LR for the 15th of July, 2013

Head’s up: LR is out today, and Rupert is calling it almost as difficult as DA’s on Friday.

I think LR has a four-week stint before swapping with RM. Might be time we pay him more attention here he’s that good.

10 thoughts on “LR for the 15th of July, 2013

  1. He did an indirect anagram on 8-down, but it’s too easy a clue to get worked up about.

  2. Wait a minute, no he didn’t. My mistake. Had the wrong end of the clue as the definition.

  3. So did I AS, until I got 11A. Was trying to think of Italian motorbikes that end in O.
    I enjoyed today’s LR, as always. Love his surfaces, a nice range of clue types, and gettable.
    Liked the topicality .. and the misdirections .. with the cricketing references and French city for late night telly tragics at the moment.

  4. I agree with the comments: LR, to my mind, is as much of a challenge as DA. ‘Tis odd that no-one mentions DH: although his clues are always pretty obvious, the answers are sometimes quite obscure. His is the only daily Age crossword that forces me to use a reference book because he uses words that I have never heard of. At least DA and LR only use words that are in my personal vocabulary.

  5. Hi All.Long time reader,first time poster.The comparisons between LR and DA are interesting,but there are fundamental differences in my view.I can bowl over an LR in very short order,but a DA is yet to succumb to my pen (sigh).I`ll keep trying and maybe I`ll get one in this lifetime.Cheers.

  6. JimmyDArat, I just deleted your comment because you’re simply not welcome to comment on this site

    Please don’t comment again. You’ve been asked many times to be more polite and you’ve ignored these requests each time. So, please, just don’t comment again.

  7. Jimmy may have some sort of psychiatric or personality problem and therefore is to be pitied but I am very glad his comments are being deleted. Thanks for looking after this AS

  8. Don’t despair , Sheepish. after 10 years I finally got a DA out 12 months ago, and several more since then . It will happen.

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