. Thanks Steve . I won’t bother googling her, I rank country only slightly above rap.

  53. Another tough one.
    Thanks trippers, although I wish Arthur hadn’t been so explicit about the theme. I was trying other words for 18d like the “proper” greek plural of the common word, but the whole puzzle fell in a few minutes after that. I only had about four answers until then.
    His numbering is out – there were three actors in the second movie and apparently an earlier #1 as well.

    I was trying for a suburb ending in “mmill” thinking DA might be up to his usual misdirection. i.e. mix up roman numerals rather than the given post code. Even though I was there last week I had to use the web.

  54. Just sat down to this today. Stuck on last one (29a) – can anyone help?!

  55. 29A my second last one. If you have every second letter , probably being told that “Australian bird Perversely” gives letters 4, 5, 6 is sufficient to crack it. Well known three-letter bird.

  56. Got all but 3d before coming here. Once the theme kicked in it was relatively easy. Certainly easier tan last week. All done now

  57. I’m sure I have the right answer to 9D because it is #5 (and is in today’s Age! ). But “Horney’s relative” ? Why, please ?

  58. @ Mike hoMeys not, horNeys. The homeys are letters 1-4 the relative is the last three

  59. Sunday morning haven’t had a chance to get much time with DA between Friday & now!
    76 comments awaiting my perusal perhaps indicates this was harder for a change!
    I’ve completed unassisted but some word play eludes me!

  60. Gil, don’t despair, I just sat down to it this morning too, over breakfast, and got it out before finishing my coffee. My first word was 28A, and its last letter gave me 16D and the theme, etc.. Now, did I see an Americanism creep into 15D – never seen it used in Australia?

  61. That one’s a classic DA manoeuvre.

    Read “close” as “cloze”, i.e. the end of something, and you have the last letter of cynical, which is l.

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