DA Confusion for the 15/16th of February, 2013

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  1. “I’d” stump up – i.e. reversed
    Poles – obvious
    Career contract – another word for “career” (not as in job) curtailed
    The whole being the 4d of “Stockpile”.

    Now, can you help with 2d?

  2. 2D is one letter for false and three letters for follower (as in football), turned. The definition is 4d of “in”

  3. 2D: I originally had “turned in” (as in to the police) as the definition, and a follower who was someone who was “LED”.

  4. Sean – after the key huh? Sort of important this one.
    4D – last 3 words “defn” – “stashed” = container indicator.

  5. Just started, first in 15A which immediately gave me 4D. This is going to be fun, and will probably make it much more difficult to differentiate definition from wordplay.

  6. I think 22d is misclued in that the correct answer is something that holds the the clue rather than the clue itself.

  7. We used to refer to them as [thing held] 22D. So arguably [thing held] is a type of 22D, which would make the clue fair, right?

    Stupid WordPress.

  8. When I did chemistry at school, il ya beaucoup des ans, we would sometimes use the clue to refer to the thing held plus the holder, but I don’t recall ever using the correct answer to refer to the two in combination, only to the holder. I suspect we went to different schools!

  9. @Rupert & Geoff: I took 22dn to be a double definition clue, and as such you need to find the 4dn of both words. Think of a different meaning for the first word.

  10. got 4d straight away but don’t understand the def. An hour later I only have two more 22d and 4d.. Not sure if 4d is right as don’t get wordplay even after reading above

  11. I got 4d straight away, and worked steadily at it. Sometimes the theme made it easier to pick out definition from word play. But I am still struggling with some.
    Even with both cross letters I am stumped with 10a.
    I also don’t get wordplay for the following, even though I have a word that fits with the 4d definition: 8a, 5d, 17d, 19d, and 23a. Any help?

  12. I think I have 10a now, with help of word finder. The first word is a 4d of the def right? Score for reviewing is letters 1-3. And golf final is 4. Right?

  13. Is anyone there? I have kind of worked out most now. Still baffled by the word play of 17d and the middle part of 8a. That is assuming I have the right answer.

  14. 10A: I have a word that fits your wordplay, which has an additional meaning of something golf is played on.

  15. 17D: 1st word is 4D of the definition. 4 letter word for weapon supply, minus first letter, inside “that is” (2, 3) (full version of common abbreviation).
    8A: 1st word is 4D of the definition. 7 letter word for to be aflame, minus the middle letter of Priscilla.

  16. Thanks Rupert. Got filled by the full version of ‘that is’. Other one though you gave 9a, rather than 8a.

  17. 8A: Light material is letters 1, 2, 7, 8, same as last week. Heater is a three letter slang word for gun (technically a rifle with rotating barrels), letters 3 – 5. One gives letter 6.

  18. Thanks Rupert for 8a explanation. Wordplay for Letters 3, 4 & 5 had me completely stumped and I feel a bit unfair.
    Help with 26a anyone? I have the cross letters but can’t come up with anything.
    Don’t get wordplay for 11a and 3d assuming I have right answers.
    Need help with 12, 14 15 and 16A.

  19. * In 11 ac does the answer’s “container” mean “to go on and on”?

    * I think I’ve just worked out wordplay for 3 d. the poles are encased by the career contract?

    Presuming above correct, then all done!

  20. nn …

    26 ac 4 d. of “showing animation”. Three wordplay components follow: “to”, another word for “cap”, and “Cars trailer for starters” – the last gives you one letter and where to put it.

  21. Thanks for 26a explanation Gil. I don’t understand your explanation of 11a and 3d . I have answers but not all the wordplay for these two

  22. Gil I still Need help with 12, 14 15 and 16A too. Have only just come back to it after a bit of a break

  23. nn not going to do the lot for you … see 2nd post above for 3 d. explanation & marry to my comments about same.

