DA Confusion for 2nd/3rd of November, 2012

Confused? That’s to be expected.

Have your DA questions answered right here.

56 thoughts on “DA Confusion for 2nd/3rd of November, 2012

  1. Wow, a DA puzzle without foreign languages, linking clues or any type of theme that I could detect. I even searched for a Nina in vain….. a bit of a walk in the park really. Thanks DA for a pleasant Friday morning stroll.

  2. No confusion over here this weekend, though I do have a couple of nits to pick.

    21A/12A Should be just one summer of harmony, surely? Also not the plural I would have used for 1A, but my dictionary is silent on the matter.

    9A was my favourite.

    I had to go to google to confirm my answer for 5D, but you lot should know it.

  3. Rupert, I agree with you on 21/12 but OK with 1A. I struggled with the wordplay on 9A before it finally clicked – very clever misdirection.

  4. 15A is a shortened word for a brand of luxury car that is a homophone for gloom

  5. Peter – wow – thanks. I never would have made that connection. I actually thought it was a typo. Will know for the future.

    PS: And yes I did have the back end of 2D wrong so thanks for 15A as now all good.

  6. “15A is a shortened word for a brand of luxury car that is a homophone for gloom”

    i love you to explain further. i cant think of a homophone for gloom that gives me the answer. its driving me around the bends…oh never mind….. i literally just figured it out, and whats more, i’ll still hit the “post comment” button…

  7. 2D – ” seconds” refers to the second letters of a number of the words in the clue together with a reference commonly used in cryptics for a cow. The definition relates to chicken (not the bird)

  8. Delighted to get 1a in about 30 seconds. Then loved 5d. The rest has taken a little longer. Still having trouble in SW corner. Any help with 18d, 24a and 29a?
    Also don’t get the last part of word play for 9a (4-8).

  9. Sandy, I struggled with the wordplay in 9A – the “mate” part is obvious but to get the rest split “blockhead” into two words (ie spotted block head) and the rest should become clear.
    18d – anagram of nude around a type of swimmer for a type of road (ie dirt road)
    24A – another word for a “meeting” that is backwards (spin) missing its centre letter (gutless) – definition is “sounds”
    29a cockney word for blessed (ie missing first letter) around a daughter and son for a slang term for a wife

  10. Thanks Peter. In 24a I was looking for a homophone on meeting that meant ‘spin’! Still none the wiser on 9a though.

  11. Sandy, with 9A I should have said “spotted block head off”. This will give you the wordplay for the second part of the answer

  12. Yeah that has been how I have been looking, but it’s not working for me. I am looking for a word for spotted minus one letter. Is that what you mean?

  13. Peter @5.12 am, speaks with forked tongue or tongue in cheek, methinks. .. no foreign languages?? At least 7 clues by my reckoning, 6 of them of from the one family.
    Fortunately last weekend away I knew the German and was tickled to get it out unaided .. but no one to play with (skite to).
    Am guessing that today’s might be more in ArthurC’s vernacular.
    This week, got all bar 6D. That one is foreign to me.

  14. Thanks Peter. Now back from a twilight concert and the penny has dropped. Thatbspotted block! I had seen it, headless, all along.
    But Gayle, answers that are words that have come into English use from foreign tongues do not really count as foreign language clues like last week’s German lot. Only the Italian monk and the Spanish medico fall into that category.

  15. Got there I think but how does the wordplay for 16a & 28a work?
    Like an earlier comment I am very dubious about the last letter of 6d – allowing that substitution seems wrong to me. I had to google that answer since I’ve never heard of it.

  16. 16a: sounds lika a word for full, and a violent old puppet
    28a: Anagram of with, and even letters of pertained

  17. For 9a is horse the def?

    Also help with 4d would be appreciated.

    Hope you are all well today.

  18. Michelle, 9A is a horse. 4D is a word for ruin then a word for everything inside a word for pause reversed – “crisis regime” is the Definition.
    Judy, 21/12 is the first name of a singer reversed with a “o” (hoop) and a type of skirt. “Nowadays” is the Definition.
    For 24A see my comment above at 4.44pm yesterday

  19. half an hour in, have four of them. Hint above gave me 15a, although I’ve not heard of that as a term for gloom.
    Not on DA’s wavelength today

  20. Good start this morning, LHS filled in without too much bother. How many of you youngsters knew 3D? I recalled seeing it in my Roget’s years ago, another (previously) useless bit of info in my memory bank.
    Re 13A. An English word? I tried putting the 201 in different places, but can’t find a word anywhere that fits? Any clues?

  21. @Peter, can think of a summer that sings and sounds vaguely Latin, but that isn’t helping. I believe the def is nowadays.
    @Arthur, if I ever work out the answer to 3D I’ll let you know if I’ve heard of it!

  22. Grr have spent an hour messing around with dice as the spotted block in 9a and trying to find a horse that made sense with this. Have the right one (and the answer now).

  23. nn, the answer is a Latin term for nowadays. All the best as have to go out.

  24. Thankyou Peter. I need more help! I can’t do 25a ; 20d or 23d. I usually have different problems to everyone else.

  25. Judy, 25a is something fish should avoid. 20d: a 4-letter word meaning “wreck” (as a verb) will help. For 23d, again, remember “prize” can be a verb.

  26. Thanks, Peter, hadn’t looked at it that way. Only five to go now. nn, a Thesaurus should give you 3D if you feed in eerie or weird. I think its a fairly archaic word.

  27. Now only one left (I think). 29A? Have to think further on that one, can’t see it atm (at the moment). Arvo tea, pool call. CU later.

  28. Grr again, put the wrong car in 15a first time.
    Arthur, I fed both those words into a thesaurus, but didn’t come up with anything that fits the cross letters that I have or bore any resemblance to the wordplay.

  29. nn 3d last 4 letters are synonym for tickle then other clues are a charade

  30. megse –
    As per Peter above – “13A anagram of “times as” and CCI”
    SE Corner:
    As per Peter above – “24A another word for a “meeting” that is backwards (spin) missing its centre letter (gutless) – definition is “sounds”
    27A – defn first word. 3 letter word for work surrounds notes of those short.
    As per Peter above – “29a cockney word for blessed (ie missing first letter) around a daughter and son for a slang term for a wife”

    Hope helps

  31. thanks megse, got it now, but had to resort to a wordsearch. Never heard of the word and it didn’t turn up in my thesaurus either

  32. Thanks all. There at last.I had the wrong premier(thoughtRAAN) had to be it which led me nowhere !

  33. 29A. Is this an expression a Catholic Cockney might use in prayer? That would seem to fit references to son, daughter, even wife. But it should start with an apostrophe, I feel, if my answer is correct.

  34. Arthur C. The cockney word is “HOLY” becoming “OL—-Y”. Does that help? As above, dfn is “WIFE” – slang / derogatory??

  35. I think that fits what I put in, Ray. It includes LAD, daughter LYLA, and LADY, for the wife. Is your answer any different?

  36. NO, I see now, I had one letter wrong. Your clue I didn’t read thoroughly. I had a Y in as third letter. Not clever!

  37. I was going to answer Arthur’s question about 3D (Terry Pratchett has an exchange regarding the Luggage along the lines of “This chest is eldritch” “So eldritch means oblong, then?”) but then I realised we have a bunch of new people whose ages I don’t know, and I don’t necessarily qualify as one of the youngsters of the group any more.

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