DA for the 28/29th of September, 2012

Very many apologies for the late arrival of this post.

DA is always timely; I, however, am not.

5 thoughts on “DA for the 28/29th of September, 2012

  1. You do know WordPress will let you schedule posts in advance, right? So you can write up next week’s post *right* *now*, and schedule it to go up about the time I start DA – about 4am Melbourne time.

  2. And there’s nothing like scheduling a post in advance for picking the wrong day for it to show!

  3. AAaarrrghh!

    I just looked at the answers and found I’d made some mistakes and spelling errors that marred a good effort.

    I must say I think 2d was close to bullshit.
    Who moves this way? Ones leaving to keep behind 100-plus (TRUMP CARD)
    I got it from the cross clues with no idea how it worked other than thinking ‘rump’ had to be behind. The direct clue, 100-plus, from bridge scoring should have had some card reference and while I liked the Dr Who reference, “ones leaving” = taking IS off the Tardis is a bit of a stretch.

  4. I’m pretty sure the definition of 2D is just “plus”. “behind 100” clues “RUMP C”. So there’s no bridge reference, just a way of saying one has a hidden advantage.

    A trump isn’t 100 in bridge, anyway. It would be 5 clubs or diamonds, 3 1/3 hearts or spades or 3 no trumps. I can’t remember what it is for over- or under-tricks.

  5. OK, ignorance of bridge scoring further exposed! I’m still sulking though!

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