4 thoughts on “DA for the 22nd/23rd of February, 2013

  1. So many good ones today!

    Got it out but only with the research.

    Loved 9, both 17s, 24, 2 and 3!

    Bravo DA!

  2. Not much chatter, so have to assume ’twas too easy for regulars. Nonetheless help For 17a wld be gd (think I’ve the w/play but stumped), which wld also help with 16d (think I have answer but no w/play) rest 8, 12 and 22 mixture or both and neither.

  3. SMH Quick 22nd. mischievously misleading clues…
    4d triple jump is not a ‘track’ event but a ‘field’ event. in athletics track events takes place on the track, all others on the field.
    ; and 16d ‘skeleton’ is a ice run event on the same bobsleigh and luge frozen track. There is such a thing as ‘street skeleton’ but that is more than 8 letters!

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