DA Confusion for the 19th of July, 2013

Have your DA confusions sorted out for this week right here.

58 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 19th of July, 2013

  1. Back to normal this week, or possibly the earache that’s sending me to the doctor this afternoon is pressing on the cruciverbal lobe of my brain and making the crossword seem harder than it is. At the end of breakfast, I only have 10 answers in, mostly in the SE corner.

    23A is a new word for me. I don’t get the wordplay in 27A. According to Wikipedia, 13D is (5-7) or (12).

  2. Rupert – 27A – I read as “off back of truck” = letter 1. “say” =2,3. Defn = “A lot of beer”.
    Do not get your (5-7) or (12) question re 13D. It is 5-6 or 11 from what I read.
    I need help with 23A, 25A and wordplay for 15A.

  3. Marvellous start, bottom half complete, 15 more to get. Uncertain about my answer to 20A. Had thought second letter of 23A should have been ‘e’, but Google gives both. Doggone!

  4. 20A: I have the last word as the definition, first word as a homophone indicator. Middle word is a type of something that sounds like the answer.

  5. All out but really struggled on 25A (last in). Took me forever to understand wordplay.

  6. What a prewt! I play pool every afternoon, but it took ages to see 1D! Only nine to go.

  7. Yes Ray,took me a while to fit all the bits of 25A. I guessed at the answer, then had to justify it. I still need the 6s, 6A, 6D. Otherwise complete. No, I think I am finished, though not clear on6A.

  8. Arthur, re 6A: Remove the “pastry” from guppies, then have the result eat (take in) a type of 7D with the last letter removed. Definition is school.

  9. I’m surprised no-one has commented on 8D. For ages I could only think of a type of tea, not being too au fait with Australian slang!

  10. Rupert, I justified 2D as being the anagram of trader being indicated by “misled” and it is banked inside what a teetotaller may be on. Probably not the most elegant clue …

  11. Thanks, Barry, I now see that my 2D is correct. I had been unsure. I needed Google today but hopefully I have it all correct now.

  12. 2D: I had the definition as the last three words, though “crawler” seems unfair for what Wikipedia describes as “fast runners and strong climbers”.

  13. I assume 8D is word for a small purse that sounds like it should contain the letter “c” making it mean a troubling thing to be in

  14. Jack, 8D is a slang term for something that may be a source of revenue, but is more likely to be a cause of losing money. It sound like something that is tight – that is lacking room.

  15. Not too difficult today I thought. Lovely misdirection in 3d. I also had never heard of 23a and now know the real meaning of fey! You learn something every DA (I’ll never tire of saying that).

  16. Finished before visiting here today. The above answered some questions. But still not sure of wordplay for 9a or 26d. Any help?

  17. Sandy, 9A ia a 5-letter word for in the process of walking. Remove the two Os and you hacve the rear (think nautical)

  18. Sandy, 26D is a politician from a certain party. abbreviated. Remove another abbreviation meaning “first class” from a defence story, one used in a court of law…

  19. Thanks Barry, I had it wrong. I see now it’s one of those things that used to have one arm but now has many buttons.

  20. Hmmm, finished before I visited here
    Just to clarify some wordplays.
    Loved 10 & 22 across.
    Got 3 down straight away: If there was a misdirection I didn’t notice it!
    Also re 6 across: Guppies are livebearers so I don’t think they have (2-3)+1. Any fish fanciers out there can enlighten?

  21. You must be more perspicacious than I, Gil! I was misdirected by “blitzing pseudo” – sent me looking for an anagram of pseudo meaning hubs of conversation. Upods? Anything is possible in this day & age…

  22. @Gil you are correct regarding guppies. Pity as air spoils what would have been a clever clue.
    Have done about half of it but not got very much further in the last half hour, will read the above carefully in the hope of some enlightenment

  23. Make that 1d not 8d, thanks Arthur. This has given me almost the entire top left. Just a few in the top right and bottom left to go

  24. Best ever result! All done but seven…assuming correct answers. A fresh look this morning has not advanced the cause,so it`s off to town for the answers and try to understand things that way.

