DA Confusions for the 12th of April, 2013

Ask your questions about DA’s latest thematic wonder right here.

Just a point of etiquette: no big reveals or spoilers in the comments. Just suggestions and pointers in the right direction.

181 thoughts on “DA Confusions for the 12th of April, 2013

  1. I’m confused. Having been out of the loop recently – how long has DS been on Saturday? Two weeks in a row I have picked up Life & Style, smashed through the crossword, congratulated myself on how clever I am, then realised it was not a DA. Major. Let. Down.

  2. It’s a bit harder than a regular DA, I think, but not impossible. An hour in I have 10 still to go. I may have to resort to Google for some of the 3Ds.

  3. A word for DA! Are you there, David? I HATE clues that refer to another, as several in this one relate to 16D, which I don’t have. Have only four definites and two possibles thus far.

  4. Rupert, my assumption was a person proposing a toast, but there I’m stuck, can’t think of anything.

  5. Still puzzled, Rupert, but will work on it. Found 4A, which confirmed my 5D was correct, though I had never read those stories. Google helps.

  6. JC – yep, thanks. It was the back half I did not get, but now do (I think).

  7. Very demoralising for this struggler. Tried a drinking vessel in 16D, but then got a P from one of the across words, so my idea, like the vessel, is shattered. May have to abandon the attempt, too hard at this stage.

  8. Fancy me offering advice. Ray, in 17A, think of ‘for example’, for ‘say’.

  9. Finally got it out at the second coffee break (but see 1A). Much confusion remains.

    1A. Not sure on the second letter. Depends on the meaning of the first word. If I had any clue on the wordplay it would help.
    4A. Half a circuit seems at least two letters too much.
    6A. Not DAs usual parrot, but not one I’ve heard of, either.
    22A. The first bug eludes me.
    26A. I see the doctor, but not the pill.

    There were a lot of great clues in this one. I particularly liked 27A, 22A (what I got of it), 18D, 17A and 17D.

  10. Oh what a tolc (backward clot) I am, finally saw lift-out in 15A, so finally got 16D. So we can progress. Hard being a non-drinker!

  11. The first bug is the anagram indicator. Noe of DA’s annoying ones
    The pill is a single letter
    As for the circuit, I think DA is thinking electrically (but not scientifically)
    In 6a it’s a homophone of a word for parrot
    And in 1a you say you have three letters of a four-letter word for tops?

  12. Rupert / Ian – 1A – my read is defn = 1st word. “fuse, missing point” gives 1 letter. “in” = container. “tops” gives a word for the surrounding 4 letters. Interested if you see different.

  13. 1A. Ray, that makes sense.
    Thanks to Deb for 4A and to Ian for the rest.
    Still confused on the parrot, but that might have to wait a bit longer, as I don’t see how you can help me any further without major spoilers.

  14. 6A. Aha! I was thinking ringtail meant put a ring at the tail of the answer, so I was looking for a homophone of the first four letters. Thanks, Ray and JC.

  15. Aha! Progress. Had never heard of the 13D brand, but confirmed in Google. Only nine to get now. Have put in answers to 26, 28, 29d but no idea how they are clued. Is the castaway of 9A a person?

  16. Hi All, stuck on 4D & 4A – latter could be part of a circle but can’t quite figure.

  17. Sorry, that was 26, 28, 29A. Think my 8D must be wrong, had that loving son, giving me an O at end of 6a (ring tail).

  18. Arthur, the greek in 8D indeed had a quite complex complex.

    In 9A you’re looking for one of a group of castaways in a classic American comedy series.

  19. Loved It! Was well tricked when first looking at 16D – considered charlatan for bogus defn, and of course a toaster wants a tan!

  20. More progress, remembered the name in 10A7D, discovered my 8D was right after all, now only four to go, if my 29A is correct. Is this Japanese? If so, I have it right, could someone explain how the clue fits, please?

  21. Not Japanese Arthur, although I know what you’re thinking – thought the same myself at first.

  22. Hi all,

    For 4A, I think I got it – as per [Rupert | April 12, 2013 at 10:34 am]. Not sure how to parse it though, in terms of the last letter (c.f. “half a circuit”?)

  23. Marc, re 4A, picture a circle in your mind and removed half of it: that gives the last letter

  24. Stuck on SW corner. Assume Origin of Species (17d) refers to a single letter. Also assume “confused” isn’t an anagrind. Are my assumptions correct? And I only know one detective writer with that middle letter, so the Origin of Species letter could be at either end. I have all the theme-related answers except 23d.

