DA for the 1st/2nd of March, 2013

It’s the first DA for Autumn. Don’t worry about the leaves; get into DA.

DA 19,929 (1 March 2013) DA 19,929 (1 March 2013) - Solution

3 thoughts on “DA for the 1st/2nd of March, 2013

  1. Challenging. Even when the solver has uncovered the theme clue (9D), the themed elements remain challenging. Good mix of clues.

  2. Totally agree iPuzzled. However I spent today at a Beethoven marathon, with all 32 piano sonatas in 14 hours. And guess what–DA and Ludwig must be on the same wavelength , as all but 3 answers presented themselves during the performances. Made the whole day extra wonderful

  3. Oh noo!!! Has anyone seen the size of the print in the new ‘compact’ SMH crossword clues? That’s going to even out the advantage that Friday Trippers have over Southerners. We won’t even be able to read it and will have to wait til Saturday to ask a friend! Does anyone know what makes a ‘mean’ DA solver? Spectacles (I’m guessing, demographically.)

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