DA for the 21st/22nd of September, 2012

Another happy DA for the week’s end — report about it here.



9 thoughts on “DA for the 21st/22nd of September, 2012

  1. I normally enjoy the extra interest in a themed crossword, but I just didn’t see any point in today’s theme. It made no difference whatever to the solution of the puzzle, it just presented a very simple visual puzzle when the grid was completed. And what did he mean by the peculiar wording “abiding by”?

  2. I thought the twist on themed crosswords was refreshing. And what a clever setter to produce the 21-across pattern 7 times in the grid. One of my favourite DA puzzles because for the first time I got the whole thing out in less than 40 minutes, without any recourse to online tools such as a2zwordfinder.

  3. I agree iPuzzled. It was fun once I realised what it was, e.g. once I had 3D and 10A I wondered whether another one was in 4D or 1A (or both!) so that added an element of intrigue.

  4. I liked it, and thought the theme did help along the way — it at least hinted at the value of certain squares.

  5. Yes, I agree that it was an enjoyable puzzle. Like iPuzzled I was able, for once, to solve it without recourse to online word-searching, though I did have to look up a few words (15A, 4D and 26D) to check their meanings. Unfortunately, I doubt that I shall ever be able to casually drop 26D into normal conversation. It could be useful in Scrabble, though.

  6. I did this puzzle with AS today, first time we’ve been joined together in holy DAtrimony for quite some time. I thought it was a cracker, possibly even to the Pantheon. We also got it out without the need for any hints, other than to confirm 26d’s existence. It did contain each of our pet gripes – mine is ! being used but not cluing &lit, while AS’s is pointless elipses … These things are bullshit, but even they couldn’t spoil this great puzzle. I’ve left my copy at AS’s, but some memorable laughs were:

    AS thinking that there might be a musician called Derick Bo
    Mark’s usurper not actually being a bible reference
    The sophistication of 58,008. Awesome! Should be gold.
    The joy of realising the theme was not “Ground Zero”

    But the greatest happiness came from completing it, something I haven’t achieved in a couple of months! Its been a long time between pool room visits for me!

  7. I remember 58008 from the Kate seventies when LED calculators came out …
    I think that part of enjoying the clue is having some challenge.

  8. Found a perfect way to get a flying start this week. I had a long standing- up tram journey, looking at the crossword without being able to write anything down– and then sat down in the sun at the MCG and got most of it out in one go. A strategy I’ll try next week before the Grannie

  9. For those not convinced there are seven trios, I’d point out that there’s an extended triplet of Os found using the first O in Boobs, the first O in Police, and the first O in Vox-pops.
    I was another who found pleasure in completing it without needing a computer – just a regular dictionary to discover/confirm orlop. Very refreshing.

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