  25. Barry: thanks. :-)
    Was thinking about the various kinds of electronic circuit abbrevs.
    Ahhhhhh…. classic DA.

  26. Dave, yes Origin of Species gives first letter. Rest of word means “confused”; whole word means “burdened”.

    Re 23D think of an 80/90s band that sounds like a 16D!

  27. 28A: You’ve got the wrong detective writer if you think he starts with origin of species. It’s the second half of his double barrelled surname.

  28. Thanks, Rupert. I guess it’s double barrelled rather than double-barrelled.

  29. Thanks Rupert, but still can’t see it. perhaps have 23d misspelled. Will return after lunch with a clearer head.

  30. Thanks, Barry. I think I have 23d, although I’ve never heard of the band. Am I correct in thinking that a brand of 16d (abbreviated) is a homophone for another kind of “fizz”? And if so, is it the brand or its homophone that is the answer? I can’t think of an answer to 26a which has either of the resultant 3rd letters of 23d in that spot.

  31. Got it all at last. Had been trying to make 26a a noun. 22a is a very good clue. The only thing I’ve still to understand is the word play for 27a.

  32. Dave, 23D is the brand name of a 16D. It’s not an abbreviation: it’s the first word of a two-word name.

    26A should come pretty easily once you have the second letter of the second word. If not, the definition is “fool”; and a break includes a pill (drug) and a doctor.

  33. Dave, 27A first two letters are (to my mind) a rather weak synonym for “later”, followed by the “onset of gastric” and a word sounding like “attack”. The whole word means a lot of bother for computer users, although David’s definition is “improve”.

  34. Rupert, I have no idea. Hospital? I had Noh there, but couldn’t justify it. So I still need three, 4D, 25D, 29A. Have looked at long lists of 16Ds for 29A, but seen nothing that fits. Is there a Sydney radio station in there? Then maybe I could have tu for 2, followed by call letters, such as tusm, which is meaningless anyway. Think I’ll have to surrender the last three.

  35. Victor, 4D a person from an arabian country, minus the letter a gives the name of a 16D. All Latin scholars should know it.

  36. Arthur, re 25D yes it is a Sydney radio station, one of the first on the FM band if I recall correctly. The whole answer is a brand of 16D. My mother even knows this one.
    29A: Shorten a word for Christen and you have a three letter common term for a 70s Asian theatre of war. Its full name is often hyphenated as 4-3; this answer is the 3 part.

  37. Victor, I think I’m going to have to reconsider the amount that I drink, given the ease with which I found all those 16D names!

  38. Thanks, Barry, got the message. Have two veterans from that war attending our church, blokes who have suffered enormously.

  39. Got 17A, but what’s the wordplay?

    I’ve got the top half complete, about 10 clues left.

  40. Indy, for 17A “say” means “for example” which is blocking a word for roads that is backwards. Definition is “West African chunk”.

  41. Is 22A an American rural disaster of the 30s, and if so what’s the wordplay?

  42. Indy – 22 A – no. Defn = “15-across”. “bug,” = anagrind. “said” = fodder. “bugs” = letters 5,7,8. “holds” = container indicator. “nothing” = letter 6.

  43. I am nearly there. Stuck on 19a and 20d. Also have no idea of wordplay for 28a. Any help?

  44. Had a good start, got 16d almost straight away which helped with quite a few others. Have done 3/4 of it but bottom left corner is completely blank at the moment. Will persevere before reading the above. Am lost on the wordplay foe the first two words in the answer of 10a. Finally worked out the wordplay for the third word, very clever

  45. Thanks fellows, had 23D wrong.

    Sandy, 28A is a 4-letter word for issue as in “issue out money” around a picture of a slingshot.

    Just the SE corner to go! 19, 24, 30A; 20, 21 D.

  46. Got it all out now, had to do a bit of googling for some of them. Loved the slingshot!
    Still lost on some wordplays, will read the above and see if it helps

  47. Sandy, 19A is a brand of 16D that you can see from a cape.

    20D is a type of coffee: remove one steer (three letters) from “antitoxins” and jumble the remaining letters.

  48. Indy – 19A – as per Barry above.
    24A – defn = 1st word. “contrarily” = anagrind. “book” = 2 letters (say 4,5). “resorts” the rest.
    30A – defn – first 2 words. “lost clothing” gives letters 2,3. “in” = container indicator. “time” gives letters 1,4,5.
    20D – as per Barry above.
    21D – ?!?!? – the other bit to 6d? “Shane” sort of the defn (well actually is) was a goodun. Maybe before your time?!? Maybe I missed your question.

