DA Confusion for the 16/17th of November, 2012


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  1. Not as easy as last week, but still easier than a “normal” DA.

    I got 3D right away, and almost gave up, because I don’t know anything about the Australian version. But DA, good colonial cousin that he is, decided to use the London version, so I was sorted.

    Only one confusion this week: 16A. I’m not even sure I have the right answer.

  2. Good colonials that we are, Australians have always used the London version. Wouldn’t recognize Atlantic City if it bit us on the bum.

  3. 16A – defn is first word. Homonym of surname of the 3 listed as indicated by last word.

  4. Yes, quite easy once 3D is out. The only problem with themes like this is that, once the key clue is worked out, the rest of the answers become pretty obvious without necessarily working out the word play. Anyway thanks DA.

  5. Thanks, Ray.

    There is an Australian version of 3D, released in 1990. I’ve played the NZ version, which isn’t as segregated as the Aussie version, as well as the US and UK versions.

  6. Although I’ve completed today’s DA, I’m not sure of the wordplay for 16D. Any gentle hints appreciated!

  7. 16A: (after some research) The painters, novelists and architects are all members of the same Victorian family.

  8. … and as well as the Australian version, there’s now also a Sydney version, released a fortnight ago.

  9. Clayton are you for real – or a Claytons? btw need HELP with 16d

  10. 3D is just a cryptic definition. “Board clash” = board game, and Water Works is one of the spaces on the board.

    16D: The villain is from the most recent Batman movie, and it contains something that “granny” is one variety of (as are reef and slip). The definition is the last word.

  11. This is the fastest completion ever for wife and I, though not sure of 9A – we have the name of a kind of livestock but can’t see how it fits the clue.

  12. Haven’t seen a momopoly board for decades, the one pictured by Wik has a square named Water works, doesn’t help. Any further clues on 3D? Only have eight answers at present, 3D would certainly help.

  13. Almost done, and quickly as I got the theme very early. But never before have I worked out so many answers whilst understanding so little of the wordplay ! Like victor and his wife, don’t get wordplay in 9a

  14. Or is the misspelt name above the answer? It fits with the only cross answer I have.

  15. Arthur C – see clayton above – 3D is MONOPOLY.

    Victor / BrianB – defn first 2 words. 3rd word gives letters 3 and 4. 4th word container indicator. 5th word gives the container (a 5 letter word with 1st letter (capital) reduction) to give letters 1, 2, 5, 6. Clear heh? Think I have this right.

  16. I have spent ten fruitless minutes trawling through Wiki pages relating to the game, most of it relates to US version. We used to have a board, left when the kids did, have been trying to remember one that would fit 6D, no luck so far. Found a picture of board somewhere via Google, lost it andcouldn’t find it again. Will have to try again, but its a terrible mess.

  17. Arthur C. – 6D / 4D is the British landmark at 3 o’clock on the board I am pretty sure. Sydney has the same named suburb (even city).

  18. Arthur (and others who don’t remember every square on the London board), you need to go here and click on the work “Show” at the right on the highlighted line that says “UK Edition Monopoly game board layout”. It’ll give you a nice readable board.

  19. Thanks for all your hints, frustratingly only two to go.
    Even with them and all cross-letters still can’t get 16A
    Any hints for 11A?
    Cheers all.

  20. DeRiddeller, in 11A the first word is the definition. In 16A the first word is the definition that ‘sounds like’ the name of the painter etc.

  21. @DeRiddeller 16a. The most well known of the painters is Australian, first name Arthur, lots of other artists, writers etc in the family. Definition is lifted as in your spirits, also a nautical link. Hope that helps
    11a def is the first word. Wordplay is very messy. First three letters are a number, and refer to one type of 16d. Letters 4,5,6 and 8 are counter (as in refuse or refute). I think letter 7 is an abbreviation for a Latin word very loosely meaning perhaps, although “about” would be a better definition. Think dates. I’m not sure on that last bit but it is the best I can come up with.

  22. Just found 9A, but can’t comprehend the clue. Someone explain please. Still missing 23A, don’t recognise any of the words my wordfinder throws up. Any clues please.

  23. Arthur I think someone has attempted to explain 9a above, I didn’t really understand it either.
    23A is a colloquial abbreviation for a fair (carnival) worker, not surprised your wordfinder didn’t throw it up.

  24. Thanks all, just sat down to do it over the last couple of hours (that’s typical for me) and the hints in here have helped me to finish it off barring all the 4 letter entries. I’m missing 12, 14, 18, 20. I’ll mull for a little while longer.

    @Arthur C. 9A has letters 3 and 4 from ‘provided’, as in event A will occur provided B occurs first. And that’s inside a word for ‘steep’ with its first letter missing (incidentally, this word could also be used to describe a celeb’s dress when a camera flash reveals too much).

  25. Okay I took a break and came back. For 12A and 20A I have the same compass point followed by a mode of transport and a tree respectively – they seem correct. For 14A, despite the juggling part, I put in a bodybuilder’s bread and butter which implies that the definition of 18A is gym.

  26. Oh, 18A. Gym is the usual two-letter initials for the class, and thoroughly is like so (hehe). That means my 14A was correct where ‘juggling’ is the anagrind for mixing the answer to 18A. ALL DONE!

  27. Still haven’t finished despite hints. This is a DA record > virtually no wordplay makes any sense. e.g. PE does not equal gym unless you are a septic. Think I will give up on DA entirely. You guys have been been a lot of fun but you will damage your brains trying to understand the word salad of this madman.

  28. Au contraire, Big Frank. After a couple of fairly easy weeks, it’s good to feel the brain exercised in new directions. All the clues make sense (here in Oz a gym class was always called PE), and the theme gave us half the answers as gifts, anyway. Thanks for the extra effort, DA.

  29. nn Thanks for 11a.I spent most of my time trying to work out how “tenpence” could fit the wordplay!

  30. nf – 24A – “popular” = IN. “bid” = TRY. “absorbs” –> container. “outright champ” = HEO (hero less the r). Put together gives defn of “on paper” –> INTHEORY

  31. Hi,
    Probably barking up the wrong tree here, but I wonder if there is some wordplay hidden in 3d? Although I haven’t been able to find it.

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