DA Confusion for the 25/26th of January, 2013

Here’s where you have your confusions sorted out for this Australia day weekend.

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  1. Morning all, definitely a crossword in two halves – left side completed before I got a clue out on the right side. Don’t understand the wordplay for 9A and 15A. Also not sure I get the Definition in 20D – any ideas?

  2. 9a: subtract a letter from a four-letter word meaning two
    15a: four-letter aristocrat (whose wife would be a lady), and a cliched description of a judge with both ends missing
    20d: Woolworths and biro are examples of the answer; both named after someone

  3. @Ian I’d say biro belongs in a list of 20D, but Woolworths doesn’t. What do other bloggers think?

  4. My thinking is this: 20D are ordinary words – nouns, verbs, adjectives – derived from people’s names: biro, boycott, machiavellian. I don’t believe they can be proper nouns, e.g. names of companies. If Woolworths are known for some particular activity that sets them apart from other retailers, perhaps ‘to do a woolworth(s)’ can become a new term for whatever that activity is, and then the (lower-case) word would indeed belong among 20D.

  5. Per Chambers:

    “the name of a person after whom something is named …”

    So I think you have a point. [Frank W.] Woolworth is the 20D, Woolworth/s/ is not.

  6. I feel I was suffering 10A all morning with this DA.
    Can anybody help me understand wordplay for 5A and 11A please? Thanks.

  7. 5A defn is first word. ‘Review’ indicates you’re looking for something backwards.
    11A defn is first word. ‘Cheerleader leaving’ means you leave the C off the start of something. ‘Audition’ is homophone signpost.

  8. Thanks JC. Had just got 5A myself. And thanks for 11A. I was just too slow today!

  9. If the def of 15A is ‘place for 8-down’, I must have 8D incorrect (even though it seemed like a straightforward double def). Is there some obscure meaning to 8D or 15A that explains this?

    Thanks to Ian (07:49 am) for the explanation of the wordplay.

    Liked 10A and 18D. 17D was fun too.

  10. iPuzzled – 8D is a type of the obvious thing that can be in 15A. Google it may show you a picture.

  11. That definition the word (8D)
    is listed as ‘chiefly Brit’ in one dictionary, but I asked a couple of people here in the (Oz) office and they know the term.

  12. Although my wife, who has worn the obvious things that can be in 15A for over 40 years, has never heard of 8D.

  13. Thanks Ray, JC and Rupert. A new sense of 8D for me. Yes, I did find a few images of the item in question.

  14. This one took longer than 2 coffees. Like Peter, the left side went in relatively quickly but the right hand side took a while to tease out. 25A is new to me – I know it by its French description.

  15. I presume 17d a name – have last 4 letters from wordplay!
    Stuck on 5d 12 13 16 19
    Any hints appreciated!
    – Gil

  16. 17D: Yes, a name, a French name, a famous habitue of France’s most famous cathedral.
    5D: Not so much wreck as destroy utterly. For Hall of Film, think Woody Allen (and the Oscar that should have gone to George Lucas).
    12A: First word is the definition (think Spooks), then a cousin to wasps and bees, minus a letter, inside most TV.
    13D: First word is the definition. Brief like a phase.
    16A: First word is the definition (FWitD). The sort of line we English are good at.
    19A: FWitD. Net that Admiral Ackbar might notice. Site is empty.

  17. Thanks Rupert, I stopped reading after two exposés and kicked myself as I completed the rest.
    I had the answer but can you please explain the wordplay for first five letters of 17 down. second & party of course each provide two letters to give the final four letters.

  18. Also, shouldn’t 29 clue be “… freeloads” not “… freeloaders”?

  19. JC: My two cents, a self-titled album is described as a 20d, so I think Pronouns are acceptable.

    Gil: think of it as a plural, not a verb, and the clue works.

    Only about one third of the way through so far — I’ll post later if I need help.

  20. OK Rupert DD for “as if” – thought it meant something more like “semi”!

  21. Gil – 17D – put first 5 letters into a dictionary and get “as if” as the answer.

  22. Only made it about two thirds and the 10a has struck. I would really appreciate hints with 2d, 3d, and 14d as I really have no clue. Hopefully that will get me across the line.

