DA Confusion for the 5th of April, 2013

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  1. Hey, David, that newspaper (3D), closed in 1957. How are the under 60s supposed to know about that. And why, why, why, do you continue to link clues to other clues? Very frustrating! That said, I have eight solved so far, better than usual, so shouldn’t whinge.

  2. Sounds like you’re off to a good start Arthur C. I’d never heard of the expression in 3 down til I googled.

  3. And why “press” in 7D/9A and “one” in 15A. Seem unneeded in my view.

  4. @Arrthur C: I thought of that old paper too, but I think it’s a three letter slang term for newspaper, with the last letter shifted forward, repeated
    @Ray: 5d: sounds like a word for stimulating (with an initial H removed); current as in river
    25d: it’s an acrostic; a picnic is something easy, and he seems to have broke it in two

  5. Ugh. Taking a week off has disconnected me from DA’s wavelength. 35 minutes in and less than half done, and at least two wrong answers.
    Back later.

  6. Ray, the rural press in 7,9A is the last two words. it comes out weekly

  7. Ray, the “one” in 15A is needed for the expression “back to ….” to give the two expressions that mean the same.

  8. I think DA has made a bad error in 22D as the race he refers to is 26.3 miles or 42.13km. Or have I missed something?

  9. @Victor: no error. Think of the (approximate) relationship between a mile and a km, and look at the name of the race you’re thinking of.

  10. Victor I think the distances you quoted are actually 42.195 kilometres = 26.207 miles. So what is the relationship of 26.3 kms?

  11. Yes, Ray – I couldn’t recall the exact distances but the point was made, I think. Don’t understand what you’re saying, JC.

  12. Victor, the race you’re thinking of has 8 letters; the solution to the clue has 5.

  13. All finished but for 5D. I’ll kick myself when I get it, no doubt.

  14. Victor, look at Ian`s hint above for 5D. Or you could dance with the guitar man!

  15. Yes, JC- I was referring to that very race and the distance is as Ray says, not 26.3km. I still think DA is in error. I wonder if he reads our comments.

  16. Thanks, Barry – I didn’t get it from Ian’s hint. Now I am indeed kicking myself!

  17. Victor, you actually have the answer and still can’t see how the clue works? A 26.3km race would be five-eighths of a ….. ?

  18. @JC thanks for the explanation of the explanation of 22d. I got the answer straight away but couldn’t understand what had happened to the last three letters. It didn’t help that I hadn’t read the clue carefully enough to even notice that it was km instead of miles.
    I have ten answers so far but struggling with all the linked ones at the moment.

  19. Well, despite a very busy day (specialist appt., shopping in town, much running around, have filled all the squares. If I have the 27A, 26A thing right, I have no idea what the reference to ‘hot water’ means. No, forget that, I just googled and found an explanation. I don’t fully understand the 28A clue, but the answer seems to fit, computer item?

  20. Arthur C – 28A – yes could be a computer item, but in this case it is a 5 letter abbreviation of a longer word meaning “skinny” (in one of its colloquial / slang meanings).

  21. Arthur: 28A is an abbreviation for a 12-letter word used in the world of espionage and information-gathering and is commonly used jargon in that context. “The skinny” is slang for “inside knowledge”, so approximately a synonym (near enough for DA anyway).

  22. All finished now but don’t get wordplay for 1a, 15a, 21a, 28a (Arthur it is a brand name associated with computing and is also an abbreviation of a word relating to information, but I still don’t get the skinny bit unless this is a slang term?), 2d (what’s the dash? Perhaps refers to letters 3-7???), 13d.

    Thought 22d was clever . Arthur I had to google to understand 26/27a too

  23. nn – 2D – “dash” is letters 3,4,5,6
    1A – my read – defn 1st word. “up to” = 5 letter word for first 5 letters. “back shed” = last 4 in that word for “shed” reversed.
    15A – defn = last word. “flat” gives second word. “Square” (or “Square one” as explained above) gives first word.
    21A – Double defn – “Possibly #1” and “song”.
    28A – as above.

  24. nn, on 2d, letters 3-6 are a synonym for dash. The rest are Roman 21-acrosses. But I wouldn’t have twigged without your suggestion.
    I am still struggling with most. Will ask for some help shortly.

  25. Have most cross letters for 11a, 8d&16d but still baffled. Must have something wrong. Help please. Favourites so far 27/26a and 18a.

