DA Confusion for the 26/27th of October, 2012

Air your confusions here and have them resolved.

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  1. I found this quite hard. I had all the linking clues to 29A out (bar one) before working out the reference to 29A which makes the solving somewhat difficult. Good luck to all.

  2. I’ve “solved” it, but I couldn’t work out how “brown-nose” gave the last four letters of 15D. Anyone?

  3. Geoff – 15D – it didn’t. “loud brown-nose” gave last 5 letters.

    telford – 29A – pretty much the key. If you have the others (eg: 1A, 5A, 7D etc), then you have the answer to 29A. Let me know if this doesn’t help. Defn is the last word.

    As for 25A it tells you what to do with first letter of the “clue” (first two words) of 29A to get answer.

    Clear as mud?!?

  4. @MD
    18D – A straight anagram. Think boxing.
    30A – Not quite sure on the wordplay, but the rare letter ending in 18D helped me find a synonym for rusk
    28A – One of my faves so far. The key is the periodic table, and perhaps read it with some punctuation between lead and netting. ‘Nothing’ is the usual DA wordplay device.
    24D – Unfortunately I’ve yet to get this despite having all the cross letters and hints from here, probably because I’ve not seen Arabian Nights (which incarnation?).

  5. Thanks so much AC. It all fell into place with 28a. I think 24 is what I just did with the bottle of French wine I just pulled out to celebrate.

  6. Sehr Gute indeed. He must have heard us saying how easy it’s been the last couple of weeks.
    Can someone explain 9/23 down? I have the answer but can’t even see where the meaning lies in the clue!

  7. AC – for 30A do you know a 4 letter term (slang) for 5 cents? If so, this should help. And I am curious as to why DA did not continue the 29A theme on this one instead???

    For 24D – see Ian / JJ above. This was my last in and I needed JJ’s help to get my head around the bits and get them in the right order. Defn is last word.

    Manda – for 9D/23D the first two words of clue are the defn. “enthralled” indicates a container. So the centre of “deftly” (2 letters) containers a word for “unconvincing” (4 letters) and then there is a painter (last 4 letters). Hope that helps.

  8. 30A probably didn’t work in the 29A theme because letters 3 and 4 are in the wrong order.

    I am stuck on 9/23.

    I hadn’t heard of the coin in 30A or either friend in 27A. Tougher than the last couple of weeks, I think. It made a change to be forced to stare at it for 3 hours (on a plane, without distractions such as drinks or meals) rather than running to Google for the last few.

  9. Thanks, Ray. Got it now. Very nice.
    Rupert- hadn’t heard of the band!! Only recently arrived in Oz?

  10. SE corner difficult. 30A and 24D real stumpers. Hints above have teased. Despite spending most of my life in Oz, and despite having heard several inventive nicknames for various denominations, I’ve never come across one for a 5-cent piece.

    Is the legendary winger in 24D an owl, a bat, some kind of bird or some man-made flying contraption? Is the def ‘in air’?

    20D When I think of Ella Fitzgerald, a whole bunch of words come to mind (singer, legend, jazz, diva, woman, African American, musician, for example) but none of them match a synonym for ‘fling’. Am I on the wrong track here?

  11. iPuzzled – 30A – I think the 4 letter word for 5 cents actually goes back to 6 pence – the saying “isn’t worth a xxxx”. (and I actually thought it was just spelt with 3 letters)

    24D – this was the tough for me – mythycal bird 3 letters (and thanks to Ian for that one).

    20A – on right track. Defn is fling. A type of singing heard in jazz.

  12. Thanks Ray. Got it out now. Never heard of that kind of jazz singing, and never heard of that rusk (or the coin). So learned some new words this week.

  13. @iPuzzled:
    30A The nickname was for the old sixpence coin, which became 5 cents when we changed to decimal currency in 1966. I don’t actually recall hearing it applied to the 5-cent piece, although they were physically identical.

    24D The winger is a mythological bird.

    20D You’re on the right track with jazz: look for a term for a style of jazz singing/vocalising.

  14. Well, back to normal – blank for half an hour! Finished now (I think), few new words for me. Still don’t get wordplay for 11a and 27a.

  15. @BrianB – 11a – ‘split’ is the instruction for ‘that’,’ through’ gives a synonym, ‘coat’ might have been ‘extremities’.

  16. Thanks, I didn’t pick the significance of ‘coat’. Neat clue now that I get it.

  17. Hopeless as usual. After scannning the clues at least three times, I have one answer I’m sure of 11A), possibly three others. Can I say again, reiterate, repeat (for DA’s benefit), I absolutely loathe, hate, dislike, clues that refer back to others I can’t solve. BBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  18. No, have given up. Ball point pen does good job of ripping to shreds. Will try again next week.

  19. It would have been amusing if 21A were instead “Body part (or another) among both sexes”, without a word wasted. That was initially how I was looking at 16A.

  20. Any help with 1,2,3 and 4d would help me finish. Also can’t see the link in 14a.

  21. Most finished but can’t for the life of me see how 1A, 5A, etc fit with 29A . Can anyone explain, please?

  22. Megse – letters 4, 6,7 are an abbreviation for the sea that relates to the answer to 22D.
    2D is an anagram. 4D includes the name of one of the current royal princes of Britain, but with a letter missing.

  23. Now I get it! How silly was I, especially with the phrases in that language that a couple of you wrote.

  24. megse – Victor has addressed 2D, 4D and 14A above.

    For 1D – last word is defn. Cleaning brand is a 3 letter word. That help?

    For 3D – first 2 words are defn. Bible is in 2 main parts. So half of it is complete of one bit. Hope that helps.

