DA Confusion for the 28th of March, 2013

You feeling contused and confused from DA’s latest?

Have your questions answered here.

Just some etiquette: don’t provide direct answers or super-direct hints to any of the clues. Allow the solver to solve the clue with a little nudge in the right direction rather than providing a lift via teleporter directly to the destination.

By Monday, though, it’s open slather.

DA for the 22nd of March, 2013

DA publishing consensus between Sydney and Melbourne has been reached, and perhaps tonight there shall be PM consensus in Canberra.

Report about whichever piece of consensus you like right here.

Update: And here are the instructions at the top of the crossword:

For reasons to emerge, 11-across is the only intact member of a theme shared by all Across answers — and a Down. No definition appears in these clues.


DA 220312 DA 220313 down clues

DA 19,948 (22 March 2013) - Solution

An Abridged Motherlode

I’ve only just discovered that the motherlode of Fairfax cryptics from as far back as 2004 is no longer available.

I managed to save all the DA cryptics and have them available from this site, as outlined in the link above. I thought I had done the same thing with the rest of the Fairfax cryptics, but, in fact, no, I hadn’t.

So I’m wondering: did anyone manage to save all those Fairfax cryptics that were available? If so, would anyone care to send them to me so that I can host them from this site?