DA Confusion for the 17th of May, 2013

Sure, this week’s DA will probably be easier than last week’s, but it’s still a DA so there’s still confusion to be had.

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  1. Much easier this week. Although I’m a bit stuck on the football references, despite some cross letters, esp the final letter of 19A, and googling hunches. May need the hand of god for that one?
    Hint please for 2D? The anagram solver doesn’t give me a solution with the letters I’ve got. It’s not seen in a certain filmography and I’ve looked under the roof but can’t find it.
    SW last in for me.

  2. Well thank you, Gayle, I was wondering if that was a Gable film, I see now it wasn’t. What time did you start, to be finished so soon. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to finish DA’s ‘Quick’ today. Only four or five inb the cryptic.

  3. Grid filled but I do not get word play for 17A, 23A, 7D. Any help appreciated.

  4. I thought I had a match, earlier, with Benin and Cotonou (6a & 12A), but both were wrong . 8D was good. Still have 13 to go.

  5. Ray, 17A – The first word has to be read as two words, each providing a synonym; 23A – properly pronounced the two syllables of the solution read as two forms of transport, one new and one old; I too am unsure of the wordplay in 7D.

  6. Jack R – thank you much.
    I should have got 23A.
    For 17A, I was thinking as much re first word, but I had wrong answer for 18D. Now fixed, fits and makes sense.

  7. Ray – re 7D – figured out the wordplay: each of the literary figures contains the same interior synonym.

  8. Proceeding very 16Aly still ten short. Have every second letter for 4D, cannot complete. No idea on 7D, which would be helpful to have. Any clues?

  9. Jack R – 17D – very good and thanks. I never would have got – quite an awakening.

  10. Arthur, re 7D, see Jack’s comment above yours.
    Re 4D, the creator is not from Ireland but somewhere a bit closer.

  11. Sorry Barry I’m too dense to make anything of Jack’s tip, or yours. May just have to leave it unfinished, unless some inspiration comes from out of the blue. Thanks anyway.

  12. Well, some inspiration did come, now only three left, though uncertain of a couple of others. I was looking for a soccer player for 19A, but Google set me straight. Need only 4 & 6D, 12A.

  13. Arthur C. – 4D – Defn = first 2 words. “church” = synonym for second word of answer. “decline” = synonym for first word of answer. “reversed” indicates that swapping around.
    6D – “Citronella’s beginning” = letter 1. “tackle” = letters 2,3,4,5. Answer is a place where they may be “flies here”.

  14. Arthur, 12A is a type of 6A. Mentioned = sounds like merchant which gives first four letters. Draper is a lunatic on TV – not that I have ever seen the show.

  15. Almost there with above help.Thanks Jack R for 23a and Barry for 12a (still needed google as hadn’t heard of this type).Liked 13d and14d. Only18d and 24a to go.Have ideas but don’t see wordplay.

  16. Had never heard of chap in 4D, Google tells me where the Irish gets in. I had both parts of name in there at one stage, scrubbed it because I couldn’t decode clue. Eventually remembered hearing of 12A. 6D a bit unsure, is this a fishing basket? If so, I’m finished. Ta muchly.

  17. Megse, 18D take opening letter from word for smart, gives naturally wet.

    24A hard to give clue without spoiling it. Definition is opposition. Finals means what it often does in crosswords, just ignore reference to 5D.

  18. Arthur, yes 6d is as you say. Well done for finishing: bit of an anticlimax after last week.

  19. Thanks, Arthur, I now have 6D. Guess I’ll have to google 12A like megse.
    After last week I wondered whether the answer to 15A should have been ‘Astle’!

  20. ThanksBarry. All done. I was looking at a homophone of 18d answer, close but didn’t look right (although after last week !)

  21. An interesting take on 7D is that Dickens had some of the answer by being incarcerated with his father in debtors’ prison. Not sure this applies to Frankenstein though. The true wordplay is as outlined by Jack R above.

    I certainly learnt a new word while doing this crossword, as I’d never heard of the first four letters of 14A. It fairly made me puff!

  22. Jack, Brewer and Shipley had a big hit in the ’70s with “one xxxx over the line”. Listening to too much Abba, were you?:-)

  23. Barry, Don’t knock ABBA! I never heard one xxxx over the line. In Queensland, they actually drink that stuff.

  24. Have everything except 17A. I’m sure it’s staring me in the face, but I just can’t see it. Any suggestions?

  25. Pamela – see “Jack R | May 17, 2013 at 9:56 am |”. This helped me. “put” and “rid”

  26. thanks Ray, I had the answer for 17a. Pamela, def is spring as in gaol. Didn’t get the wordplay until I saw Ray’s hint. Classic DA

  27. Aha! I had the wrong wetness for 18D. Now all becomes clear and I’m finished! Thanks

  28. All done now. Could only find one word to fit the cross letters for 12a. Age App tells me it is right, but I don’t have the faintest idea how it fits the clue (either def or wordplay)

  29. I have everything except 19A today. My guess it’s a foreign word, but since 1986 predates me by a few years, I don’t think I can get it! Only two minutes to get it before midnight.

  30. HA! Got it right on 12:00AM, with the sudden brainwave that the coffee was reviewed, as well as the panel show (and then a quick google to confirm). Goodnight all!

