DA for the 15th of March, 2013

Melbournites, don’t forget that there’s a solid chance DA will be appearing in The Age on Friday rather than Saturday.

Report about your exploits here.

DA 19,942 (15 March 2013) DA 19,942 (15 March 2013) - Solution

8 thoughts on “DA for the 15th of March, 2013

  1. I won’t be doing much DA any more. I have no time to do it on a Friday, and no willpower – or in a weird kind of way, no incentive – to do it on Saturday when I know the solution is already in print.

    Thanks, Fairfax Media.

  2. I agree, AG. It generally takes me a whole day to complete, and most of Friday is taken up by work.

  3. AG and GP, I share your pain. But there are a lot of people who don’t like doing DA’s crosswords – and they’re probably thrilled that DA is no longer ruining their weekend.

  4. Friday has always been the day for DA in SMH. Makes for a challenge to look forward to. Fills up more of my morning commute than the other days.

  5. Do any other SMH DA addicts dislike the new format ? I don’t have time to sit and do the crossword at the table, so I tear out the page and fold it up. Now I get all confused as to which clues are for which grid. The paper gets worn out from all of the cross folding and unfolding. It used to line up perfectly… I don’t know why they can’t fit the initials of the compiler in . They could go in the arrows ….

  6. And they have … I only get Fridays paper so I don’t know when they started …

  7. I’m often too busy or whatever to do the DA on the day, so I save them up until I do have time. It’s always nice to have a treat to look forward to! The challenge is to complete each one before looking here.

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