DA’s New Book: Try Winning It!

DA’s gotten busy and put together another book to delight cruciverbalists and non-cruciverbalists alike.

In Puzzles and Words, DA focusses on general word puzzles and word stories, especially those of an etymological bent (most surprising word story I’ve come across: emu comes from Portuguese, which has the word ema to denote any large, ostrich-like bird).

There’s more information on the book at DA’s own website as well as his publisher’s, Allen & Unwin.

Now, the kind folk at Allen & Unwin have kindly sent me a copy of the book to give away, and give it away I shall with a little contest.

Word stories are always fun, so whoever submits what I (AS) and RC judge to be the most surprising, interesting and enchanting word story wins the book. Please try and limit yourself to two stories, although if stumbling across something particularly enchanting has you submitting a third story, it’s unlikely we’ll strike it from the record. And take note: RC and I particularly like anything that’s polyglot, and especially anything that’s not written with the Roman script.

Get cracking, and I’ll announce the winner Tuesday next week (the 20th of November).