  31. nn – 12A – see Barry | May 17, 2013 at 1:37 pm |
    “… 12A is a type of 6A. Mentioned = sounds like merchant which gives first four letters. Draper is a lunatic on TV – not that I have ever seen the show.”

  32. Can anyone find solutions to this grid in Saturday’s Age?
    Messing around with my mind more seriously than last week’s DA….
    Unsure about 10a, 12a, 24a, 25a. Also 6d, 8d, 13d – your helpful clues notwithstanding…

  33. Julia:
    10a defn is state. The first two of its three syllables sound like a type of singer.
    12a is a type of 6a.
    24a see Barry above at May 17 2:35pm
    25a see Jack R above at May 17 9:56am
    8d ‘chain’ as in range (of mountains)
    6d see Ray above at May 17 1:29pm
    13d there’s one right at your fingertips!

  34. Julia: following JC for 10A – third syllable is a 3 letter word meaning “to get” – with “recital” the homophone indicator as mentioned by JC.

  35. Ah! Thank you Ray & JC. Liked 8d, when Googled. But ‘backsnail’ for 13d returned nothing… Should i know more about soups? My 25a remains uncooked.

  36. Sorry Julia, I misled you about 13d. It’s not actually attached to your fingertip, but it’s not far away.

  37. 25a think of another word for geek, and another for cream, where if something is ‘the cream…’ it is ‘the …’. Then spoonerise.

  38. Julia, my comment at 9:51 is probably also misleading. The thing at/near your fingertips is the whole answer, not part of it as in your ‘backsnail’

  39. After all the controversy about the non-words in last week’s solution, this week’s 15a isn’t in Chambers or the Oxford. Not complaining, just saying.

  40. Thank you, JC, 13d, I figure, must be under my fingertips even as I type, but no joy.
    Laughing over Spooners soup….

  41. Ok. Went to China for soup! May also need directions for 24a, to see if I can give myself ‘backslaps’ and finish…

  42. Julia, as Barry said yesterday: “24A hard to give clue without spoiling it. Definition is opposition. Finals means what it often does in crosswords, just ignore reference to 5D.”

    And if you already have letters 1, 3 & 5 then surely…

  43. @ Julia. Don’t ignore the reference to “5 Down” – That’s one of the letters in the answer.
    Have a look at the “finals” in the previous 5 words. Previous to “finals” that is.

  44. Sue – 19A – “… a little coffee …” gives letters “A LATT” (where LATT was “little coffee” – LATTE minus the last letter). The “panel show” = “QA”. “reviewed” = reverse. “hosting” = container indicator. “cup snatcher in 1986” = defn.

  45. Julia May 18 8.55- all the crosswords and solutions in yesterday’s Age are from last week’s supplement ! Pathetic proof reading – or something.

  46. Maybe the reason we got ancient puzzles in Friday’s paper is a number of complaints in the ‘and also’ short letters column. One said ‘Give us back the old crosswords’, a sentiment with which I concur. Since the same people are now providing both the Quick and the Cryptic puzzles, both have deteriorated, with mixed clue types in both. Not good. My wife found the old 13 x 13 grid for the Quicks much better than the 15 x 15 now.

  47. Help I am DA-less this weekend and really need an image to get me through the day. Can anyone post a blank for me. Or tell me how to access it digitally after Friday?

  48. Savage addict: I can email you a copy if you post your email address.

  49. Hi Savage (if I may be so informal), if you have a subscription, you have access to past editions just click the Back Issue botton from http://theage.digitaleditions.com.au/olive/ode/online/

    If not, I’ve created a pdf which I could email to you, if you want to publish your email address. You can always create a temp one for this one-off purpose. Sorry, but I don’t have a dropbox account to dump it into.

  50. Job’s right Barry, either of us would do him / her. Rupert has helped me out a few times, be pleased to pass on the favour

  51. A recent best for me. Sunday night with help from the trippers. I too was thinking Astle for 15a
    I don’t get the last two letters of 9a, but now I do , I’d sourced them from jacket. I liked 11a and I always thought 12d had an “a” for the second letter. A Canadian friend always used to pronounce it as clued.
    And four 19a I should have remembered DA is from Melbourne so he has another cup of coffee to choose from.

  52. Oh and I had the Stephen Fry panel show … So that had me looking for an Arabic name.

  53. Thanks Barry Doug and Gwyn
    I was trying to access back issue thru the app – it would be great if it could be done that way.
    Went for the regular way after being advised by you.
    Thanks again!

  54. @ dg We took it to be a hint that the “Draper” needed a capital letter therefore not a material draper but a name, that’s how we came up with tha last 3 letters of the answer.

  55. No answers in the paper on Sat , and STILL need help with 1A and 14D .!! Thanks anyone.

  56. Julie, I no longer have the crossword but if you still need help if you post the clues I’ll try and see if I can remember/assist.

  57. Julie – 1A – Defn = “Rap artist”. 3 letter word for “in” is first bit. 6 letter word for “factory funnel” is second bit.

  58. Saturday’s Age of 18th May has repeated the Crosswords and Comics pages of 4th May!

  59. Notwithstanding the comment from Doug & Gwyn above I do not really understand the “with capital” in 12a & I think the clue is solveable & better without it.

  60. Ralpho May 20 1.54pm- correct and no apology for the unbelievable error and no mention of fixing. $3.00 wasted – I only buy the age for the puzzles.

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