  49. Not sure on wordplay of the following.
    24a. Can see the health resort but don’t get the rest
    10a don’t get wordplay of first. Two words
    Rest of it was very good today

  50. Thanks Ray but I am still none the wiser on the book in 24a. If contrary is an anagram what is the fodder? If it is book then it is indirect??. Am assuming contrary means reversed , but I’ve no idea how those two letters relate to book.

  51. nn – fair enough – but don’t know what to do. A 10 letter word for “book” that is often reduced to 2 letters? Man you write – your queries well.

  52. nn: re the book in 24A. Think of what it may be before it becomes a book – a two-letter abbreviation. (Why is abbreviation such a long word?)

  53. If I don’t hear from anyone within 5 minutes I’m going back to my lovely bottle of STILL white (900 Grapes 2012 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc)

  54. Thanks Indy and Barry,
    Back from the shops and now all done thanks to you. Would never have got the slingshot. And as for 20d, all I can say is that’s not coffee!!

  55. Thanks Ray and Barry wasn’t familiar with that abbreviation, makes sense now.
    My only remaining query is the wordplay for first two words of 10a

  56. Nn, 10a\7d: host is a two letter abbreviation, around an anagram (frantic) of “end to a” followed by six letter word for relay, what they do with a baton. Not the most elegant clue David has blessed us with, but eminently functional.

  57. Nn, sorry, above should read “host is a two letter acronym” not abbreviation.

  58. thanks Barry, no wonder I didn’t see it. I had frantic end indicating the first letter of the third word (7D), nice misdirection.
    As you say not one of his most elegant clues. 27a was another that was almost great. I just think he could have done a little better with the wordplay indicating the first two letters as I don’t think later is much of a synonym for those two letters.

  59. thanks Barry, cross posts! I got what you meant with host = those two letters anyway.

  60. Had all but the SE corner before coming to the site. Having some 16d while doing it helped.

  61. Joseph – 9A – See Rupert above at 10:32 today.
    AJ – guess you therefore have 6D – which leads to 21D – which will most likely give you 19A. And others are described above.

  62. Is it just me or is anybody else uneasy with the mixing of languages in the answer to 10a/7d? Whenever the brand is referred to by its full name the second word is always (from my experience) the 2 letter version.

  63. All done (for a change), despite not being a consumer of the given theme. A couple of interesting clues relating to letter shapes, which I haven’t seen from DA before. Something to watch out for in future perhaps.

  64. Help for 9a please. I think I may be wrong. Was thinking about one if the women who was shipwrecked after a three hour tour.

  65. Michelle – your thought is correct. 3 letter word for “bloke” (gives letters 1,2,7) around (“hugs”) a 4 letter name for “another” (letters 3,4,5,6).

  66. Michelle: see Rupert at 10:32 am yesterday; and ‘hugs’ indicates one word inside another.

  67. I say once again, so much for a little etiquette and showing restraint in giving direct clues and hints
    It is only Saturday.

  68. where do you draw the line Jimmy? what exactly do you see as the purpose of this forum?

  69. Good question nn, where indeed? What do other Trippers think? Perhaps we could reach a consensus about what’s OK and what isn’t. Jimmy, would you like to start the ball rolling by citing some hints above which you think gave too much away?

  70. We don’t start ours until Saturday morning, and like to finish it Sunday. We got it all, but would never have understood the wordplay in several clues, without help from here (on Sunday), so can’t see any problem with the hints given. Vey rarely are there any”spoilers”, and if there are, it is usually accidentally, or the person puts in “a spoiler alert” so you don’t have to look at it. All in all, an excellent, well behaved forum.

  71. @ Michelle If you see Barry’s post @ 2.17pm on the 12th, that should help with 4D

  72. Hi Doug and Gwynn.
    Yep. Got it. I was on the wrong track and then the penny dropped.
    Is 6,21D an anagram?

  73. And I would be totally stumped without all the help on here and I don’t think the giveaways are deliberate.

  74. Help with 22a that is different from hints already given would be helpful please.

  75. Michelle, you might not have found Ray at 3:08 April 12, as there’s a space between ’22’ and ‘A’

  76. @Michelle 22A Definition is another word for “15A” and is an angram of one of the words in the clue (1st half) and think a brand of cars “holding nothing”(2nd half)
    30A Yes

  77. I’m a late finisher! Any thoughts for 1A, 1D, 18D, 22, A, 23D, 26A? At least this postpones housework!

  78. @SK 1D Think of a nick-name or an Australianism for 16D, and take its top off
    18D is a homophone for “realises homosexual” which gives you something a bride may hold

  79. @Doug and Gwyn 18D achieved. Thanks again! Alas I’m usually ok 6 days a week but have resorted to DA Trippers for my own sanity!

