60 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 14th of June, 2013

  1. More ticks than question marks this week! I liked 5A, 20D, 6D and 14A.
    I’m only confused by one clue.
    4D/27D: I can see two ways to parse this, but I can’t find the wordplay for the first word in either.

  2. Yes, very straightforward. Pity, I like the curly ones.
    4D is the local identity’s first name, minus initial. Second word is a homophone.

  3. All out and thought 5A, 14A and 1A very good.
    Do not get all the word play for 9A.
    And do not understand use of last word in 20A.
    Any help on these 2 appreciated. Thanks.

  4. 9a has Aussie idiom for MM around everybody, minus one central letter.
    20a You don’t understand ‘finale’? It refers to the extra letter added on to the synonym.
    Don’t want to say too much for all the normal people (good sleepers) just starting to enjoy it!

  5. I think 5a should read “Write irregularly,” and cardinal instead of archbishop.

  6. Ian – 5A – think it is correct as is.
    Manda – thanks for 9A . And sorry – meant 20D not 2oA ie: “mutsch”

  7. Strange! Only five to go, its only 0922, and we’ve been and done the week’s grocery shopping. As usual, haven’t understood all the clues, may still run into trouble.

  8. All filled in, but not all understood. For example, don’t understand clues for 24D or 26A, though I’m sure I have right answers.

  9. Arthur, you need to ‘downsize’ the second word in 24D. I’m not sure of 26A either. I liked 5A.

  10. Just worked out 26A, it involves ‘standard’ clothing ‘adopt’ etc. Obvious now!

  11. Well done, Arthur. Probably the trickiest for a few weeks. Struggled a bit with 14A but what a great clue. Not too sure that 24D is really a word, but DA is probably eruditer than I am!

  12. Thought it was an easy one today. My only query is on 14A – praised above, but I can’t agree, assuming I have it correct. The five-letter function indicator is one of DA’s not-all-that-good ones, and the definition less than crystal clear – kind of like using “Egyptian” as a definition for “sheets”.

  13. Sorry,AG, but I stand by my praise. The five-letter indicator means “move” and my thesaurus has the answer as a synonym for a lower-case bohemian.

  14. Quite easy today. I’ve never before finished it this quickly. My favourite is 14A.
    I agree with the comment above that “irregularly” would be a better fit in 5A.

  15. Jack and Ian, re 5A – look VERY carefully at the second word. It is actually 5-acrossed.

  16. Thanks Barry, my eyes must be deteriorating. I looked closely at those words earlier and could not spot it! It was the obvious thing to look for and I still missed it.

  17. All done except 29A, which has me stumped. All understood except 22D. Hints welcome. Loved 5A and 2D.

  18. Dave R, answer to 29A is synonym for the last word, an anagram.
    22D is a word for “beautify”

  19. All done without visiting this site. I know it wasn’t particularly tough this week. But still, a first for me.
    I assume def of 8d is the last word and not the first two. I m not completely sure of how 20d works. And I think 5a should be Write IRRegularly.

  20. Last two. 18A, 16D.

    Afraid I don’t know the old actors so 18A is beyond me.

  21. It’s not irregularly in 5A; its what happens when you write “regulalry”.

  22. Good grief I just breezed through the lot today without having to use any aids whatsoever!

    Puzzled by some of the wordplays but will read through the comments above and see if they help me with those!

  23. Thanks Jack. I hadn’t twigged to the anagrind. I assumed that I had the definition for 22D; it was just the word play that I couldn’t (and still can’t) get.

  24. Dave R. Re 22D. Definition is “beautify”. Answer is A + fashion designer missing “one”, then the “hem” of the word satin

  25. I thought 5 across clue was perfect!
    Sandy, I think the definition of 8 down is first two words clued by “outspoken” homophone indicator for synonym of “pride”.
    AG The answer to 14 across is a 4 letter adjective meaning “bohemian” & it’s an anagram described entirely by “budgetary”!

  26. @Jack – that was literally the only old actor I could think of, couldn’t remember his name until you wrote that.

    Can someone clarify the wordplay for 12D? I only get the first two letters.

  27. Dave R The fashion designer is possibly an atheist but you wouldn’t think so from his first name!

  28. Indy, 12 d anagram of 2nd word “outside” a 3 letter word for “dunny”.
    Meaning is given by the first word but not in a verbal sense!

