DA Reports for the 18/19th of January, 2013

Happy times all round with another DA.

Speak about your impressions here.

DA 19,893 (18 January 2013)




DA 19,893 (18 January 2013) - Solution

7 thoughts on “DA Reports for the 18/19th of January, 2013

  1. AS, I think your intro for this week’s Confusion thread is very apt. Forewarned?
    I was at 6’s and 7’s over the theme.

  2. But very entertaining once you’re in on the secret. A vote for a new category:
    ‘DAstardly DAlight’

  3. I knew that last week’s walk in the park was an aberration. Tricky theme (not even sure if theme is the right word in this case).

  4. Goddamn… the first time in a while that there’s been one worthy of the DA Pantheon.


  5. Don’t you think the “Framing” puzzle deserved Pantheon status, if only for the fact that most of us spent hours trying to get the names of 7 artists into our answers? A Gold Medal for misdirection, at least.

  6. I remember feeling unsatisfied with that one because I didn’t know so many of the painters involved.

    Am happy to include it into the DA Pantheon if popular opinion demands.

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