  80. D&G. If what u say for 18D is true then I have completely gotten 17a wrong. As my 18d would start with N.

  81. SK. If you get 22A, you’ll have the first letter for 23D – think of “fizz” as energy / vitality, and you get a word that sounds like a 16D

  82. SK think of a 4 letter word for”break” – as in a time interval – gives you letters 1, 5,6 and 7.
    Then you have to fit the rest of the clue in there.

  83. SK. I’m with you on 26 across. Rechecked my spelling of 23down which seems to be right. But throwing me even with above clues.

  84. Michelle. What letters have you got for 23D? and did you see my post to SK re 26A – the definition is “fool” – as in trick / joke.

  85. D&G. Yep. Saw ur clues. But my letters don’t gel with what u r saying. I’ll have another look.

  86. I’m worried about giving too much away if I tell you my letters. But the second letter of second word is C.

  87. I’m also stuck on 2d. Trust me to be stuck on the ones people think are easy.

  88. If my reading of your hints for 26A is correct, then I’m at a loss with 23D which I think I have correct!

  89. Michelle for 2D you have to find the English translation of “Kremlin” – and there are several (U need 4 letters) and the last three letters is the common one for “operated” as in managed. The answer is a computer code / program. It wasn’t easy we had to google heaps to find it.
    @SK re 26A We can’t tell you much more without giving it away, except you need to put the pill and the doctor inside the 4 letter word for “break” as described earlier.

  90. I’m with you SK. Especially after re-reading all hints above I think I have 23d right and it starts with B.

  91. Michelle I can guess what you have for 23d – see above for hints – its a well-known 16d and doesn’t start with B

  92. Michelle & SK if you have 17D you have the first letter for 26A – the first letter for the 4 letter word for “break”, and that same letter is used a couple more times. If I say any more it will give it away – sorry.

  93. Michelle. 23d doesn’t start with B. It is a French word (by the looks of it)

  94. SK – and now you have the first letter of the “doctor” the pill is only one letter

  95. Got it – I’d misspelt 23D! It’s the brand name, not ist homophone! Thanks for your help!

  96. Right. No wonder I was confused. Got 23d now. I was thinking the band.

    thank you to everyone. Only the second DA I’ve ever completed.

  98. We’ve just finished reading David Astles book “Puzzled”. Very informative, and very helpul

  99. Now have 1d thanks to Doug & Gwyn.
    Still don’t have 1a or 9a or 2d despite above hints.
    Message for DA – I ALWAYS enjoy the cross referencing, though often challenging.
    Message for JimmyDArat – interested to know which posts concerned you.

  100. sb for 9A think an old TV series about castaways – the went for a 3 hour tour. The answer is one of the characters.
    For 2D you have to find the English translation of “Kremlin” – and there are several (U need 4 letters) and the last three letters is the common one for “operated” as in managed. The answer is a computer code / program. It wasn’t easy we had to google heaps to find it.
    For 1A – don’t know how to give you a hint without giving it away. It’s a word not in common use for a type of handle

  101. Just wondering if any of have ever thought about the amount of people who do the DA without ever coming to this site for answers ? I include myself in that number.
    nn, i draw the line at no hints at all until monday, its just not needed. i solve things by perseverance and thats where the enjoyment of solving comes from for me.
    JC, I think all the hints gave away too much, and if you want names see all the hints above.

  102. Jimmy, if you’ve finished the crossword before coming here, why then complain that some of the comments give too much away?

    Like you, I can solve DA without assistance but a friend of mine suggested that I could help her, and others, by visiting this forum. I try not to give away too much and it seems from other comments that the assistance given from those who find DA relatively easy is generally appreciated.

    Stay well…

  103. Doug and Gwen ,
    Very rarely are there no spoilers and the spoilers are never accidental, and its a forum, so i dont know what you mean by well behaved ?

  104. Thanks Doug & Gwyn – I had read earlier hints but now after further perseverance I have both, but 1a eludes me even though I have all shared letters AND all above clues!! Ah well.
    JimmyDArat, sounds as though this site isn’t for you. I often like going it alone too – and sometimes it’s been known to take me the whole week or more – but I love the trippers.
    All good fun.
    Bye till next week.