    14 ac 4 d. of “aired”. Think of a DJ introducing a hit from half a century ago, using two two-syllable words that rhyme “Here’s another da-da da-da”. the first da-da is the answer.
    “Brahms’ 5th” gives you the first letter, followed by 5 letters that sound like (“in recital”) a two-syllable word meaning “classic” – the second da-da in my example above

  24. Thanks Gil will ponder your hints. I had read 2nd. Post above but it isn’t helping. I’ m wondering if I have the right answer for that one.
    Have worked out 16a now

  25. Thanks Gil got 14a now (after thinking your first da da was golden for quite some time!)
    Six to go plus some word plays…

  26. Got the trick from 20A and 21D. But although that illuminated 4D, don’t get the definition, as defined.

  27. nn Can you play pirate golf?
    11 ac …
    4d. of word 1 of clue
    letters 3-7 obvious from clue words 2-5 ignoring hyphen
    “filling” container indicator”
    Container letters 1-2, 8-10 an uncommon word meaning “gas” in sense of “gasbag” or “prattle”. No further help here! What’s your 1st letter?

  28. Ah that sort of Gas! Thanks Gil, I had the right answer, just didn’t understand letters 1,2, 8, 9 and 10 of wordplay

    Your pirate golf reference escapes me, so I guess the answer to that question is no.

  29. Gayle did you find the answer for 4 d? It’s dead easy from clue words 1-3 and 4! I don’t understand “gun for good” wordplay though. What part of 4d clue is the 4d of 4d answer?

  30. thanks Gil, get your golf ref now. I had the answer for that all along, I just didn’t get the gas part of the wordplay.
    I had one letter wrong in 3d which made 12a rather difficult. Have fixed that now but still don’t fully understand the wordplay in 3d. I get the I’d stump up for letters 1 and 2. I presume the poles are letters 6 and 7 but can’t see the contract
    I have all answers except 7d now, but still pondering some wordplays

  31. Gil I don’t get the “gun for good” bit of 4d either. Is he suggesting that gun is a 4d of good???

  32. nn 12 ac dead simple!
    4d of word 1
    Letters 4-6 3-letter synonym of “chaps”
    “wearing” container indicator:
    “cycle” anagrist, “clobber” anagrind
    gives letters 1-3, 7-8

  33. Thanks Gil, I got 12a once I’d corrected my 3d. I have 7d now (but don’t get wordplay) so all done. Remaining wordplays that I don’t get are
    3d, 4d, 5d, 7d, 19d, 25d

    Thought 23a was good and 13d gave me a laugh. Liked the theme.

  34. nb reread 2nd post above and re-read it & think of the most important instrument on your car’s dashboard for a career hint
    n.b.must leave something for the Age people who don’t get their DA until tomorrow. Try oneacross.com for help?

  35. nn does it help for 7 d. if I said “head” being “covered’ was “r”?

  36. thanks Gil, I have them all now, went to crossword club for explanations. Learnt a couple of new words and some definitions that hadn’t occurred to me. Off to bed now.

  37. nn 19 d letters 1-3 obvious
    letters 4-7 4-letter word for “solicitor”: non-legal term, think racecourses & $2 shops!

  38. I’ve ground to a halt in the bottom right hand corner.
    Need help with 16a, 18d, 25a & 25d which are the only ones I’m missing – and don’t seem to have been mentioned in the Gil/nn show above(!)
    That’s if I have 17D right, I don’t get the wordplay reference for letters 3-5.

  39. Julian, 17 d. 4d. of clue word 1. Convert “that’s” to its standard abbreviation then to its full latin form. “Restraining” is a container indicator. Find a 4-letter slang word for “weapon supply” (in sense of supply for weapons) and shorten it according to “lost at Front” -possibly ambiguous but works either way! Put resultant 3 letters into your latin container, and there’s little need to be modest about your success!

  40. Gil and nn – 4D – “gun” is a synomyn for “good” as in “a gun shearer”. Ergo “gun for good” is the “defn”. So then you can 4D that to get the answer for 4D.

  41. Not seeing 4d made it very hard. I didn’t have any answers before coming here…

  42. Terrible! Two or three times through the clues without seeing a single answer. Normally get anywher from 4 – 10, today, zilch. Going to have to start by reading from the top. Sad!

  43. Still hopeless! Following clues above for 8A gives me a word meaning rejection, how do you relate that to accepting???? So I have 10A as the only answer so far. That hasn’t helped me get 2D, despite hints above. May have to totally abandon this one, unless a hint I can understand turns up. Very sad!

