DA Confusion for the 24th of May, 2013

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77 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 24th of May, 2013

  1. Only familiar with some of the theme but it would probably be familiar to many Trippers. Some tricky spelling but the rest of the grid is pretty gettable … so far. Stuck now with 2/3 done and nothing in the SW corner.
    If Rupert’s playing today 8D is Aussie.
    Help please, ‘cos Google won’t unless I get the parsing right. Does the ‘loud’ work on both sides of the ellipsis? Got 15A but not 14A.
    17A which end is the def or how does the ‘close’ operate?
    14D would help a lot, get the feeling it should be obvious. Will plug away.

  2. 14A: No homophone on this side. Ellipsis is telling you to include 15A in the fodder.
    17A: “close to mark” gives the 4th letter.
    14D: FWitD.

  3. Thanks Rupert, yes, having got 15A I should have got 14A.
    Now have the whole SW filled. Can get to work now.

  4. Oh NO! He’s done it again! Ten clues related to 6D. Is the Moses referred to the Biblical Moses, or someone else named Moses? I Have no idea. I have four in SW corner, only three others.

  5. Not the biblical Moses, but one you’d find in a gallery. She’s quite famous – even I’d heard of her.
    I got 6D from 12D, rather than the other way around.

  6. Arthur, I know that you’re not fond of related clues but once you crack the theme, it makes it easier. Try 17A first. It’s a simple solve and if you’ve never heard of him, look him up and he’ll help crack the theme.

  7. Pretty easy again today. We must have put DA off with the all/one controversy.
    Hadn’t heard of 27D but pretty obvious from the clue.

  8. First in 17A. Last in 23A. Only one not understood – 16D – Don’t get “XXX” reference.

  9. Just the opposite to Gayle, I have a completely blank SW. Almost all the rest done. Can’t find a 6d to fit either 12d or 17a, even with Google’s aid.

  10. Dave R – 12D isn’t. Defn “6-down’s drawing”. “rerouted?” = anagrind.
    17A – is – See Rupert | May 24, 2013 at 7:05 am | and hope that helps.

  11. Dave, 12D is not the name of a 6D. It is the term for what happens when two 6Ds are “drawing”.
    17A is a 6D. Simple solve: put “close to mark” into an intense light.

  12. Barry, its good of you to help a simpleton, but you overestimate my intelligence. I tried putting M into Laser, but neither Lamser or Lasmer really gelled. Unless you an offer further clues for this dumdum (on a.comer@giant.net.au), I shall have to abandon the puzzle completely, close to my worst ever performance.

  13. Arthur, you have the correct light, but what is the “close to mark”? Close doesn’t mean near to in this instance, rather as in close of play… If this doesn’t help, let me know and I’ll email the answer to you.

  14. Almost there, though wasted much energy on Moses herself. Still learned a lot(what a woman).
    Any help with 7d and 13a would be great.

  15. megse, 7D definition is “rebels” as in a verb. Answer is a word for drink under a word for a hill.

    13A reverse hidden (inset about) in first two words. We have a very expensive, unused one in Victoria.

  16. Thanks, Ray and Barry. Don’t know how I missed 17a; one of the few 6ds I knew.

  17. With your help all done bar two. I think the defnition for23a is the last two words…but mr spooner has me baffled yet again!

  18. 23A: Pommy Al is correct: the definition is the last two words.
    21D: The Rev is hiring out pricey motors. John Prescott has two.

  19. A new record for me – finished on Friday before lunch. It’s good when work doesn’t get in the way of the DA.

  20. Pommy Al, Sounds like you have the answer to 23A. It is made up of a word for Whiz-kid, missing last letter. Inside it is a word for Type, missing its face, then an abbreviation for small to end.

  21. I almost visit this site purely for the posts from Arthur C as they almost always reflect exactly what I’m thinking but with far more wit and self deprecation!
    This one looks like it will be with me all weekend.

  22. Done at last! Also by lunchtime (albeit with a later lunch). 22a was the last, after some time trying to remove limits twice.

  23. Too early for reading comments, so apologies if someone’s said it, but I found 13a a slippery one. I had the answer as TIDES before 8d alerted me to the error… Very clever, DA.

  24. KM – same for me.
    Overall, I’d say the grid has too many squares, (an maybe not enough clues) for the 6d theme.

  25. a late start on this one. i really hope i’m wrong with 29A….i mean “a journal” ?? or a rag ?

  26. Pommy al did you get your spoonerism?
    Keeping it cryptic it’s what you get after a touchdown!
    Or maybe a dark skinned convict?

  27. Scott put the word “the” in front of “box”
    Meaning is first two words
    Journal gives first 3 letters
    That’s final 2

  28. Well the last comment by anyone other than me was at 2:51 pm.
    If anyone’s stuck on anything I’ll check back here at 3:51 pm.
    But if no further assistance required by anyone by then that’s it for and from me for the day.

  29. 19A: Could happen to you if you totally lose it, or to a nuclear reactor.
    20D: 6Ds learn these. Popular ones are royal stratagems, and another is how they stop enemies landing at Palermo.

  30. Doing OK today with 9 to go thanks to all you knights in shining armour on board!
    Great for a Vic to be able to make a start on Fridays now
    Hopefully I can knock it over before coming back here to work on Sunday
    Struggling with Spooner also, and Gil your as bad or should I say good as DA with your cryptic clues… is that a pilot or an RL player touching down?

  31. Rupert, Re “how they stop enemies landing at Palermo.” Now that is cryptic! I had to resort to google for that one, which I usually don’t need to for DA’s clues.

  32. I’ve worked out the anagram for 4a but can’t see the connection to Lair, possibly liar?

  33. Paul, the person named in 4A could also be described as a lair – yes that is L A I R. I remember this word from my childhood in England; maybe it’s not as common in Australia.

