DA Confusion for the 28th of March, 2013

You feeling contused and confused from DA’s latest?

Have your questions answered here.

Just some etiquette: don’t provide direct answers or super-direct hints to any of the clues. Allow the solver to solve the clue with a little nudge in the right direction rather than providing a lift via teleporter directly to the destination.

By Monday, though, it’s open slather.

81 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 28th of March, 2013

  1. Arghhh! DA is not in Friday’s newspaper Age. He is in the iPad’s Age however. Digital DA seems much harder to work with!

  2. MH – 1D – consider answer as 6,3 rather than 5,4.
    24A – neither do I.
    Also I do not fully get the wordplay for last 3 of 2D and last bit of 21D. Can you help me here? Thanks.

  3. Happy now. Just found DA on the back page of the Age. I was looking in Life n Style which has DS cryptic

  4. Cool:) I was having trouble finding it too. His initials are hidden in that grey bar at the top.

  5. Thanks Ray – last 3 of 2D is a word for applied minus the first letter. For the last 3 of 21D, think of the X in terms of a ballot minus the last letter.

  6. MH – thanks. 2D – obvious when you put it that way.
    21D – yeah I got there too but it did / does seem a tad awkward to me.
    Now we just need someone to explain 24A.
    Thanks again.

  7. 24A I can only hazard an obtuse guess. Last 4 letters – they are now friends. First 3 – Hanoi was once under French rule.

  8. Oh and 21D. looked up last 3 letters and found they are (part of) a mathematical formula involving x and 1. Earlier explanation sound more plausible.

  9. Have all the ‘usuals’ failed to find today’s DA?
    Getting it all out (I hope) is a great start to the holidays.

  10. All done except for 24A -help given above completed it. The whole puzzle is perhaps a 23A.

  11. barb & fran – 5A – “slander” = first 3 letters. “kerfuffle” = next 4. “driving hanger-on” = defn.
    Victor – 24A – refer above. Read answer as 2,1,4 and think “speak” and relative relationship now (I think).

  12. AS usual, not going well, have only seven or eight. Will keep trying, but reading hints above hasn’t helped at all, I don’t have enough words in place. Ray, there appears to be only one three-letter word for slander, but with the seventh letter I have, I don’t know of any word at all. Puzzling. I had tried mugwump in there, but that doesn’t seem to make sense either.

  13. Delete reference to that one. Stupid just realised it was a different ‘hanger-on’.

  14. Doing it now. 8D omg omg omg, so good! Particularly since I had the genius to get it outright on this occasion for a change. It’s a novel approach to a familiar formula. (And it speaks to the mathematician in me.)

  15. You are doing better than me Arthur . Really struggling to get going today. Only have three answers so far.

  16. Half an hour later and I have six of them. Have first and last letter of 5a but can’t find a word that fits even after reading hints.
    24a a mystery too, although I have the first letter. Above hints didn’t help with this one either.
    Has everyone else finished and gone to lunch?

  17. Now have RHS complete. Made outrageous guesses to get 9A (took me an hour to see why it was right), still don’t understand 6D and 28A (why1208?). But my three guesses look OK at present. The clue above re Hanoi didn’t help. May have to leave LHS unsolved, apart from 21D, which was a cute clue.

  18. Arthur it took me ages to get an answer for 6d and almost as long to figure out ypthe wordplay.
    Definition is the first word. The first three letters of the answer are cryptically annoyed. The rest is an anagram of words two and three of the clue.
    23a write 1208 as a Roman number then it forms part of the anagram fodder.
    Can you give me a hint for 5a and for 9a?

  19. nn – 11A – I do not think it does.

    Arthur C. – 6D – Defn 1st word. “freak” = anagrind. “nice literati” = fodder. Plus “cryptically annoyed at opening” gives letters 1,2,3 (this is the more clever bit I think).
    28A – “1208” is part of anagram fodder (gives 7 of the letters). “smelters” give the other 8. “became” = anagrind. Defn last 2 words.

