DA for the 14/15th of September, 2012

It’s coming towards that bittersweet period of the year when the weather improves and the AFL ends.

DA, however, keeps on.

(And if he can pull off another ridiculously good anagram-based &lit like he did last week, I’ll be very happy indeed).

2 thoughts on “DA for the 14/15th of September, 2012

  1. A great puzzle this week with one tiny gripe-worthy thing – the mysterious extra ‘car’ in the clue for 17D. A typo that somehow got through the editing process, methinks. Some tricky definitions (‘natural wrapper’ and ‘revolting oldie’ for example) to go with the usual tricky wordplay.

  2. Saturday 9am, first run through– no answers
    9.30am, second run– 2 answers.
    Monday 8 pm– finally got there , so now off to the other thread to understand the answers. ( poolroom status should be reserved for those who can explain how they got there, cos they are the real heroes)

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