  25. All done solo which was a nice bonus to an enjoyable crossie. Liked the surfaces and the gettable cluing, including 23A which I didn’t know.
    Had similar thoughts as other Trippers about live-bearing fish, not that it matters, and the container or otherwise in 2D. I think it works both ways.

    Just one wordplay query: Could someone please explain the ‘sack’ part of 25A.?

  26. Gayle – 25A – “sack” is a form of wine (Spanish???) which gives letters 1,9,10,11

  27. Soldiering on – about half done – not sure about wordplay for 19a (after 1st 3 letters), 22a (1st 4 letters), 14d (middle letters); and the def in 17d (fey?)

  28. sb – 19A – defn = 1st word. You have first 3 letters. “close to” gives an 8 letter word. “losing last of infection” removes 1 letter to give the 7 needed.
    22A – defn = 1st word. “diminished light” gives letters 1,2,3 (a 4 letter word for “light” with last letter removed). “birds” gives last 5 letters.
    14D – defn = first 2 words. “to boost relief” = letters 3,2,1. “staff” = letters 4,5,6. “fey woman” = letters 7,8,9,10 (and this “fey” is different to the meaning of fey in 17D – really should be “Fey”).
    17D – “fey way” = defn. Means “visionary”

  29. Thanks Rey – all makes sense except for 1st 3 letters of 22a – maybe I have the wrong kind of lights AND maybe wrong kind of birds as well.

  30. Maybe I’ve got it wrong (again) but I can’t share Gil’s enthusiasm for 22A. I had to use about 5 on-line thesauruses before I found the appropriate synonym. Interesting that none of them mentioned “lung” as a synonym for “lights”.

  31. sb – for 15A see Ian below: I thought I had the answer and stared at this for hours until Ian gave me that 1 hint. What a dill I felt.
    Ian | July 19, 2013 at 7:43 am |
    15a hidden

  32. Thanks Ray thanks Ian. I did see Ian’s ‘hidden’ but didn’t get it. Nice!
    All done till next week. With my pocket posh logic to keep me amused till then.

  33. I’ll give you a pass on this one, Gayle. I thought it was a butt of sack that the Duke of Clarence was drowned in in Richard III, but that turns out to be a butt of Malmsey wine.

    The butt of sack I was thinking of is part of the annual compensation package for the UK Poet Laureate. Apparently it’s what these days is known as sherry.

  34. That’s interesting Rupert. I’ve just learned that Robert Southey and John Masefield took cash as they were teetotallers. And that the first woman Poet Laureate in 400 years, Carol Ann Duffy in 2009, insisted that her 600 bottles (approx half a tun) of sherry’be delivered up front as the previous Poet Laureate was still waiting on his. Go girl!

  35. Well , she’s Scottish. Like Andy Murray. As the Ozzies are doing so badly in the cricket we can get vicarious pleasure in the sporting victories of the formerly subjugated.

  36. I thought I was going to get them all without assistance. I ended up using a word search for 10a
    I just saw that the 7d in 6a does not us letters from 7d. So only 8d …. Aah got it.
    My gripe is English does not equal United Kingdom to me.

  37. Never heard of 14D, 25A or 10A. I got the first two from the wordplay, but didn’t get 10A because I had PURSE for 8D.

  38. Took a while to get around to doing it this week. Still got to do 14d, 18d, 22d, 26d, 22a and 28a.

  39. Done. Was caught by the flower. Should have listened to Redgum for inspiration.

  40. Well it may be 6.53 on Thursday, but at least we finished before Friday! Just got 24d… Wish I knew when quietly is Sh, and when it is P on a piano.
    Is 1d DA’s shortest clue ever? Reminds me of the famous clue GEGS (9,4)… :)

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