DA Confusion for the 31st of August/1st of September, 2012

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  1. I have answers in for all but one (12A), but I’m not familiar with several of the 17D/23Ds. In particular, 2D seems obvious from the wordplay, but gives me a name that Google doesn’t recognise.

    Don’t get the wordplay in 1A or 22D.

  2. 1A 100 x 10
    22D you mightn’t be familiar with a term for a 10 oz beer, put that inside a card

  3. 12A – a fuel brand and first letter removed from “big smoke”. (Get this right and it may help 2D as I guess there maybe a letter wrong).
    2D – comes straight up in Google for me. Just check again and see above.
    22D – the one card traps a beer glass size minus first letter.
    1A – agree.

  4. 22D: I had the colorant as blue and the beer as mild, hence my confusion. Thanks for the correction.
    1A: Doh! I never get these. I don’t know why.
    2D: I now have something that Google recognises as a 17/23, but I’ve never heard of it. I had the the wrong sort of label, though only the last letter was different.
    12A: Got it once I had the right 3rd letter. I’d always assumed “smoke” to refer specifically to London, not the more general definition DA uses here.

  5. All sorted but puzzled about wordplay for 4A.
    Is 7D a printing term?

  6. 4A: Three letter word for lie;
    Five letter preposition meaning great, reversed, containing one letter meaning length.

  7. JS, have emailed you a copy, hopefully it worked. Let me know if not and I will try again.

  8. I mustn’t have had my weetbix … I still don’t get 1a or 6d.
    I don’t gen (DA likes this lately) the wordplay for 2-4 of 21a either.
    And thanks, I wouldn’t have got the beer or card in 22d

  9. Finshed (with a little help from my friends) but don’t get the wordplay on quite a few:
    1a (letters 2-5),
    4d (I have a theory but only for part of it)
    6d (letters 4-7)

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Jasonl
    1A old fashioned term for “blokes” as in say bays.
    21A general term for the media (papers) around a Melbourne newspaper
    4D F followed by a term for trail reversed around a true (T) slang for toilet
    6D not sure on letters 4-7 but best I can do is that “nurses” perhaps like a bra?
    8D A word for a “bit” around a word for face without its first letter.
    Hope this helps.

  11. Yes, thanks. I had 21a wrong so now it makes sense. Didn’t know that word for trail in 4d (so my theory was wrong). I thought the same for 6d but it seemed too tenuous.

    Still don’t get 1a sorry – maybe I’ve got the answer wrong.

  12. Hi all,
    I am having trouble with 15A and 14D. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

  13. Can’t help with 15A 14D is a dd and is one of the eight themed, not for a wholesome diet

  14. I’ve put in SUGAR as the first word of 14D, as it fits the clue. But it makes 15A interesting. And 21A. So I’m guessing that there is another 5-letter word meaning ‘dear’ that fits the start of 14D?
    At moments like this I wish I was more adventurous in my choice of 17D/23Ds.

  15. Thanks Chamollie,
    I had worked out that it was one of the themed elements, but it’s not helping!

  16. 15A: Will add ‘resident’ to list of hidden indicators. A pretty weak one, but I’m feeling foul for failing to fathom this clue, so my assessment will probably change after a hot beverage.

  17. JasonL. 1A “affects”is the definition. The answer is an old fashioned word for blokes (ie chaps) with the first word changed. The first word is a c which is multiplied by 10 (think roman numerals). The word for blokes is like a bay or harbor.

  18. Only 11 so far, mostly in SW corner. Haven’t read above yet, but have a question, re 20, 5D. The letters I have in 20D suggest wife of an eastern potentate? Or some sort of cake? Must wait till I get some more words in, I guess.

  19. Got 8D by process of elimination as my last themed answer – and the word pattern helped. Don’t understand the wordplay though, even after Peter’s hint. What kind of ‘bit’ should I think of? Can’t even see a topless face in there. My answer has to be correct.

    Arthur C, the breakdown of 20,5D is letters 7,8 then 9-11 after letters 1-6.

  20. AC, 8D the “bit”is letters 1-4 and 8. The other 3 letters are the topless head.

  21. 19A what the police do to see if your carrying weapons – minus the first word

  22. finally worked out the theme after getting a couple of the themed answers and working backwards, but have no idea of the wordplay for 17/23.
    I take my hat off to those who worked out the wordplay in 1a. The head tenfold bit is clever, but that was pretty obscure slang for chap, making the whole thing a bit over the top IMO.
    Have the answer for 12a from the wordplay but this leaves the def as “a key for cars”, bit of a stretch?
    Did like 1d, although it took me a little while to see the significance of the da at the end.
    Have done about a third so far, but now that I have the theme, I’m hopeful of cracking a few more (with a snap and a pop?)

  23. All done now except for 27D. Seems like it can only be a hairstyle but I didn’t know you define by ‘European’.

    I love the experiment with an indirect anagram in 11A, seems to be the perfect application that makes it fair.

  24. AC 27d not a hairstyle, embryonic idea is the def. European country without an

  25. Need help with 1d,9a and29a.Probably obvious but just can’t see the answers.

  26. Der! thank you Peter. I had “f” as the first letter, singular. nn, I think you must be young – cove has been with us all of my 83 years – eg CJ Dennis “chaps and coves and coots”

  27. @megse
    1d. Dr Evil’s little sidekick (from the movie) also DA’s da.
    9A I have no idea and can’t get anything from wordfinders despite having first and last letter, presume it is foreign.
    29A Hanging is the def, first two letters are the door without the peepholes, last three letters are a simian.
    I’m stuck on 31A, had an answer that meant Dope, but then put in 20d which messed this up. Only word I can find that fits is a foreign policeman, but doesn’t make any sense to me. Or is it one of the themes and I’ve never heard of it?

