A Spanish Cryptic Crossword

In case you’re wondering, that last post featured a cryptic crossword I created in Spanish. I’ve been trying to find one in another language that followed the style that we know and love from the publications in the Anglophone world, but to no avail. So I decided I might as well make one even though Spanish is far from my native language. The wordplay is pretty simple — I don’t have the linguistic ability for anything too fancy — and I’m sure there are a few solecisms in there, but I figured it would be a fun exercise to create one anyway.

Curiously, I tried compiling a cryptic in Greek originally, but I ended up switching to Spanish — I found Greek clue writing to be too difficult even though I speak Greek better than I do Spanish. The declensions in Greek and the longer words in general made for a lot of failed attempts at creating the simplest of clues.