  29. Ah! Thanks, Barry. I had been trying to remove the satin hem from something instead of adding it.

  30. Please acknowledge receipt of expositions requested – and if they helped or not!

  31. Duh! I realized I must have been wrong about 5a. Just got a chance to look at the detail. Funny how you can read something as you think it should read rather than how it is actually written!

  32. Gil, I twigged to homophone. But could be homophone of word for pride meaning old PM’s. apostrophe probably tips the issue.

  33. Thanks, Barry and Ann. Confirmed my 26 A and 24D are correct, though I still don’t understand the meaning of ‘more common’ in 24D. For me to have completed a DA unaided, is very cheering.

  34. Arthur C – 24D – one might say that if things are “common” they are “xxxx”. Therefore, if they are “more common” they are “xxxxr”.

  35. much easier this week done all but two in an hour. wordfinders no help for these two and have run out of ideas so will read the above. A couple of wordplays still a puzzle too

  36. thanks to hints above I now have 14a, very clever. still missing 25a but nobody has mentioned it.
    Don’t get wordplay in 13a. can see the silencer but not the timeless gun, or are the first two letters (plus the time) an abbreviation for a type of gun??

  37. nn Think “Jungle Boy” not “Jungle boy” for 25 ac
    synonym of “trim” gives 1-3
    4-letter ynonym of “smooth” [in speech] with its bottom “scratched”
    gives 4-6
    Answer is the name of a character from a famous Book with the word Jungle in the title!
    by an author with the initials RK.
    Probably no comments because the book is so famous!

  38. nn When we want to silence someone we say “??”
    That gives letters 3 & 4
    Letters 1 & 2 plus “t” is how gangsters would refer to a pistol!

  39. Nn I don’t know 13a yet.
    I’m chuffed to have half, no three quarters out on a Friday. I mean three… two… one to go.
    There are so many synonyms for dunny. It took a while to gen the right one. And I did think of the legal aide but was trying to put it in the surname area.
    I like 15a, but wouldn’t have got the TV reference without 12a.
    In 23a, what does the first word do ?
    20a I always prefer the dictionary definition. Interesting but ugly.

  40. Oh now I like 20d I got 5-7 from the second part.
    I never knew that meaning of “push” nor the spelling.

  41. If you’re still scratching your head, Jupiter ..,
    In 23 across the first word “pilots” is the anagrind
    for anagrist “notice aura” & defn “of planes.”
    20 d “push” and “putsch” are different words
    So a meaning of one is not necessarily a meaning of the other!

  42. Gil,Thanks.
    how is pilots an anagrind ? I can come at first letter(s) indicator….
    I guess I was saying I thought it was push like in the Rocks Push and the Sydney Push

  43. thanks Gil I got the jungle boy (and kicked myself) while you were typing your hint. I had wasted a lot of time thinking jungle was the def and then wondering if it was another of DA’s dodgy anagrinds.
    I had the silencer but have never heard of a gangster use that term for a pistol.
    Jupiter I think pilots as in steers almost suggest moving or changing the direction of something, not a great anagrind but he has had worse. I decided some time ago that DA will use just about anything as an anagrind if it helps the surface reading.

  44. Re 17d. Is there a homophone indicator missing from the clue? I have the answer but I’m pretty sure it’s spelt with a “z”, not an “s”.

  45. I’m with you Paisley. 17D With homophone indicator reads better for Lulu. Without homophone indicator it’s a lulu, but incorrect pronunciation. German ‘z’ is pronounced /ts/.

    Found this week’s the easiest I can remember, although had trouble with the intersecting 22A, 24D and 26A. Got stuck on downsizing and wheeling (Ferris) Bueller , same number of letters unfortunately. And having missed the cargo, I didn’t notice the ‘pilots’, which I’m not thrilled about and shouldn’t it be the imperative (no ‘s’)?
    Like DA’s recycling of the old actor and the gun, which kind of gives a familiar buzz and aids the solving, particularly the gun, which could have been anything otherwise.
    Enjoyed 9A, thought half-hearted Mickey Mouse was clever.

  46. I had 14A wrong … (tray – thought it was a reference to a crystal tray) – still think “budge” is iffy, though.

  47. “A putsch,
    but not mutsch”
    is an example of the answer.
    A putsch, but not much, could be (but isn’t) another definition of the answer, based on a synonym for putsch and a common suffix indicating diminutiveness.

  48. Thanks Rupert.

    I think I have the answer from the cross-letters but the clue would only make sense if “putsch” rhymed with “much”, which I can’t find evidence for. What am I missing?


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