DA for the 12/13th of October, 2012

Batten down the hatches and get yourself prepared: DA has already proclaimed this week’s a mind-bender and his best for 2012 on this very here blog.

Definitely no spoilers on this thread until Monday.


3 thoughts on “DA for the 12/13th of October, 2012

  1. Fairly easy this week. It seemed the quickest ever for me. Using my favoured method of timing, I couldn’t use it to get out of ALL the washing up.

  2. What a great puzzle. The last to fall in to place was 24 d, appropriately. Wonder if DA does the clues sequentially ?

  3. A couple of weeks late, but I thought I’d put in a quick word on how much I enjoyed this rather easy puzzle. DA getting a V into every clue! Brilliant. I was waiting for a clue to buck the “remove V” interpretation of “take five”, perhaps something like adding “rest” or the letters F-I-V-E…. something like how the legendary McCrossword included MC Hammer in among the other Mcs.

    Also, I concur with AS and DA that the newcomer on Mondays, LR, is a breath of fresh air and a great romp of a monday crossie. Good stuff, LR.

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