  26. Dash in 2D refers to letters 3-6, an archaic synonym for dash or keenness.

  27. Ask for help and all of a sudden the penny drops. Had wrong def. for 16d.

  28. 16D, last word is definition (not meaning the direction), first word is letters 1-5.

    I have the worldplay for 17D, what’s the definition?

  29. I need help with 19a. I have three possibilities, but none fit everything. One is a sea force. One is a description of what the sea is like because of force. The other is about constantly changing direction but I have no idea how it relates to sea. Any hints?

  30. Also stuck with 20d and 19a. I know latter is anagram. But I have no knowledge of Indian pastimes.

  31. And that gave me a enough letters to sort the anagram of 29a and google to check.

  32. Not sure but I think…might refer to next clue for def. Found 8d at last, couldn’t let go of pop for part of clue and was going nowhere.

  33. Victor/Ray – the 22D is devillishly clever. Had to work it out mathematically based on Ray’s [April 5, 2013 at 9:38 am] clue. Thanks for the hint Ray.

  34. Still stuck with 9 to go.

    1, 10, 11, 19 A. 1, 3, 5, 8, 13 D.

    I might have 13D, but I don’t see the whole picture.

  35. Cracked 1A, and I think 5D. Think I have 1D, but not the wordplay on 3-5.

  36. Oh wait, wrong reading of ‘bank’.

    Home stretch! 10, 19A, 3, 8, 13D.

  37. Thanks Ray, 1a wouldn’t have thought of that as a synonym for shed.
    15a I don’t see how square one gives the first part of the answer. Is this another slang term?

    @ Sandy and Indie re 19a. Of Sandy’s three alternatives above I think the first is correct. If you take your second answer and change the (compass) direction in it you get your first answer. This is how I understand the wordplay. I can’t think what your third alternative might be but I don’t think it is correct.

    @Indie I don’t get the wordplay for 13d either although I have the answer.
    1a and 10a think incarceration.
    11a first word is def, next is anagrind, then the fodder gives first half of answer. Bank (a verb) gives the rest.
    1d def is bit of 28a. “I” refers to the setter, pot is the sort you get after a lifetime of drinking too many pots.
    3d is a nickname of the late tv person mentioned. Derived from his first name. Wordplay has been explained above.
    5d has been explained above, def is current event, as in something you find in moving fluids.
    8d is a brand of drink, possibly not that well known. I spent ages trying to fit pop into the last three letters, but you are after another three letter word for father and it is inside the domestic(ated) bird. Both the bird and the first word are also places with Atlantic coastlines.

  38. Indie if you are still stuck on 3d the answer is (annoyingly) everywhere.
    13d is a brazen gossip although I spent ages trying to fit “teller” into the second word of the answer as I think that is a much more accurate description of a brazen gossip. I don’t think the actual answer would necessarily indicate a gossip . I am still completely stumped on the wordplay for this one thou.

  39. Question: the 27a/26a one – I still don’t get the “hot water” part even by Googling. All I got was a reference to a video game? (or am I on the wrong track?)

  40. @marc you are on the wrong track. It appears to be a type of (hot) drink, although I’d never heard of it.

  41. Thanks nn,
    I think you must be right on 19a. A bit of overlap between definition and wordplay elements.

  42. @marc, it is a favourite hot drink of mine. Indeed I am just boiling the water to make some now.

  43. Thanks NN. Fixed it :)

    Well the “red” I was thinking led to a reference to a character/guild in the Fallout video game, which deals with water merchandising! Talk about coincidence :)

  44. With 15A, I got it when I realised that going back to Square One was where you normally start from.

    Got it all but 13D.

  45. 13d, ‘mentioned’ a homophone indicator. The synonyms are not obvious ones however. Def is last word. My dictionary had 10 rather than 4-6.

  46. @ Sandy re 13d thanks, but I think they are pretty poor synonyms. Now I can see that brazen isn’t part of the def it makes a little more sense I suppose.
    My other grumble is with 4d. If I understand the wordplay correctly gross is an anagrind, although I don’t see how this could suggest any sort of rearrangement. It appears to be following DA’s rule for an anagrind which appaears to be that he can use any word he likes provided it fits the surface reading.
    @Ray thanks for square one, would never have made that connection.

  47. Re my earlier comment. “Indie if you are still stuck on 3d the answer is (annoyingly) everywhere.” This should have said 5d not 3d.

  48. I may have been lucky with 25d.
    I read the clue as pic(picture)/nic(nickname).

  49. Nearly done but … can’t see 13d (tho’ think I have first word) and don’t get 25d (but I can see the answer). Think 19a is clever.