  23. Fun puzzle. And you’re spot-on about Woolworths, Rupert. Unlike some of the other parts of today’s DA, a certain company never held a TM in NSW.

  24. Kim – 2D – defn last 2 words. 6 letter word for “wayward” in a 5 letter word for “cities”.
    3D – defn last 2 words. “plaited” = anagrind. “belt or” and a 3 letter word for “a”.
    14D – defn last word. “Slammed” = anagrind. of “insurer” and “gap”

  25. Rupert, – or, rather, mrs rupert, an 8d is used to ensure the procedure isn’t disrupted overnight.
    Still can’t get 1a, 2d despite above help, 10a or 18a. Assistance gratefully received.

  26. Thanks, Ray! They seemed obvious once I had the solution. All thawed and finished now, which is nice, but agree it wasn’t as exciting as last week.

    Still don’t get the wordplay for several of the clues, if anyone cares to illuminate: 1a, 15a (last three letters, despite Ian’s hint at the top), 24d (barracks == coops??), 26d.

  27. JS – as an extra hint for Ray’s deconstruction of 2d, once you hit on the right word for “cities” you will solve it straight away.
    10a – if you solve 18d it will be pretty obvious! I can break it down if you want more direct hints.
    18a – it’s just a double definition (first two v last three words), nothing secret about this clue.

  28. Thanks Trippers,
    I got all the help I needed without actually having to ask today. My favourite was 7d, even though it wasn’t actually an apple that was fancied.

  29. Yay, I can help for a change!

    Kim, 1a – Look at the heart of parody for the first two letters. What a writer wields is also a writer, and that gives you letters 3, 6 and 7. Pens is a container indicator, and just have faith that books clues the usual acronym for letters 4 and 5.

    I have 15a but don’t get any of the wordplay, and I don’t have 24d despite having 29a.

  30. Also, 23a has me confused about the orientation of words in terms of front and back now.

  31. 15A was explained by Ian in the second post on this thread. For the last three letters, think of “as … as a judge” and remove the outer letters.
    24D: FWitD, in the sense of jeers. One of the ingredients of 29A in the culinary sense, rather than some of its letters.
    23A: Business is last two letters. The italian cars are plural, and when Time is removed, give the first four letters, so the business is behind them. L2WatD.

  32. JS / Kim / AC – think you have covered 1A, 2D, 10A, 18A, 6D in your interchange above.
    This leaves 15A, 23A, 24D, 26D,
    15A – so partner of a “Lady” gives letters 1 – 4. Now a proverb about a judge gives a 5 letter word with first and fifth letter “trimmed” to give the last 3 letters ie: “xxxxx as a judge”.
    23A – defn last 2 words. First word gives letters 5 and 6 (indicated by “behind”). “Italian cars” gives a 5 letter word with “t” (“timeless”) removed to give letters 1 – 4.
    24D – a 4 letter word that means “barracks” (as in supports) and is also an ingredient used to make 29A.
    26D – yeah – not sure on wordplay myself but obviously relates to Sidney Nolan. I read as a 3 letter word for “ultimately” with “brigand” (as in plunder) as an anagrind. If someone has better construct I would appreciate hearing it.

  33. Ray
    26D Ultimately – last letters of other the words gives you a (recently reburied) subject of 27 Nolan paintings

  34. Worst start ever. After careful read through clues, only 7D and 18A. Very ominous, much hard work ahead.

  35. 10A and 8D last in, which probably best described my state of mind.
    Was impressed at cluing of the 3 letter words.
    Quite enjoyed today’s crossie, granted the quibbles and comments above.

  36. Down to final eight. Haven’t understood clues for 1D, 10A, 8D, 15A. Brain is aching. Will come back later.

  37. Thanks all for the explanations. 26d does work now (I didn’t know who Sidney Nolan was… :|), although the clue seems overly complicated for those three little letters.