  25. Thanks Victor. So obvious now. Are19a and 25a as easy? Also can’t see 16a even with all the down clues in.

  26. Megse – 16A has a 4-letter word for an educational institution that caters for both sexes swaddling “in”. 19A is a term used in email; 25A works a little like 16A – a 4-letter synonym for swelter surrounds Roman 500, plus a kind of tree in plural.
    My silly mistake with 29A was to enter the word for a fishy bloke as the answer.

  27. Thanks for all the hints. I now understand why some of the answers I filled in are correct. It would have helped to have known some German.

  28. Took forever to get 26A but as usual obvious once I saw it. Didn’t realise 10A was English; hadn’t heard of 30A. You learn something every DA~!

  29. @Judy C

    a + a fruit with r missing (r=right) = a word for open, as in open-mouthed.

  30. Thankyou JC. It helps also when I get my ie’s and ei’s in the right order!

  31. Just cannot get 19a – embarrassing seeming to be alone! Despite Victor’s help re email term.

  32. Greg – 19A – defn first 2 words. Answer is embedded as indicated by “sequence”.

    Dazed – 10A – defn last 2 words. First 2 words are synonym and synonym.

    1D – see my comment above re 3 letter word for a barnd cleaner and revert if not clear.

    12A – double defn.

    21A – defn first 2 words. “kept” indciating container. So put another body part in word for shape to get body part.

  33. megse – as above – 19A – defn first 2 words. Answer is embedded as indicated by “sequence”.

    25A – 1st word defn. 4 letter word for swelter around 1 letter for 500 and 4 letters for type of trees.

  34. Against my better judgement, I taped the torn bits together, and with one helpful clue from up ^ there, now have nine solved, which is better then one. It appears 25A is key to many other words, but try as I may, I can make no sense of it. Any clues?

  35. Am I looking for a European language in 29A? Only one of three that come to mind seems to have any connection to clue.

  36. Finally, the pfennig has dropped, and I see I was right with 29A. So now can solve a few more. I can only blame senile dementia for being so slow.

  37. Thanks to a Ray of light illuminating the otherwise Obscure 10a, now I can go to sleep. Liked 22d @ 26a best.

  38. GO ARTHUR!! “a fishy bloke” could be a “merman?”
    Hi Rupert. Is that coming “home” or just visiting?

  39. 24D Defn is “air”; when you uncork a bottle of wine you are letting it breathe.

    As for “nuen”, the translator at http://dictionary.reference.com/ gives the English for it as “now, at this moment, at this time, in these days” and the English for “neun” as “nine”.

  40. Well, almost finished the reconstituted puzzle, but still lost on two or three. The ‘unconvincing painter’ of 9, 23 D? A real person, a literary reference? Then, the seeming impossibility of 7D & 14A. Only one word seems to fit 14A, a word with male or female integral, a word that could be synonymous with conceived. But that makes the second word of 7D impossible, it seems to me. I think have the rest correct, even though not fully understanding some clues. Can anyone please help with the above, please?

  41. Arthur C. – as above – for 9D/23D the first two words of clue are the defn. “enthralled” indicates a container. So the centre of “deftly” (2 letters) containers a word for “unconvincing” (4 letters) and then there is a painter (last 4 letters). Hope that helps.

    14A or 16A?? – if 16A, a 4 letter word for “both sexes” (particularly with refernce to a school, say) swaddles (contains) “in” to get a 6 letter word for “conceived” – the defn.

    7D – Defn is the first word. And answer particularly applcaible to a jockey and horse.

    Let me know if no joy with this.

  42. Sorry Ray,of course it was 16A. Sorry again, I haveno idea at all, will leave it now till paper comes tomorrow morning. I had former for 16A, it looked perfect, but couldn’t then fit reins in for 7D. just call me stupid, that’s about how I feel when I can’t sort our DA’s clues, or tose who are kind enough to offer help. CU next week.

  43. Arthur C. “reins in” is right for 7D. And anyone who attenpts DA can’t be called stupid. We all get blocks on certain clues – that’s DA’s charm. Maybe “DA’s charm” is a phase that should be “coined”.

  44. Thanx JC didn’t see “air” as the definition, and as for”nine”……….. we’ll have to agree to differ. Cheers.

  45. No need to differ – either my dictionary is wrong or yours is, and we must find the culprit. A typo in a dictionary – whether paper or online – is a terrible crime, and must be punished. Watch this space…

  46. I contend that formed is a better synonym for conceived than is coned. Both refer to male and female. But there is, of course, no ‘in’ in formed. But my major problem, which hopefully someone will explain, has to do with ‘flame trees’. I almost wrote that in, since I’m old enough to remember Elspeth Huxley’s book ‘The Flame Trees of Thika’ from 1959 (never read it). But I cannot connect any part of the clue to it. So, somebody, please elucidate.

  47. @Doug & Gwyn

    I Google “German for nine” (without the quotes) and get 112 million hits. Picking a few at random I see NEUN every time. And going back to GB’s original question (Oct 27, 9:22am), if DA thought it was NUEN, the clue to 8D would not contain “over”.

  48. Chisel number deftly in in centre to enthrall unconvincing painter? And that is supposed to yield Flame trees? Obviously did for others, I am still totally baffled. Have heard of Cold Chisel, never heard them, as far as I know. So please, JC, or anybody else, point out the bits of the clue that are relevant to the answer.

  49. Yes. Chisel number is the defn. Deftly in centre is ft. Lame = unconvincing. Must admit I didn’t like “enthralled” to indicate that lame should go in ft, but there it is. Lloyd Rees was an Oz painter. Ray has really explained it already. See above, Oct 27, 4:59am.

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