DA Confusion for the 7/8th of September, 2012

Have confusion cut down from its frustrating reign — ask a question here and have it solved.

66 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 7/8th of September, 2012

  1. Pretty easy this week – all done over breakfast. 10A was the only clue with partial confusion – I hadn’t heard of one of the elements, but Google quickly confirmed it.

  2. I found this harder than last week’s, struggled to get going but all finished now. Liked 2D. Don’t understand the wordplay in 12A. Any ideas?

  3. 12A: First two letters are given by “I”. Last four are one who must survive on very little, i.e. a pauper.

  4. I have it all filled in except 4d which has me stumped. Any hints?
    Also not sure of The honoured leader escaping 16d. would the leader be a church leader by title perhaps?

  5. I had 1D wrong (thinking of Bart’s dad) which meant I wasn’t going to get 12A. Thanks to Rupert, all sorted now.

  6. Sandy, re 4D, “my” provides first 3 letters of answer, endless love the remainder. Re 16a, I had a word for honoured less first character(leader escaping) in the wordplay.

  7. Thanks Peta, but I am still baffled. I have letters 1 & 3, but can’t see any word related to my. Is the second half love as in a tennis score?

  8. I just realized ‘my’ as in ‘oh my’. But the word it gives isn’t necessarily an oldie.

  9. Peta,
    I wish I knew a word for ‘honoured’ less the first character that fitted the last four letters of 16a. I only know a seven letter word for honoured that finishes with those four. I guess I’ll have to wait until Lester to get the spoiler.

  10. Sorry, I have no idea who Lester is, or why he slipped in there. I meant later.

  11. 16A: The first letter of “honoured” is the same as the last two letters of “polish”. If everything in crosswords weren’t capitalised, there would be an accent on the second letter.

  12. This will probably be my only post today. My day is full of activities starting from 7:30.

    Loved 4D, although the answer is not one of my favourite words. It has the faint whiff of an insult about it.
    2D was witty.
    12A was… I don’t know how to describe this clue without breaking the command in Philippians 4:8 (Do everything without complaining or arguing.). I have so many thoughts about the wording of this clue that I could write a lengthy essay. Later I will read the comments of others with interest. Thank you @Rupert for your hints above with this clue.

    I find the clue-ing technique used in 1D and 10A to be very challenging. It’s akin to “points” providing the wordplay for NEWS or SEW or WES, etc.

    One more thing: Is the container indicator in 24A ‘around’ or ‘in’?

    Happy puzzle-solving all!

  13. 24A: I’d say they are both containment indicators. “Wrap around skirt” gives letters 1 to 5 and 7, and “I displayed in” puts the 6th letter in there.
    Another possible reading is that “displayed in” is the link, and “Wrap” goes “around” “skirt I”. That’s quite a lot of linkage, though.

  14. Doing very well, so far, have RHS bar 5D. How many people would recall 17A? Has it been marketed in Oz, or only UK and a few other countries? Some very easy ones so far, some less so.

  15. Just seen 5D. 9A I remembered from doing woodwork in Year 9 at Caulfield Tech in ’43.

  16. I have it almost complete. Any help with16d,20a and24a would see me finished.

  17. megse, we are at one! I lack letters 2,3,4 of 16D, letters 1, 2 of 20A, and although 24A seems obvious, the vowel ending leaves me without a clue for 15D. So if you get any help, I will also.

  18. For 20A, the first letters 1 – 4 are the name of a ‘Grant’, followed by ‘a way’.
    I thought Rupert’s second way of thinking about 24 A was how I understood it.
    Once you have the across letters for these you may find 16D as ‘a comfort’, megse.

  19. Thanks Anne I wouldn’t have seen them alone. Yes Rupert’s second suggestion helped after I read it again.

  20. Thanks Rupert, I realized as I was going to sleep last night that I had the wrong answer to 16a, with the second last letter, making an answer that had the right meaning, but not that part of the word play.

  21. 15D: These are popular in Albania

    5D: I don’t know if Mrs. C. has one of these, but she almost certainly thought at some point it would be nice to have one.

  22. All finished now. 20A tricked me for a time, I was thinking ‘fair’ for second word. Quite a clever clue, actually. Actually, Rupert, I think she’d have felt it was a bit ostentatious, totally beyond our limited means.

  23. After 2 hours I have 6 answers. Have just read all of the above and it hasn’t helped one little bit.
    Attack of the ballpoint is imminent…

  24. Yet to read any comments above, seems an easier one with ten to go still mostly in south west corner. 2D is a ripper! (not a hint btw). Don’t get word play for 4D, will check later. 5D clever too.

  25. Finally got 9a thanks to Arthur’s hint. I remember this from woodwork too, but never would have spotted it.

  26. Why is it whenever everyone says this week’s is easier, I get completely stuck?

  27. gave up with less than half done, just wasn’t on DA’s wavelength today.

  28. All done but have a few queries.
    Google didn’t help me explain 10A. ‘Substitute is OK but ‘materials’?
    Don’t get the first seven words in the 12A clue?
    3D letters 4-5?
    15D letters 4-8?
    @Peta, thanks for 4D. I had the answer but missed the ‘my!’….
    One more while I’m at it, 13A. Got the meat and the exercise, what is the definition supposed to mean?

  29. Got most of this quite quickly. Thanks, Peta, for the help on 4D. All that’s left is 5A. I can see a word that fits the connecting letters, but have no idea how it fits the word play.