    Arthur C. – 15a is covered by Ian, Rupert, and Ray above.
    1d – first word is def, “vacuous rave” gives first two letters, “pulse” gives last four.
    10a – “drops” gives letters 2-5, “artless fart” gives the 6th, “in case of wind” gives 1, 7-11; “perhaps” seems superfluous. Quick consumption of 18d can cause these.
    8d – I think this is just a double definition? I read it as “one out” is an individual who is out cold, and “gradual success” or perhaps unexpected success would have been a better fit. Deceptive use of words that are usually parsed as keywords!

  38. Oops, “beat” gives last five for 1a. Sorry, giving the game away in my haste to be helpful!

  39. Arthur I’m with you. After an hour I only had 3 answers, the two you mentioned plus 26d. Got all three in the first few minutes then nothing. Came here for help and have a few more thanks to the above clues.
    Now that I have 14d and 17d can anyone explain the purpose of the ellipses? I hate clues with them as I rarely understand what the connection is.

  40. 1D: First word is definition. First two letters are ‘vacuous’ rave, followed by another word for beat.
    10A: Definition is relater to 18D. Letters 1, 7 – 11 are a ‘wind’, 2 – 5 are ‘drops’, 6 is fart without the art.
    8D: Double definition, but think of one out as someone having a nap.
    15A: If you get 8D the answer is somewhere that an 18D can be placed. Arthur, you may have had daughters or granddaughters who wore them.

  41. This clue of Rupert’s: 12A: has me a bit puzzled. If I am right(?), letters 1-3 & 8 describe these items, the headless insect is letters 4-6, but what is letter 7? And whence comes it? The reference to Spooks? Was that a TV program? Everything filled in but one letter. Suggestions, please.

  42. Arthur C., from Rupert’s explanation 2-6 are the insect (missing a letter — the “end of feeler”) and 1, 7-8 are a slang word for terrible TV shows. Spooks is slang for spies, and the first word of the clue is slang for a tool of their trade (which is the definition for the solution).

  43. Arthur: Letters 2 – 6 are the insect which is a wasp cousin without the end of feeler. Letters 1, 7 and 8 give a word for rubbish. The definition is ‘bug’ using something that Spooks, or other spy agencies, might use.

  44. @nn:
    4D Find another word for ‘racket’ – as in ‘noise’, and remove ‘our’ (lost our)
    18D ‘deviant’ is an anagrind
    21A defn is first two words, ‘out’ is an anagrind leading to half of the answer
    22D Read ‘partial declaration’ as ‘part of declaration’

  45. Thanks, Kim & Ann, now complete. I had chip in mind as the item in the TV, and gnat minus the g in the middle. Thanks for straightening me out.

  46. Thoughts re 13D:
    ‘Invasion’ (the def) sounds aggressive or warlike, whereas the answer is something that often is quite innocent or casual. The degree of meaning overlap (DoMO) is low, but that is typical for DA. I like low DoMO because it makes the puzzles more challenging.

    Another thought:
    FWitD is a useful abbreviation, thanks Rupert. Might be used even more frequently than ‘anagrind’ in future posts. Might need to be spelled out the first time every week, though. Otherwise visitors to this site might be discombobulated.

  47. iPuzzled you took the words out of my mouth. What is FWitD? And L2WatD?
    I was pleased to get all but 5d without help today, and 5d with Rupert’s help. Enjoyed quite a few, including 15a and 2d

  48. Thanks JC, got them all now
    @iPuzzled RE 13d, I wasn’t happy with invasion either. At the very least it probably should be invading to fit with the answer.

  49. @sb, took me a while to work out what FWitD was (after scrolling back through the entire list trying to see which of the DA trippers was using it as their name! Was also fixated on F***Wit for a while!). Once I’d worked it out, L2WatD was easly. (FWitD = First Word is the Definition in case you are still wondering. I’ll let you work out the other one yourself)

  50. @nn re the ellipses in 14 and 17d : I too often grind my teeth at their appearance. In this case I think there is nothing more to them than that they connect the two consecutive clues to make an almost intelligible sentence (which has nothing to do with solving either of the clues).