  50. Thanks for the hints, trippers! Got the missing five with your help.

  51. Got about 3/4 done before coming here. Finally cracked it. Got a bit stuck on 19a. Originally had the sea force doing a 180, but changed direction again. Loved 1A and 18A.

  52. @JS re 10a I think the last 3 letters refer to second word in 1a, not too sure about the first 4, a bit of a long bow to equate them with the first word in 1a, but DA has drawn longer bows in the past.

  53. Rupert – where did you get that site for downloading the grid ? Can you get it every Fri without buying the paper??

  54. I’m with you on 3d Arthur and have to beg to differ with Ian, as “Mirrored”is the key. I’m sure it’s the old Melbourne Argus truncated arg(us) then mirrored in DA’s usual fashion to give the Kings old nicname
    As I cant see any direction here to shift the last letter to the front which he does use sometimes and I can’t recall the indicator (s) for that manoeuvre , but pretty sure it’s not mirrored Ian!

  55. Sorry but still thinking on that 3d. Ian if it was rag merely truncated then mirrored you’d get
    ra-ra or more strictly ar-ar I think DA was putting a line out for us old Melbournian baby-boomers and some are still used to doing this Sunday morning in bed hence the belated post!

  56. Well I have read and reread clues but I still only have one and I am second guessing on it. 3d.

  57. @ JS & nn: yes, 10a is cryptic, but I know the first word of 1a with the meaning intened in letters 1-4 of 10a as the plural [similar to droppings not dropping].
    @Satarsign & Michelle: rag is slang for newspaper; mirror doesn’t quite do it for me, I would prefer a direction to repeat rather than to reflect the word. [Last night I watched a 1960 movie with a very young Kennedy in it, which reminded me of his reporting what crows say which nearly got him sacked.]

  58. Im with Ian on 3D.
    newspaper = rag
    rag ending = g
    make g premature or early or first etc.
    then mirror it
    = gra gra.
    I have heard of the Argus newspaper and im well under 60

  59. Found this week’s a drudge. Thought it might have been fatigue, back to work and squeezing 7 days into 4, so left it until now to come here and see if it was just me. Am now more enlightened but still not delighted. On reading back over the clues, there are only a couple which make any surface sense, let alone inspire a chuckle or wow.
    Liked 3D, and 7/9. Thanks to Google for 14/23, 27/26, 28D, 29D and to Trippers for explanation of the ?! in 10A.
    DA used the def in 6A in a Quick recently.
    Think 5D should have had a homophone indicator as well as the Cockney.
    Not sure about the parsing of 21A.
    Possibly # …. 1 song. Possibly #1 … song, definition by example and definition.
    Why not: #1 song? 1 = “a”. The misdirection towards a synonym for ‘hit’ was good.
    Never heard of 14/23 but that was a delight reading up on it on Google.

  60. A bit off topic but is everybody seeing those really annoying links attached to certain words in several of the messages above? In ArthurC at 6:59 the word “continue” links to a job offer, in BrianB at 7:03 “start” links to a question to “claim an iPhone”. In JC’s post at 9:33 “relationship” links to – obviously – a dodgy singles site, while in the 9:58 post “answer” links to another scam quiz.

    I’ve noticed a similar intrusion on an American site I visit.

  61. Did a bit of detective work and found that a program named “BrowseToSave 1.74” had installed itself a few days ago. If anybody else has it it’s easy enough to get rid of – I used Revo Uninstaller but uninstalling through Control Panel should do the trick.

  62. Well I had ten words on Sunday evening. Thanks once again for the aid.
    I too thought there was way too much dependence on other answers. If you don’t have 2d, how can you get 4d( unless you have the across words, I guess) iTunes’s DA thinks we will get most of the answers from the clues :-)

  63. Anyone done today’s cryptic by LR?
    Found it tough going but think I have it all now. Am lost on the wordplay and even the definition of 22a.

  64. nn – LR 22A (Apr 08, 2013) – to “list” something is to “xxxx yyy” – as in to “xxxx yyy” the role call. “Return glare” gives first word. “when not on” (or just “not on”) gives second word. Defn last word “list”.

  65. Got them all relatively quickly, except for the unfamiliar 13D – for this, I had to resort to Googling scores of combinations to work out the first and third letters. A big thanks to Ray for getting the crossword image posted so promptly for the last couple of weeks.

  66. Late start this week (a few days late), now have all of north, missing much of south. Will persevere. Don’t understand criticisms of our beloved DA. It’s a cryptic crossword. No rules. All good.

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