  44. Arthur, did you observe the instruction “NB: Treat all today’s definitions as 4-downs…”? This puzzle can’t really be attempted until you solve 4D.

  45. Arthur 4d answer is right there in plain sight in the first three words of the clue. When you see this your other answer will make sense. Wordplay in 4d is tricky Ray has explained it above.

  46. Thanks folks, I only just found 4D, but couldn’t in any way relate to the stashed gun. But I see it now makes my 8A correct. Michelle, as Ray pointed out above, which I missed first time, stashed means contained within. So look carefully at those first three words again.

  47. Completely stumped today – it’s 10.38 and we haven’t answered one clue. Now to look at the hints above!

  48. Arthur. I love you. And ray too. Thank you both. I think I have it. Cheers.

  49. OK just read through the hints and nothing penetrated my thickness on brain until I saw nn’s hint just above (9.28). Thanks nn! Maybe we can get somewhere now

  50. Well, magnificent progress, I now have four (and a half of 3D). Only seems to be one word possible, but can’t see any connection with clue in last four letters. Time for lunch. Back later.

  51. Just finished after a spell and some hints from here this morning. Sandy and nn, I don’t see a response to 5d, which also had me going (last in), so I can explain the wordplay now.

    5d: The wordplay is broken up into two parts (3,3) where ‘king’ is an example of the first word and you usually describe one who is escaping as being ‘on the [second word]’.

    Just realised what you meant about 11a Gil, ‘gas’ is a pet usage of DA’s meaning to boast.

  52. I am having trouble finding the 4d for ‘in’ that fits what I think the word for ‘follower’ is.

  53. For 4d, I think if we accept the premise that guns are bad, then ‘gun for good’ is an example of the answer…?

  54. Oh my head. Please help with 11a, and maybe for 12a something that will make sense to my impaired brain.

  55. Michelle, ‘in’ and ‘follower’ abide by DA’s typical usages; ie respectively ‘hip’ and a ‘belieber’ for example.

  56. Ok Michelle, I will grant you mercy for 12a. Clobber is an anagrind.
    11a: of and half of lights gives you letters 3-7, and the rest is a word for what a gasbag does

  57. Lol. I have boofligast. Obviously my brain is more impaired than first thought. Lol

  58. Arthur do 20a and 24 across and relate them to each other and their clues and although this won’t give you the actual word for 4d it might help you on your way.
    Could someone help me with 7d please? I have an answer but I’m not sure about it.

  59. I think I’m just not cut out for today’s. still only have 4d even with clues.

  60. Judy C, for 7d, answer is an 4d of ‘was grave’ and ‘stopped’ I believe indicates a 6 letter word that means outwitted or got the better of.

  61. AC – your stopped = outwitted works, but I had stopped as meaning ‘took a break’. Doesn’t matter, they both lead to the same answer, but I wonder which one DA had in mind?

  62. I did what I considered most sensible: tore the grid into tiny fragments, impossible to stick back together. Sorry, this one was beyond me. Try again next week.

  63. I’ve had little time today to devote to the puzzle due to housework, but I’ve stopped myself from “cheating” and relied solely upon the old grey matter. I think I have the whole thing out. Big change from last week. The split anagram fodder in 6D fooled me for a while. 13D was fun.

  64. 25D: ‘dandy’ is an example of misdirection via punctuation (or lack of it). If two spaces are inserted in the correct places, ‘dandy’ points to two letters. These two letters are letters 3 and 4 of the answer. DA has used this trick several times before, but it always takes me a while to see it.

  65. Me too, iPuzzled. Perhaps if he did it more often we slow ones would wake up sooner. I got 12a first, from the word play, then realised what 4d must be before I saw what was ‘stashed’. Still to get 5d and 9a. I’m sure I have the definition and word play for 9a, but just can’t think of the words. With 5d, not sure which end of the clue is the definition.

  66. Dave R – 5D – 1st word is the “defn”.
    9A – 1st word “defn”. “to be aflame” gives a 7 letter word. Last 3 words lead to removal of 1 letter to give the 6 letter answer.