  34. If you’ve issued a plea for assistance, please acknowledge If the assistance provided helped you find the answer.

  35. I really like 16D. X-rated would make it match the second word, but triple-X-rated adds the first word to it.

  36. thanks Gil. I was sure I had it, i just took a less cryptic avenue to the answer.
    I’m gladd DA doesnt consider “TV week” a journal !!

  37. Thank you All, done now. Diverted by a tour of Sicily; then simply found myself, amused and back at the very beginning….. Ooroo!

  38. got it all out before coming here, that doesn’t happen very often!
    It helped that I was familiar with the theme.
    still trying to sort out wordplay for 1/9a and 23a

  39. nn – 1A / 9A – “6-down” = defn. “cut” = letters 1,2,3. “by” = letters 4,5. “crack by tape” = second word where “by tape” = homophone.
    23A – yeah – got it I think but to me it is ugly. “Whiz-kid, tip off” = letters 1,2,3,7,8 ie: 1 letter less than the full word. “sucks in” = container indicator. “faceless type” = letters 4,5,6 ie: 4 letter word for “type” with first letter removed. “and small” = letter 9. Last 2 words = defn

  40. Thanks Ray, I’d sort of seen the whiz kid bit but discarded that as I couldn’t make sense of the rest. I was hoping for something a little less inelegant, but that’s DA for you.
    I’d worked out the wordplay in the first word of 1/9a, but was (and still am) clueless on the wordplay of the second word. I’m thinking that “crack by” gives the first letter but still don’t understand the tape homophone bit

  41. nn – 9A – synonym for “crack” is a 7 letter word that is a homonym for the 6 letter answer.
    And as for 23A (not that I am a compiler) but why not “Previous partners suck in a bag carrier for foreign traders”?

  42. was on the wrong track with crack by, doing it from memory. I’ve got it now that I’ve read the clue again, thanks Ray

  43. Correction – “7 letter word that is a homophone for the 7 letter answer”

  44. cross posts Ray. I like your 23A too. Would have made it a little easier to distinguish the correct answer from another similar word that also fitted the definition but with two other letters at the start

  45. Ray, the reason we see DA as a challenge is that they’re DA’s clues, not some lesser mortal’s.

  46. Oh yeah, I hope you all know that DA is on Twitter.
    His Twitter handle is @DontAttempt

  47. Gil – I agree with you – “we” expect DA to be at that elite level – and believe me I struggle each Friday – far more than most when I read this site.
    In the case of 23A (and as said I am not a compiler), this just seemed a little forced and inelegant in my view for DA’s standard. And I can accept I may have this wrong.

  48. Apologies if already mentioned, but only had a quick squiz at the previous chains as didn’t want to ruin my evening with DA.
    But have realised why I was struggling during day:
    13A: I would suggest has two answers – the DA correct one, and one that starts two letters to the right. Of course I had the latter, which stumped me for 6D (and hence the theme) given the cross-letter. Finally figured out 6D, and hence why my 13A was wrong. It could be argued the “correct” answer makes better use of the “briefly”, but given the shorthand used in many DA clues, I think the alternative is still acceptable. But I may be on my Pat Malone there?

  49. Late finishing today – but I’m stuck with 8 down. Gayle says it’s Aussie, so it may just be my ongoing ignorance. I’m gradually getting better, but there’s still a lot of Oziana that’s beyond me. Can someone point me at what to google?

  50. Mary – 8D – “deceptive” = anagrind. “on slavery” = the fodder. And 2000 and 2004 “The Dream” may help.

  51. Mary you could try googling the Festival of the Boot for 8D.
    Help please with 26a and 24d

  52. All done now, however, don’t understand the wordplay for 6d and 10a. Anyone?

  53. All sorted except don’t understand what “Moses in gallery virtually forbidding” has to do with this key clue.

  54. 10a Definition = a 6 down. Ending in tears = letter 1, Rest comes from a two word phrase (4,3) for something that would help a janitor but with the letter E (energy) removed.

    I had a bit of advance assistance this week! Went to the Sydney Writers Festival yesterday, saw DA host a talk, then bought a signed copy of “Puzzled” and chatted to him afterwards where he gave away that the theme was a pastime and some of the letters were more unusual than standard Es and Ts – lots of Ks and Bs. His session there today on Cryptic crossword solving was good fun too.

  55. Julian, looking forward to hearing more …. was it recorded?
    Mary, have you found “Rampaging 8D”? The character of an Australian comedian, actor, writer, radio and television personality, who amongst other things ‘calls’ races, football, the Olympic games.
    DaveR, the SW was my last in too. The suggestions above about starting with 17A wouldn’t have helped me because the ‘intense light’ appeared later. Had never heard of 17A which I only got from cross letters, Rupert’s tip and google.
    Thanks to Ray and others for 23A. I thought it was an American comic and TV whizz-kid (top letter off) and an endless, rather than faceless, character/type of person, or some kind of font!

  56. Ah ha. Either the bottle of red or a good nights sleep did it. Finally the fekel shell! Begone for another week Reverend. Thanks for your help Trippers

  57. No Gayle, it wasn’t recorded. They couldn’t even provide him with a microphone that worked, but fortunately he has a strong, clear voice.

  58. Luckily i guessed from the def for 6d because i still do t get all of the wordplay .
    I woke too early, but maybe having solved this one with only three Internet searches will help me get back to sleep on a Sunday morn.

  59. @Jupiter, I assume the part of the wordplay for 6d you don’t get is the last 4 letters. It’s a word that could mean forbidding, with its last letter missing (indicated by ‘virtually’)

  60. Thanks JC
    Oh I see – sometimes there are so many possibilities in a DA !!!
    The supreme movers jumped out at me so the theme came early.

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