  20. nn – 5A – see enties above (3 letter word for “slander”, 4 letter word for “kerfuffle”).
    9A – really good clue. Defn = last 3 words. Hard to explain. Guess the 3 balanks for the front 6 letter word. Figure out what the missing letters could represent. Figure out what the whole 6 letter word could also be called. And put togther.

  21. Thanks Ray, worked out 9a as you were typing. Had read above hints for 5a but They haven’t helped. I have letters 1, 3 and 7 but can’t come up with anything that fits

  22. 11A – the penny is delivered oddly in the answer, not the clue.

    I think I have the first word of 9A by thinking of where some of you found your DA crosswords, but based on that I can’t find a second word that finishes the expression.

  23. Whoops, just noticed you had the answer to 11A and were disputing its logic. I agree with you.

  24. AC and if you put the DA place (for southerners) in the spaces, what place are you in now?

  25. Thanks Gayle, just a mental block on my part for what should have been an easy synonym.

  26. Got it all out now. Still pondering wordplay in 16a, 24a , last 3 letters of 2d, 15d.

  27. Got wordplay for 2d now. That is the sort of convoluted clue that I hate. Just too clumsy.

  28. Over too soon for a long weekend. Not even enough fun to feel guilty about playing on Good Friday!
    9A I take it the rebus would only work for certain Australian readers. (but, not wanting to confuse anyone, not readers of the Australian)
    Have quibbles with some clues, but they’re marked by asterisks , so fair enough, esp the unclued letters in 11A mentioned above. Saw the ‘penny oddly’ but spent way too long trying to figure out the rest, before coming here and deciding to forget about it.
    I was initially working on _ _ _ ‘N’ SEE WHY? like suck it and see. I did and I couldn’t.
    Have to disagree with the definition in 23A.

  29. 15A did you mean, nn? ‘jerks’ is anagrind. That’s one of the clues I didn’t like because of the 2 letter colloquial term for ‘local’, as in nationally, embedded in the anagram.

  30. @nn – 15D – letters 1-4 describe a dungeon setting and the rest is a 6 letter word for putrid minus a 2 letter acronym for a type of bondage – which typically has an ampersand in between – off the top.

  31. Sorry, that last comment was about 13 A. Couldn’t see the numbers on the grid.
    15D, letters 1-4, describes the stale, wet air which might be found in a dungeon. Letters 5-8, a word for putrid, minus its first two letters which are a common abbreviation in the sex(bondage) industry.

  32. Ok I’m done now. I think only the 16A wordplay eludes me if I accept that 11A and 21D are 23A’s. Also, I don’t like how the non-punny reading of 24A mentions in particular citizens of Saigon when it’s really anyone at all who speaks like that.

  33. AC, am not sure what you mean by 21D being a 23A, but I’ll give 16A a go. But I can see a thematic link between 11A and 16A!
    Starting at the end, the rest fell in for me. Last 5 words clue last 2 letters: 7,8. Covering in voile gives letters 3,4. And dump, meaning get rid of = letters 1,2 5,6

  34. Ah thanks Gayle, I was thinking that the covering of voile was all but the centre and was looking for an anagrind.

    In 21D I just don’t like that 3.142 isn’t precisely what it refers to in the clue but more so X – 1 doesn’t sit right with me at all. Even if I accept that X means what it does, I don’t see why 1 would refer to 1 LETTER that’s not even the usual letter in Cryptopia.

  35. Let me rephrase, that doesn’t seem clear. I don’t necessarily do what X refers to by writing an X and the letter that 1 refers to isn’t the I or A that it usually is, meaning that it takes on the meaning in the clue of referring to LETTER in general, but we were never talking about letters to begin with, so it really needs a clarification like ‘X – 1 figure’ or something in my opinion.

  36. Down to last eight, returning from being out for a couple of hours. From info above, I clearly had wrong bushranger, I was thinking Ned, but that doesn’t fit any part of clue. Have to get 3D, that will help quite a lot, I think.

  37. I found it very easy this week, with just a couple of wordplay don’t-get-its that have been explained to me here. (Thanks, Gayle and AC.)

