DA Confusion for 15th of March, 2013

Here’s where you have your confusions sorted out. Like: is DA published on Friday or Saturday in The Age these days?

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  1. Morning all. Not too bad today. First in was 6A although I had never heard of the singer. Favourite clue 14D. Good luck and thanks DA

  2. A typical DA today. Got it out in a bit over an hour. Very proud of myself for knowing 15A.

    I do have a quibble: there is a 1D in Arkansas that is 35km long. That’s not small. Also it’s a waste of an opportunity to use a Wiradjuri word.

  3. I’m about 6 clues away….they will have to wait. A few simpler ones and a few nice ones without being outstanding (for DA that is).

  4. Not too bad today – all out – all understood and help free. Did struggle with word play for 24,3D for quite a while

  5. I have a query. Supposing that 2D is an anagram making three-word answer, is there a site anywhere that would help me sort that out. I put in the eleven letters and specify I want 3,4,4? Only seven solved thus far, maybe eight. Thinking of a long-running TV show for 18D, but can’t see how clue fits.

  6. Arthur, you’re almost there, but the first word is a descriptor of said TV Show.

  7. Is 17A something that might happen to a car tyre, or am I off the mark here?

  8. Thanks, Indy, I had finaly sorted that out, first word very applicable for this octogenerian. Managed to sort out 21A, very good clue. Now have about 15 solved. Still to sort out 2D and 24, 3D. When I get those, it will help.

  9. 2D is a fairly recent novel, made into a movie starring Julia Roberts. All three words are imperative forms of verbs. The novel title is punctuated “[3], [4], [4]”, but the movie title has no punctuation at all.

  10. Rupert, you are a lifesaver. Don’t do movies. 6D asks for a TV doctor, found list of hundreds of them, don’t even know if answer was there. Any help, please.

  11. I just got 28A, and I have to complain that noone uses the third letter in that particular acronym.

  12. Arthur, its an aural clue. I have no idea who the character is, but the first letter and your list should narrow it down.

    I’m about halfway, but can’t get the wordplay for the first component of 10A. Any hints?

  13. Rupert, its not a lake name in 1D, more like a billabong. Or a tool of a bovine toxopholite!

  14. Down to last five. Couldn’t fathom clue for 6D, Indy. But your 10A first word clue is lookalike. Need 6, 23D, 16, 22, 27A.

  15. 6D is an old TV doctor – from the 50s or 60s, I think.
    23D is an obscure word for obscure – think what moist air does to your glasses
    16A: a recent technological development, smaller than a tablet. Does that kindle any ideas?
    22A: Also a type of biscuit
    27A: If your meat were a little green, you’d call it this.

  16. Indy – 10A – first component is given “by lookalike”.
    Jonny – 1A – anagrind = “about”. Fodder “cavorted” for 8 letter and “emotive without reason” for 1 letter.
    24D,3D – hard to explain for me. Answer is a “story for 14D”. “getting into” a container indicator. A 4 letter word for 27A makes the outside fodder. “novel” is an anagrind whcih applies to the other seven letters which come from “New Stead’s”.

  17. Finally got correct first letter for 6A. Which immediately gave me 6D. So only three left, in SE corner. Rupert, just checked yours above, the biscuit I have yet to hunt down, to finish. Thanks.

  18. Yes, of course. How stupid of me. Finished now. Presume DA is of English origin, never heard of those biscuits here.

  19. Ah, I had the wrong word for 10 across – got it now.

    Can someone clarify the wordplay for 11A & 25A? I think I have the word right in each case, but only the first part of each makes sense to me.

    On my last 6, tentatively (unsure about my answer for 19A).

  20. Indy – 11A – your 6 letter answer should be a homophone for a 4 letter word for “foster kid”.
    25A – defn 1st word. The answer is in 3 parts to me, with “period” giving first part – “indeed” then gives the next 2 parts after “sacked captain”. The key I think is a 6 letter word for “deed”.
    19A – double defn. “contracts” in the medical sense.

  21. I’ve completed it all, but still not seeing the wordplay for 25A, even with your help, Ray.

  22. Indy – assuming we have the same answer, then I guess you get the first 4 letters. The next 2 letters come from part of “indeed”. The last 5 come from the other part of “indeed”, by way of being a 6 letter word for that part with “captain” (C) removed.

  23. Started well. But now struggling with most of lower half, despite above hints.Any help with 13d, 29a and 21a please. Broke my “write” wrist this week and find it seems to be slowing my brain as well.

  24. megse – 29A – defn last 2 words. “More oriental” gives first word. “horse” gives letters 2, 3 of second word and “English” gives the other.
    13D – defn last 4 words. “Cockney help” first 3 letters. “book” gives letters 4, 9, 10, 11. “layers” the other 4 (5, 6, 7, 8).
    21A – defn last 2 words. 5 letter word for “log” with “off top” gives leters 1, 2, 3, 4. “as heard” is homophone indicator for “senior teacher” gives the rest.

