DA Confusion for the 31st of May, 2013

Have your confusions sorted out for this Friday’s DA extravaganza right about here.

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  1. I have all out but am not sure of wordplay for 21D, 23A, 24D and what I think are the first 3 letters of 8D (meaning “the latest”???).
    Any help to resolve would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. 21a: word for crude reversed inside a word for sex
    23a: two three-letter words inside a truncated word for bird poo
    24d: a letter taken out of the person who looks after 28a
    8d: common (in crosswords, anyway) three letter word for “news” or “info”

  3. Come on, DA, forgive us our complaints of three weeks ago and set us a challenge! Apart from 8D which I’ve not heard of, this was too easy.

  4. Agreed Barry, not his most challenging. I thought I was going to achieve a new PB, but am now stuck on a few.

  5. I’m stuck on 21 d. Have all across letters and understand Ian’s clue above, but can’t get the crude synonym

  6. GB – 10A – defn = last word. “swinging” – anagrind. “Frame taken from unearthly” gives the 7 letters of fodder.

  7. GB, take frame from unearthly, then swing it. Definition is entrance, not the way in.

  8. Paul. re 13A, I assume that you have the answer. A word sounds like (so-called) gaps, surrounding I and a short ived biscuit. Definition is liquor (Arthur won’t like this!)

  9. All you clever people saying it’s easy are making me feel stupid! After assiduous cheating I’ve 3 left – 9D, 22D and 25A – any extra clues?

  10. 7 remain, mostly in the top right corner. 4,5,6,9,19 for the Ds, 11,13 for the As.

  11. Prufrock, re 9D think of what happened 50 years ago this week. It’s been in all the papers.

    22D Think of Olivia and a very bad movie.
    25A Hearing = sound like, notes. A type of panel Bob Brown likes.

  12. Indy, 11A definition is first two words. First four letters means mend (in a medical sense). Last two are given by ylast two words – remember what “heart” usually means in crosswords.
    13A – see my comments above Barry | May 31, 2013 at 12:33 pm |

  13. @Pru For 22, the crossed lines is X, the definition is first word. 25, notes are the subject of a well-known song from the Sound of Music.

    I’m on my last 3 now. 5d, 9d, 11a.

  14. Indy, see my earlier comments re 9D and 11A.
    5D – definition is last three words. Think of relationship between the Joker and Batman then dishearten it.

  15. Indy, 19D: first two letters can be found on taps. Definition is a squad in London. They wear blue.

  16. Indy – 4D – double defn – “Really like” and “sauce”.
    5D – defn = last 3 words. Joker is one of Batman’s 9 letter word with middle letter removed (“disheartened”) to give 8 letter answer.
    6D – defn = last 2 words. “Bundle” = container indicator.
    9D – defn = 1st 2 words. “Network” = letters 1,2,3. “life” = word for letters 4,5,6,7. “And not” = next 3 letters. “chipper of old” = last 3 letters.
    19D – defn = 1st 2 words. “taps” = letters 1,2. “main in Spain” = letters 3,4 and then 5,6,7.

  17. Was 5 short when I started reading the hints, having previously checked the dictionary for 5A and Google for 28A. Thanks to everyone (particularly JC and Barry) above. I disagree that this was an easy one.

    I had never heard of the biscuits in 13A, nor the liquour.

    Can you please explain the wordplay in 20A?

  18. Indy, I’m a Newcastle United fan from way back so it was pretty easy to work out. Besides, we hate those Londoners are much as we hate Manchester United!

  19. Rupert. 20A if you beat someone at cards you xxxxx them; Make that “almost”, add a word in the clue and you have Freddie’s brother!

  20. Barry, I think Freddie spelled his name differently to 20A. BTW I’m an Arsenal fan, but we can still be friends!!

  21. JC, yes you’re right about the spelling and … I know lots of misguided Arsenal fans and we’re still friends!

    (That’s a pretty cheeky comment given where NUFC ended up!)

  22. Anyway, look on the positive side… we both hate Chelsea, and Spurs, and Man U …
    Apologies to other trippers for the OT stuff. That’s enough for this week.

  23. At up to 90 cm tall that damn bird is anything but little!
    Never heard of the variety either, before today!
    btw Got 17d almost instantly, no clue on wordplay though: any explanations?

  24. Gil, think of a breakfast cereal that has the same first word as 17d, and the second word starts with the first 2 letters of the second word.

  25. First time posting here – have been reading the site for quite a few weeks – feeling very proud – got it all out this week. Thanks for all your useful hints

  26. … or, Gil, did you mean you knew the cereal but didn’t know it gets transformed into the answer to the clue, i.e. how the breakfast man lost two letters and gained one?

  27. Got it all out before coming here, but I’d never heard of that bird. My favourites were 9D and 23A. I recall that DA used the same crap a few weeks ago.

  28. Thanks I shoulda got it but I’m genetally blind to brands & buy generics ’cause it’s cheaper!!!
    Quaker or Breakfast Man: all that printing & packaging pushing porridge prices planetwards!
    I got the “M” part though.

  29. Ray.. 21D – first two words are definition. word for crude upside down in one of the sexes

  30. After a relatively good start, with eight solved, break for several hours, then six more, so half-way. May leave it till answers come tomorrow morning. What others saw as a pushover, is still very difficult for me. Haven’t looked through the above, hardly worth bothering now.

  31. Finished with only minimal reliance on hints above. Thanks, Ray at 12.52, for putting me on the right track for 5D and 9D.