  105. Doug & Gwyn – clarification, for what it’s worth – I mean, I now have both 9a and 2d

  106. Barry,
    I’m not complaining,, but what i think that the regulars on this forum need to do is think harder and longer about the answers before taking the easy way out.
    Rarely do i complete the DA in less than 48 hours because some of the clues need to percolate round my brain for that long before i get them.
    It gives me a great sense of achievement to complete a DA unassisted no matter how long it takes

  107. @Jimmy, so what do you see as the purpose of this forum?
    From my own point of view I like to get as much as possible out before coming here. Sometimes that is a good chunk of it, some days I can’t even get a start. Without this forum I’d just be throwing some of them in the bin. By coming here I can get past the bits that are blocking me (and thereby preventing me from enjoying the rest of DA’s craftiness).
    We aren’t all so brilliant that we can do one without help, especially if it contains words or colloquialisms with which we are not familiar, but with the aid of this forum most of us are at least getting better at doing DA.
    I’ve been coming to this forum for over a year now and find myself asking much more questions about wordplay these days, whereas when I started I was asking for lots of help just to get some answers. As the DA quote at the top of the page says, it is “a force for good”
    (some of us don’t have 48 hours to spare to ponder it either!)
    Again, I ask the question, why do you come to this forum and what do you hope to get out of it?

  108. Our apologies if we started something by giving too many hints. It is late Sunday afterall – and the crossword now comes out on Friday. No – one else was on, and we thought the idea of the forum was to help, without giving too much away. Won’t bother any more.

  109. @Doug & Gwyn, please continue to bother, the rest of us appreciate your help!

  110. Doug and Gwyn, please don’t go. From what I can make out, the complaints are coming only from one disgruntled participant who, by his own admission, doesn’t need any help, anyway. Personally I hate any form of confrontation but I think that this is a great forum that helps a lot of people to understand cryptic crosswords. In my short time here, I have found only generosity and gratitude.

    Please come back next weekend.

  111. JimmyDArat, if you don’t want any hints whatsoever, don’t read this Confusions thread. This Confusions thread is here specifically for people to get hints on the clues.

    If you want to talk about the DA without stumbling across hints that you don’t want to read, there’s another thread each week available to you where the etiquette is that spoilers or hints are verboten until Monday. Start a conversation there if you like.

  112. And Doug & Gwyn, the idea is to give those hints that you gave on this Confusions thread. As people have already stated, any of your help is much appreciated.

  113. Bigger off Jimmy. Yours is the only comments on this forum that upset me. The rest help me and bring me relief. Go away.
    I wish I was as articulate as nn. She pretty much said it all for a whole lot of us.

  114. nn,Barry and AS–totally agree. We come to the forum expecting hints, either sooner or later, and know to avoid it until then ( no matter what the temptation to peek)

  115. I am a relative novice at DA (about 1 year now) and I love the hints on this forum – they keep me sane! Otherwise I’d be so frustrated I’m sure I’d give up on most of them and would then never learn. I normally give it a day of struggle and I am happy if I get over half way myself before coming here. Some weeks I achieve that easily, others I am just lost. This week was one of my worst – I only got about 8 clues unaided, I don’t drink 16D so none of the themed clues made any sense to me at all.

    Ian usually has the full answers on the Australian Crossword Club site by some absurdly early hour of Friday morning anyway (how do you do it that fast – I am lost in admiration?!) but looking at that is pointless as it just spoon feeds the answers. This forum is ideal – it gives you a nudge to help you get answers or understand answers (and reassures you that you aren’t completely stupid as others are struggling as well!)
    Sure every so often you’ll find a hint you think is too easy but there’s no way to control that – we are all different. Person A gives a hint. Person B who happens to be thinking on the same wavelength as person A gets it immediately from that hint and thinks it’s too easy. But Person C is still on a different wavelength and the hint is of no help at all.

    Keep doing exactly what you are doing! I only hope that in times to come I am able to give out more hints than I receive!

  116. Agree with you, Julian. Occasionally I may be a bit miffed at a hint giving away too much, but far more often this forum is very helpful and fun at the same time. So Trippers, please, please keep the hints coming.

  117. thanks Michelle. But do you assume i am female because you think I’m articulate or because you think I’m right? :-)

  118. Is nn going to post a picture of a burly biker now?
    I agree with Julian, Michelle, nn et al – FWIW

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