    The sentence is almost intelligible because every insurance contract has a first party, the “insurer” (14d) and a “second party” (17d), the insured.

  51. More shorthand, anyone? I use to use the following when trying to get a grip on how DA does his puzzles:
    ESL = every second letter
    FALL = First and last letter
    MOW = middle of word
    INWP = insertion or wrap (for container clues)
    HDNS = Hidden sign
    REVS = Reversal sign
    etc, etc
    Probably best to avoid them on this site?

  52. Still slogging away, after a late start. At least we got DA with Saturday’s Age this week. Had trouble with 2d and 18d. Not in my diet, but I had vaguely heard of them. It seems that ‘plaited’ in 3d is an anagrind, but of what?

  53. Dave R the fodder is second word, third word, and ‘one’ (a). It’s only triangular in one dimension.

  54. Dave R, I’m guessing 18A is not in your diet either and possibly 29A and 3D. How about 25A and 16A? Maybe 24D is okay and 4D, unless you’re allergic to these things.

  55. Dave R, you are right about 3d as anagrind for letters 1-6 followed by another word for a. Will give you something that is also probably not in your diet!

  56. Old others above I only got three last night and this morning before I needed help from the brains trust … Thanks

  57. 9a, 27a I have the answers but do not get word play. Can someone put me out of my misery?

  58. Sue – for 9A, as per Ian above ie:
    “Ian | January 25, 2013 at 7:49 am | 9a: subtract a letter from a four-letter word meaning two”
    27A – 5 letter word for “expensive” with first 2 letters (meaning “pubilicity”) “shed”

  59. @Sue
    9 The ‘2 – 1’ says remove a letter that looks like ‘1’ from a word meaning ‘2’.
    27 ‘… expensive publicity shed’ says remove (shed) some letters that can mean publicity from a word meaning expensive.

  60. Hi Gayle and DeRiddeler. I worked out 3d almost as soon as I’d posted. It’s a very occasional part of my diet. 24d I love, and 4d, especially the kind known as (I should avoid a spoiler here) the name of a town in an American animated TV show. As far as I know they are only available in the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Would make for a great DA answer.

  61. Dave R, you got me. Geoduck? But I’m not really up with American animated TV shows.

  62. Dave R, you’ve stumped me. Maybe the name of the series would help? I tried the one that has appeared in numerous DAs, but google know nothing about such a recipe.

  63. I am new to this site. Can someone please tell me what does FWitD mean. Also what is anagrind? Thanks

  64. CT – “First Word is the Definition” – ala Rupert.
    “Anagrind” – ANGRam INDicator

  65. I hate obscure acronyms as much as the next person (and have done since I found out that IBM had 46 *official* meanings for the letters PC before they added Personal Computer to the list). But I typed out “First word is the definition” three times in a single post, followed it by the abbreviation in parentheses, and used it once after the initial post. All that is in this thread. Do browsers not have “search this page” buttons any more? 4 of the 8 instances of “FWitD” on this page (9, now) are people asking what it means. The truth is up there, people!

  66. Hear hear Rupert. I’ve often wondered why there are requests for help on clues that have already been dealt with. If I wanted to ask about 1 across I’d first search for ‘1A’. I can only assume some people are using devices where that’s not easy, but I wouldn’t know – I’m on one of those obsolescent 20th century contraptions called a Windows PC.

    One quibble though: let’s try and stick to the proper meaning of ‘acronym’, although that battle may have already been lost.

  67. FWIW, when there are about 70 posts to look through, one might be deterred from doing so. I searched from the bottom up, till I found Rupert’s post explaing FWitD.
    Always glad on Monday to discover all was OK. Now that’s an acronym for ?????

  68. Who knows? Here are a few suggestions, although I think it would be correctly called an acronym only if it were pronounced ‘ock’.

  69. Gayle and Rupert, I think the show is Family Guy (or perhaps American Dad – they’re similar). The town (and the clam – surely it’s late enough for spoilers now Monday’s Age is out) is quahog. Delicious steamed.

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