  32. As a matter of interest, “network” gives the first 3 letters of 9D in two different ways. One as an anagram and the other as a pointer to a media company.

  33. Arthur, keep going, you are not alone in finding this more challenging than others. Just finished
    with all the help above, and some hefty word solver assistance to prompt the sluggish mind. Thanks to all.

  34. IGC, I decided to press on, and answers flowed, so I still haven’t read much of the above. I’m stuck with just 15 & 25A, and probably 5D, where I have a word related to ‘filed away’. A hint or two would be helpful.

  35. Arthur C. – 5D – think you have correct. If you like see my (Ray) entry at 12:52 above.
    15A – defn = 1st word. “naked man” = letter 4. “into” = container indicator. “shop” = a 4 letter word synonym giving letters 1,2,3,5. “darl” = equivalent shortened synonym to give letters 6,7,8.
    25A – referred to above by Barry | May 31, 2013 at 12:36 pm | . If you know your musical scales, join 5 and 6 together.

  36. I think I am now there but I don’t get the wordplay for 14A (I assume letters 2-4 are “also” but don’t get the rest) or 18A?

    I did not find this easy – but then I never do. Got just over half way before coming here (about average for me). Like Rupert I had never heard of the biscuit or the liquor in 13A – was definitely a Google job.

  37. Julian – 14A – you are right for letters 2,3,4. A 4 letter word for “part” that is “topless” gives the others ie: letters 1,5,6.
    18A – defn = 1st word. “old” = letters 1,2. “clubs” = letter 3. “on drugs” = letters 4,5,6,7,8

  38. Ray, I can only conclude I have something wrong. For 15A I have – e – s – h – n. The only word my wordfinder comes up with is menschen, which is meaningless to me. Anyway, time for the news, a bit of the football, bed by 2045-2100. Thanks Ray.

  39. Thanks Ray. Considering I play bridge regularly, not getting letter 3 of 18A is extremely embarrassing!

  40. Arthur C. The h and n are correct in 15A but not the e or s. Looks like you have 5D and 16D wrong I’m afraid.

  41. Again, suddenly, I see light. I now have 15A, my 16D was wrong, 25A falls in, all is done. Cheers!

  42. Arthur C – 15A – yep, the “e” and “s” are wrong. For 5D replace “ed” with “al”. For your 16D, it should start with “a” not “s”.

  43. half an hour and I still have only one answer. Fell like I have my head in the sand on this one. Getting nowhere, will have to have a look at the above hints I think

  44. JC and Barry, who won then premiership??
    P.S. thanks for RVP, at least he had some sense!

  45. Surely knowing the iced biscuit in 13A should be part of the Australian citizenship test!

  46. As others above, had a pretty quick run then fell a few short.
    Liked 5D after the event but couldn’t attempt as I know nothing about Batman.
    10A a win to DA. Had the wordplay but ‘entrance’ got me.
    8D agree it’s not ‘little’, maybe DA was mixing it up with a distant relation.
    9D Did anyone get that without guessing from def, cross letters and working backwards?
    21D quibble with def. Should be a program which corrupts, unless the morality/legality of its purpose are considered, but then you can’t attribute morality to something inanimate. And it’s far from corrupt, as in damaged, as it works very well! (I’m just peeved because I was nearly there with the wordplay.)
    Congrats to Rupert and others who couldn’t have known the bikkie or the NSW range.
    Disagree with GB that 23A’s gold. I’m not really taken with 23A ‘s surface. Not really taken with any surface this week, and only a few pass muster, in my superficial, perhaps, view.

  47. I forgot to get the SMH yesterday, now I’m having DA withdrawal symptoms. Can anyone suggest a way I can get hold of the crossie? Thanks in advance…

  48. No one has mentioned 1ac………. am I missing something obvious here?

  49. Had a late start this week. Was discouraged by all the early ‘this is easy’ comments here, and grateful for later ones that saw it tough as I did. Indeed I had to check answers for 1a and 8d. Never would have got them. All sorted now.

  50. Thanks, Donna. I had SPRAT for 9A, no wonder I didn’t understand it.

    18D: I think this refers to table manners.
    A thousand hairy savages
    Sitting down to lunch:
    Gobble, gobble,
    Gulp, gulp,
    Munch, munch, munch.

  51. 1A: Phonetic alphabet. “inversely” is signalling that one half of the clue goes from letter to word, the other from word to letter.

  52. Thanks Rupert. I have learnt something here as would have not got word play as not up on phonetic alphabet. Appreciate it.

  53. Thanks Rupert and Ray…
    I was stumped with 1A myself [LR, #20010]… couldn’t find a way to parse it and assumed Word #3 was a device meaning “colloquialism used in the country of Word #3”.

  54. thanks Rupert, would never have understood 1a’s wordplay. Not seen a clue like that before, bordering on the unfair apart from the fact it was pretty easy to get from the def.
    Even with the above I don’t really get how pigs = savages. Getting like some of DA’s alleged synonyms.

  55. The next DA is waiting on the lawn and I’m still less than half way on this one…. Time for some frantic googling &c,

  56. Of course I’d never heard of that liquor. I love the war rum bungles , seen the penguins and should have recognised Sherpa =guide.
    Mr Astle is so good at misdirection.
    I have no clue for 21d. I guess I’ll look at the solution seeing as I have Saturday’s and Monday’s crosswords to do before today’s DA.

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