    AC (1:47 pm comment on citizens of Saigon) – the first 5 letters of 24A is a specific linguistic characteristic that is far from universal. Not here, for instance.

    Agree with others on the inadequacy of the 11A clue.

  38. Ahhhh, right AG, I get it now. I didn’t realise the implications of the answer as it relates specifically to language. While I understand the nuances of what it means in practice, I was unaware of that word being used to describe it precisely. There you go, I’m a victim of my own stringency this week.

  39. All done: thank you contributors for hints (some a bit too generous I thought).

  40. Finished, but in spite of all the hints here I still have no idea what the clue for 9a is all about. Can’t win ’em all, I suppose.

  41. Well, yes – you can eventually win ’em all. Got it, but don’t particularly like it!

  42. Mary, think of a three letter newspaper that could fit before NCY and make a word that means the same as the second word in the answer.

  43. All done except for 24A. Also, not completely sure about 21D but I think I have an answer that makes sense

  44. Gil – I would appreciate feedback if you think I have been too generous so I can adjust any replies to queries asked. Thanks.

  45. And 11A seemed very unfair unless there is wordplay for the even letters I am not seeing…

  46. I now have the answer to 24A from the hints above but how does the third letter come about from the wordplay??

  47. Can go no further, eight short. Answers tomorrow. Was thinking of a fish of the wrasse family for 3D, the clue totally beyond my understanding (but then, many of them are, I just get lucky and guess a few of them). So, as bedtime approaches, it rests till the morning.

  48. Wordplay for 25A, letters 3,4,5,6 come from “beastlier” at intervals and letters 1,2,7, are a synonym for nose(y).

  49. Got all the bottom out. Still got 1a 5a 10a 12a 1d and 8d to go. Any hints appreciated.

  50. AJ – 1A – defn last 2 words. 6 letter word for “drunks”. 1 letter for “quietly”. “swallowed” = container indicator.
    5A – refer above entries.
    10A – defn first word. hidden reverse.
    12A – defn first 4 words. 7 letter word for type of “dogs” – “avoid lead” = 1st letter off.
    1D – refer above entries. Defn is first 2 words. Answer can be read as 5,4 or 6,3 as obtained from the clue.
    8D – clever clue. As mentioned above a variation on a normal theme. Defn is last word. First 2 words are the directions. Next 5 words are the fodder.

  51. Plea from “Ageless” Tassie – no copies delivered to our fair isle on Good Friday! Would some good soul provide the Easter DA please?

  52. So much for a little etiquette and showing restraint in giving direct clues.
    It is only Saturday

  53. Thanks Ray.
    There were a few forehead slaps in their. I think the afternoon nap before the final onslaught improved my performance.

  54. @JimmyDArat (why can’t I think of these names??) – I agree!
    21A – I was actually able to go to the bookshelf and retrieve the winning tome, feeling smugly literary as a result. Much to love this week as usual, esp 8d and 17d

  55. Well it’s Monday and I only had seven before coming here. Four to go now.
    Isn’t 21a a bit too direct for a cryptic? If you know it, you’ve got it. If you have no knowledge then the wordplay is useless and you may as well use a search engine. Was it a mis-misdirection ?
    1d has been my favourite. 7d is another to search I guess and I gather 4d and 5d are obvious to most of you…

  56. OK I can see how they were obvious now … 11a was what I have thought it was since Friday, but what clues the other letters ? I was trying to use the odd letters of penny for a while…

  57. What a schemozzle. Unable to get Friday’s DA anywhere! DA’s online version on datrippers.com is totally illegible on my tablet, notebook and PC. No copies of Friday’s Age anywhere in my vicinity.

  58. Greg (et al) – if you click on the image on DA Trippers it opens the picture separately on a bigger screen I think you will find

  59. Totally OT. Today’s crossword by DP contains the clue “Ingredient of demented Russian leader” (5). By the cross letters, this is an indirect anagram, albeit very gettable. Just how taboo is this ?

  60. Should be more taboo than it is.

    DP also has a tendency to leave a word lying around that doesn’t really work as a linking word, like “of” in that clue.

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