  67. Dave R 9d def is 4d of first word. Aflame is a fairly loose (but fair) definition of the word that loses Priscilla’s heart. It is aflame in the sense of enthusiastic.
    5d first word is the definition. Wordplay is “king perhaps” gives first three letters, escaping the last three, although I’d never heard of this term for escaping before.

  68. My slow typing Ray. Had to retrieve my copy of the crossword from where I’d put it down somewhere other than where I thought it was!

  69. This theme is cool (or maybe it sucks?). I’m about half way through, with a mostly empty right side. Persevering before searching for hints in this thread.

  70. Thanks, nn and Ray. I was rusted on to thinking of a king as a monarch. Must be more flexible. Once I’d got 5d, the second letter made 9a easy.

  71. OK, it’s all in except for 16a and 18d. I really have no ideas. Please help?

  72. Kim – 16A – “defn” 1st word. “developed” = anagrind. “virtually” = all but. So do this to “negative”.
    18D – “defn” first 2 words. “gift if time runs out” gives first letter. “being more linked to rushes” gives the rest.

  73. Two days. Two bloody days and still only 4d. I must be very stoopid.
    Even with hints I’m stumped. I think having 4d is throwing me. Does the NB mean I first have to find the answer and then apply the 4d. Or does the 4d exist in the clues.

  74. Michelle, decide which part of the clue is the definition, then find a solution which is a 4D of that definition. Is this helpful?

  75. Example: 27A. ‘Exploited’ might suggest an anagram. Let’s assume that’s correct, so the definition is almost certainly ‘dirty’. We are looking for an 8-letter word. What do we get?

  76. Got 4d and about a quarter of the clues yesterday. The ” gun for good” clicked in my sleep. Got the rest out today with help from the site.

  77. Ok JC. So if in assuming there is an anagram. I would be looking to use the only word in that clue that has 8 letters. Right? But am I looking for the 4 d to be made from those letters or do I look for another word for dirty and then 4d it.
    Yes, I know, I have a frustrating brain.

  78. @Michelle I’m not quite sure on the difference between your alternatives in your statement “But am I looking for the 4 d to be made from those letters or do I look for another word for dirty and then 4d it.”
    The way I look at it, in a normal crossword you the answer would be a synonym of the definition, the rest of the wordplay would help you find this synonym. In this crossword, the answer is a 4d of the definition, the rest of the wordplay helps you find this 4d.
    Hope that makes sense.

  79. Oh my. Just by typing that it clicked. Thanks JC. I now have two words. Lol

  80. That should read
    The way I look at it, in a normal crossword the answer would be a synonym of the definition, the rest of the wordplay would help you find this synonym. In this crossword, the answer is a 4d of the definition, the rest of the wordplay helps you find this 4d.

    Not sure how that extra “you” sneaked in there.

  81. …clue that has 8 letters. Right? Right.
    …do I look for another word for dirty and then 4d it. No. Your anagram will be a 4d of dirty.

  82. Thank you JC. I think I have it now. Not that this means I will be able to solve but I think the hints above will make more sense now. I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

  83. Shouldn’t 4d be a 4d of 4d rather than the word that appears in the grid? Just following instructions faithful to the puzzle.

  84. PMc – the answer to be entered into 4D is the 4D of the answer to the DEFN “gun for good” – so it abides by the rules which is “treat all DEFINITIONS as 4-downs”.

  85. OK. Too many hours spent on this. I have. Head cold and keep falling asleep. I still can’t see 7d or 25d. I did really like 13d.
    I was stuck on the wrong type of king and dandy misdirections are always what DA gets me with….

  86. Enjoyed this week’s. And if anyone isn’t DA-ed out, there’s a good crossie in Monday’s SMH. LR, has been mentored and encouraged by DA, and mentioned on his home site some time ago when LR got his first SMH gig. Sometimes easy, as the Monday SMH traditionally is, but today he’s very DA ish, a mini theme, cross-referencing and a quirky sense of humour. Just one OZism, the Grimshaw reference is to a news presenter.

  87. PS. Did anyone do DA’s Quick on the weekend? Another occasion when the Quick has given a nod to the cryptic? It sometimes pays not to be a crypto-purist.

  88. Thanks @Gayle for the tip about LR. I tracked down a Monday SMH and attempted the puzzle. What fun! Definitely lighter that the average DA, but still enjoyable.

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