  30. Dave, delete the ‘a’ from the third word, should give you a start…

  31. @Robin – not sure re. 13A either. Is the definition “Opts for” or is it “Opts for affected”? Which means the charade is either an exercise after a meat, or an exercise after an affected meat. Both lead to plausible but different answers that both fit the checked lights – given the weakness of the possible definitions, I can’t tell which answer is correct.

    10A. The answer happens to be a combination of two materials.
    3D. Letters 4-8 mean flags.

  32. Thanks, Robin. Should have picked up the significance of ‘borne’. On the subject of 13A, I prefer ‘opts for affected’, but I do think it’s a bit far-fetched as a definition.

  33. Thanks MF.
    10A Hadn’t heard of the first material. Googled the whole answer silly me.
    As for 3D I missed the ‘borders’ so used up the NES as part of ‘tense’!
    Will Google further the answer to 13A.
    12A clue is still a mystery.

  34. Clever deception everywhere this week as usual – I was trying to fit LECH into 16A for a time. Anyone else fall for that one?

  35. Only have 6d and if it is right it is what I am becoming by trying to figure out others. Thought I also had 4d but after reading above hints have been second guessing answer. I have it as a color?

  36. 12A I awoke with “the 1-4: for they shall inherit the earth” with 5-6 making it ‘more likely’. Right track?

  37. @Robin,
    Sounds like you are on the right track with 12A.
    My major concern with the wording of the clue is “this”. No point the meek inheriting this earth, as it’s going to fry some time in the future, according to other parts of the Bible. It’s the new earth that they will inherit. Can’t expect DA to be a theologian, but this really threw me.

    I appreciate DA pushing the boundaries a little, and I adore biblical references in puzzles (like NAHUM earlier this year), but the paraphrasing of a famous part of scripture made the clue so obscure to me.

  38. @Michelle,
    The def of 4D is “oldie”. You are looking for a six-letter word for an older person.
    “love” in this clue is not like “dear/HONEY” last week, and is not a synonym for “adore”. It’s another meaning of “love”.

  39. 5D is just wonderful deception. There is little hint of the answer in the clue, but it’s an anagram of two letters from ‘nuke’ and the other six from ‘atomic’. Richard Nixon said once that his wife Pat doesn’t have one…
    6D A adjective for an ingredient of a praline, also a bit crazy.

  40. Thanks Robin. 5d was my last clue. I wouldn’t have seen it without your explanation :D
    7d was my favourite.

  41. 13A: I think someone who 13A has opted to act in an affected manner, so “opts for affected” gets my vote as the definition.

  42. 11a – is it what this whole puzzle is? Letters I have are leading me to think this way, but can’t get that answer from definition.
    Also, really stuck on 2d.

  43. Michelle: 11a: First three letters mean “keen” (It has been used twice recently) and seventh letter is the initial of “collector”. Inside goes a three letter word for “eggs” and the definition is “seal”.
    2d is a double definition: what might happen in S&M and being poor or “down at heel.”

  44. 11A: Specifically, it’s a brand name that involves sealing things in bags, presumably mainly so they can be frozen.
    2D: It matters in the S&M definition that the M side is being paid.

  45. Ahhh. Thank u to both Bernie and Rupert for 11a. Still working on 2d but will persevere.
    With Arthur’s help I think I have 9a right. Had to google as never heard of it before.
    It seems the easy clues for all of you are still extremely hard for me but given that I keep getting more out each week, with all of your help of course, I’m happy enough to get what I get. I’m hoping that one day my brain will click in tune with DA’s.

  46. Thanks for all the tips, all done now…I think.
    I have an answer for 5d but I can’t see a definition that matches my answer. Maybe my answer is wrong.
    I also don’t get the wordplay for 15d.
    Can anyone help? Thanks.

  47. Jason, 5D def is ‘It’s valuable…’ Is your answer something valuable? If it isn’t you’ll just have to wear it.
    15D I think there were some tips yesterday, but a very commonly used synonym pairing is ‘opening’ and ‘vent’. Here we have letters 1-3 ‘nearly opening’. Add to that a few letters that sound like (on tape, on playback) ‘debtor’.

  48. Just back from the Biennale of Sydney. Didn’t expect a 9 hour day…
    @Ben thanks for the Gold nomination, I never saw this was an anagram! I got the answer from the clue and thought it was just a cryptic definition. Seconded!

  49. Michelle, stick with it. It sounds like you’re doing really well. I only started last year and everyone here seemed so far ahead of me but this is a great site, everyone is so helpful and gradually it gets easier. Lots of fun. Do as many mid week ones as you can as training. Work back to understand the wordplay each week for all DAs clues and you’ll get better at it I can assure you.

  50. @Robin. Thanks for explaining 15d.
    I did have one letter wrong in 5d. I had a anagram of “in atomic” which my wife could wear but wasn’t particularly valuable and left a chunk of the clue redundant. It makes much more sense now.

  51. I had “greyed’ for 5d with no idea of wordplay.
    Did them all but this using google and pattern matching.
    I liked 2d and 7d.
    Not impossibly hard this week …

  52. Mortice Shmortice! I used the spelling I learned back in ’43, s insted of c. My dictionary gives the s as the preferred spelling. BOOO HISSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

  53. I’m with you ArthurC. Never ever seen the C spelling until now! Foul! It cost me my PB time.

  54. I didn’t have MORTIC(S)E problem, mostly because I had no idea what one was.

    The clue remained conspicuously unsolved on my crossword.

  55. Oh, you shouldn’t be too mortisified – the anagram of tinted cane was a clue.
    And as for 1-3 of 10A – well, you learn something every DA :-)

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