DA Confusion for the 28/29th of September, 2012

Many apologies for the late arrival of this thread.

Belatedly add your questions here — or look at the previous week’s comments, where your confusions might have already been resolved.

24 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 28/29th of September, 2012

  1. I’ve made several attempts to decipher 6A’s wordplay, without success. Now that it is Sunday, perhaps another tripper could spell out what is going on in this clue?

    Good to see that AS is back.

  2. To stage is to xxx xx. Louden the 1st Character by going from piano to forte. End up with a bed.

  3. Left with only 11a to justify – what on earth has ‘car-sticker’ got to do with anything?

  4. It was a bit more straight forward this week. I couldn’t work out the play for 6a either.
    Car sticker was OK because I’ve got one that I haven’t put on yet after paying for it in July ! Next year I won’t have to remember at all.
    12a and 18a are the only ones I haven’t got.
    18a have “rank giving one away” but “report of bent”

  5. Re 12a, if you split the word “entertain” into two, this may help.
    Re 18a, for the last three characters, think of a work meaning “rank” and remove the o

  6. Hard to clue first 4 letters of 18a without giving away. Maybe think William Tell or Robin Hood.
    Can anyone explain wordplay for 29a,23d?

  7. Re 29a,23d: The first name is the reversal of another 30s actor called Peter. The first name is made up of a 3 letter word meaning “crafty”, plus the heart of “shunning”

  8. Have made good progress but still some gaps. Has everyone been distracted by AFL, few comments this week. My gaps are 2D, not sure how to read this clue, 6D and 31A. The answer I have to 30A seems a bit obtuse , can’t yet link it to Pope’s neck. If anyone is still out on a Sunday afternoon there any help would be appreciated.

  9. Julia, the Pope wears a special scarf around his neck, the name of which is 30A. The same word was the surname of a North African anti-colonialist writer and activist in the 1960s & ’70s.

  10. Julia, 6D: abbreviate another word for 4D gives first three letters. Then find a five-letter word for a jerk (another American term) and take the middle letter out (dishearten it). Answer is a type of ecosystem.

    31A is a double definition. First is to prepare for an activity in a ring; second is a spot (first word) then a slang word for TV (second word)

  11. Thanks, I had bale for 18a but worked them all out. Unfortunately SMH put the Saturday Crossword on a different page and I saw 2d, so I effectively cheated to finish this weeks.

  12. spijk – for 2D – Who is a Dr. Remove “one’s” from his mode of transport (gives letters 1,7, 8, 9) and have it “keep” a word for behind (letters 2, 3, 4, 5) and 100 (letter 6) to give a “plus” – the defn. Hope this helps.

  13. Hi Rupert,
    Missed you yesterday. Hope you are on holidays or doing something pleasant.Regards Judy

  14. Whatever happened. this is the first time this weekend I’ve been able to open this site. Frustrating! I’ve filled the grid, but totally unable to understand a number of clues. Ah well, answers in the morning.

  15. Thanks Dave R, for 30AI had the word but had not heard of that meaning. Good to improve the vocab.Barry thanks too for 6D Guessed the answer but did not deduce the jerk part of the clue. Finally Ray, I would never have guessed the wordplay of2D , I need to work on my lateral thinking. Done now so I can retire for the night.

  16. Only three letters wrong, so not too bad for a DATrippersless weekend. I had put in Trump call, instead of trump card, hence I had baleful instead of bodeful.

  17. I had baleful too, but couldn’t reconcile this with the Dr Who bit or the wordplay in 18a. Agree with above comments that 2d was bordering on bullshit. Wordplay too convoluted, definition not much better.

  18. The Noetics of Bayside Probus club would like to complain bitterly that DA’s puzzles are too obscure, but we won’t because we need them to sharpen our wits each month when we meet. i was delegated to write and ask ‘Please explain’ but now having found this website, we can struggle a little longer on our own, nearly.

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