DA Debate for the 14/15th of September, 2012

Two clues to have a chat about from this week’s, one of which I thought was fine, the other very nasty indeed.

25 across: No longer inwards, they bombard one at optus.net? (11)
The definition is actually no longer in wards = outpatients. I’m OK with this style of trick, one of those things to keep in mind when doing a DA that doesn’t advantage the setter too much over the solver.

11 across: Disgrace a seller on radio? (9)
I consider this clue very nasty indeed. In this one, you have to take the synonym of the homophone rather than, what one would ordinarily do, take the homophone of the synonym, i.e. seller to cellar to basement rather than, for instance, seller to retailer toretailor.

Like when going from the specific to the general rather than the general to the specific, there needs to be some kind of explicit instruction that the ordinary order of things is being reversed. The question mark doesn’t cut it, and this style of clue favours the setter too much over the solver.