  25. Joseph, the main problem with 28a is that DA has added a letter not usually used in the acronym for ‘in stitches’

  26. I am still going in the bottom half. I thing I have an answer ‘sampled’ from ‘operatic’ for 26d. But I can’t see what it has to do with singer. Is it the rodents singing on YouTube? Bob Geldof? The recent ex-pope? Anybody know?

  27. And if anyone can answer that it may help me with 14d, of which I have all cross letters but no idea.

  28. Got 14d now. And everything else. But still puzzled about 26d and a number of other wordplays: the ‘tray trimmed’ part of 10a; the marathon figure in 4d; and how the last two letters of 23 are a promotion of ‘essay’ (turn perhaps, or leave, I can see)

  29. Sandy – 26d – you have correct. Think of “singer” as a stool-pigeon.
    10A – “tray trimmed” is a 7 letter word for tray with first and last letter removed to give the last 5 letters of the answer.
    4D- “marathon figure” gives the first 3 letters – think of greek alphabet.
    23D – look up “essay” and this 2 letter word is a synonym, and promotion means spell it up (reverse).

  30. Thanks Ray. I had just twigged to Marathon being a reference to Greece. I actually know Koine Greek, so I should have twigged. Those uses of singer and essay were new to me.

  31. Hi. I need a copy of the X-word. Forgot it’s no longer on Saturdays. Could someone please post a link.

  32. megse, if you are still baffled by 14d, ‘split’ is an anagrind. The fodder is 10a, but with the first word as a descriptor rather than the letters. It comes up with another word for 26d as described in 26d (see Ray at 4.36)

  33. Four to go. 13d, 20d, 19a and 22a. Have read above hints but no help.
    Am. Still pondering some wordplays. Learnt a new word in 5d

  34. Anyone still out there who can explain 12a wordplay … particularly how the landing dock’s “y” vanished?

    btw anyone wondering about the singer in 6a, she appeared at the recent Grammies in company of Gotye.

  35. Does anyone know if DA’s responsible for the Age Quick Crossword as well on a Friday now? It contains ‘schwa’ and ‘beta version’ this week, and I seem to remember some obscure words last week. Just feels like DA slumming it, somehow.

  36. Goodmorning nn. Adding to the hints above for your last four.
    19a, 20d – try a sporting context.
    22a – homophone ‘say’ in (3-3). Rupert’s and Arthur’s biscuit is crunchy and oaty.
    13a – use Ray’s hint and the extra cross letters from 19a and 22a

  37. Mary, as far as I understand it, the cryptic and quick are done by the same person each day. That’s why the initials come between the two grids.

  38. That was hard today! Good-by to old routine; – lingering over DA all Saturday with Trippers… Was pressed to finish, so could open Saturdays Age…. (with solutions)….

  39. Thanks, Sandy – I’d never noticed before. (Can’t always finish the Quick but I try, because it stretches the memory for vocab, which is fading as I get older! I find a crossword without cryptic clues much more frustrating, though.)

  40. I’ve decided to stick with a Saturday routine for DA. So won’t be of much use to anyone on this site, unless there are others who want to do the same. A bit set in my ways, I admit.

    I got stuck with 8 to go. So many references to recent technology/phrases/people! Then I cheated and looked at the Saturday Age. Not a habit I want to get into.

  41. @ spg. If you click on Ruperts name in his posts, it’ll take you to his web-site. I’m sure he will help you out.

  42. I’m with iPuzzled. I enjoyed the prospect of a weekend challenge, but probably won’t be able to resist starting on Friday.

  43. Not sure if thjis is the right site but where can I express my preference for DA to be on Sat where I have adequate timet to tackle the puzzle before checking out the answers on Monday. It’s become a favourite weekend ritual. What prompted the change and have I missed the boat in complaining? I hoped it might be a one week wonder. if anyone can tell me what to do next I’d be grateful.

  44. JimmyDArat – 25A – as per my earlier entry ie: rewritten:
    25A – defn 1st word. The answer is in 3 parts to me, with “period” giving first part (4 letters) – “indeed” then gives the next 2 parts (2 letters and 5 letters) after “sacked captain” (remove C from a 6 letter word for “deed”).
    27A – plenty discussion above. A three letter word meaning to “Rub out” and “a little green”.
    23D – again above. Defn first word. 2 letter word for “essay”, reversed (“promoted”) gives last 2 letters (“supporting”). 4 letter “meat” with a “drug” of 1 letter removed (“fewer”) gives first 3 letters.

  45. A busy weekend resulted in a late finish on the bus into work this morning, with a few final clues my colleague helped me with.

    First to go in were 28 and 6a; Gen Y advantages are rare in cryptics, but sometimes DA comes through for me. I don’t even remember the 6a cartoons, but it was an inevitable nickname for me from my Gen X sister. :) Contrariwise, 1 5 6 and 18d all had me reaching for Google.

    14d was one of the last to go in as I’d interpreted 26d as in Sinatra et al. Very nice once the penny dropped.

  46. @julia,
    I agree wholeheartedly! I had a great Saturday routine for a while, which included being involved in this website, but now the hints will mostly be posted on Friday, I assume, which means I’ll read them as historical records rather than having the opportunity to be involved, in the thick of things. Bring back the Saturday DA!

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