  28. @ Claire, yes I’m younger than 83 by quite a bit. Never heard of it. There were probably easier ways of cluing cove!

  29. 1D Think Austin Powers
    9A last letters produce a drink often consumed with champagne
    29A think of another word for a goon after door without the O’s (ie peepholes)

  30. Just a few to go now mostly in SW corner, Completely stumped on these.
    18d, 19a, 31a
    Also 26a despite having all cross letters, can think of only one word that fits them, but doesn’t seem to bear any resemblance to anything in the clues.

  31. 18d you need to doctor ‘ruling on’.
    31a is the foreign policeman with a word for dope, not in the drug sense, with ‘dreams’ about.

  32. thanks Ann
    I originally had ignoramus for 31a which was a good fit until I put in 20d.
    Kicking myself I didn’t get 18d.
    I was right with my answer or 26a, just hadn’t associated it with spot as the def.
    Finally twigged 19a after reading the above hints several times before the penny dropped.
    got 9a by googling every vowel as the middle letters before finding something that was a drink that I’d never heard of.
    All done now.

  33. AC (how dare you pinch my initials!), your attempt to help me with 20, 5D didn’t, I’m afraid, but put that down to my stupidity! I’ve just added a couple, thanks to Wiki. Had no idea what Dr Evil referred to, don’t do movies. But getting 1D gave me first part of 10A, 25D, (I had been thing multi), and also 12A. So now have 13, long way to go.

  34. Daylight dawns! Can now see a connection between a couple of clues. Eating porridge for breakfast is supposed to make you clever, it isn’t helping me at the moment. But I do have the 20, 5D.

  35. Finished!! I did rely on help from everyone on this site. thank-you all!
    I loved 13A and not just because it was the last one…

  36. Arthur, do you have the theme? You must be getting close. If not then sounds like 23d will be the killer answer, especially if you can crack the speed in 17d.
    Which ones are you stuck on?

  37. I think Arthur’s porridge answers your q, nn. :)

    No real confusion this week. Started out on the three-letter words and cracked the theme after getting 20d/5d from the word play. Only thing bugging me is 14d. Never heard of it. I know the Smacks version, but 14d seems to be an obscure US product that is a copy of a better known brand. 14d is also a Greek donut-like food.

  38. nn, now that you’ve discovered 9a, I suggest trying a 9a Royale, which is chambord and champagne. Delish! I’ve done a lot of writing about cocktails and it’s my fave champagne cocktail.

    And lock cove into the memory bank. I’m 34 and only really see it in crosswords, particularly the Times cryptic in the Australian.

  39. nn, I’m plodding painfully on. It was when I saw the connection between a couple of answers that 17, 23D became clear. But is that one of the eight, or are there eight others? I have an answer in 8D, the only item I colud think of that ended in a single letter, and it fits with 13, 16A, but has no connection that I can see with the clue. I’d like to find a list of all these items, but Google was no help at all, perhaps I asked the wrong question. Is 4D a term we apply to idiots? My answer seems totally unrelated to the clue (how unusual!). iA has me baffled, there seems only one possible word, but to me it has no connection to the clue, except the first letter?

  40. Time to pack it in for the day. Definitely five short, but possible two or three others may be wrong, though they fit. Look again perhaps tomorrow arvo. Haven’t read up top yet, maybe some help there. O yasumi nasai, anatatachi..

  41. Only got around to this after dinner tonight. All solved and without coming to this site.
    Tough start but it all fell out after I got the theme.

  42. Arthur C,
    Wikipedia has a list of the theme.
    4d is what we call someone lacking in sense.
    8d has one big curvy red letter on The pack.
    By the way, there are several times above where people wrote “word” meaning “letter”.
    I still don’t have any idea on 6d, 1-3 are what you 30a in a 3d for 17d ? But 4-7 ?

  43. Thought we knew how to spell, but the word”Froot” threw us for a loop, therefore had a wrong 1st letter for 11A – threw us for another loop!. In all, very enjoyable.

  44. No one has commented on any difficulty with 17,23D. Were the last three words meant to be the anagrind? And where is the clue for the first five letters of 17D, or does the positioning of “clear” and “feast” meant to give the word? I thought the whole clue was somewhat vague, considering its importance. Am I missing something?

  45. @Bernie. If you perform the action described by the first 5 letters of 17d to the rest of 17d+23d you’ll get “clear feast”. I don’t quite get the function of the “yes and no!”, they almost feel redundant to me.

  46. Definitely two short, possibly a few others wrong. Can someone please explain 1A? First letter agrees with chaps, but tenfold??? I’m sure I have first word of 4A, and it agrees with the theme, but second word? As I had to anagram great, only one word seems possible, and I can find no refeence to such an item. 15A? Is this a foreign one? I could have 14D wrong, but what I have fits the clue perfectly, so I guess it must be right. I stir some of this stuff into my morning porrige. Finally, 26A? What a gardener does??? Help needed?

  47. @Arthur. 1A first letter is 100 x 10, i.e. the first letter of the word meaning chaps, but multiplied by 10 (roman numerals)
    4a isn’t an anagram of great. It is a word meaning great reversed, with an L (for length) in it. First three letters of the answer are a word meaning lie as in tell a _ _ _.
    15a is a reverse hidden word, master is the def, it isn’t one of the themes. I think the answer is a word of Italian origin by the sound of it, but common in English.
    14d you would stir the first word of this into your porridge. Second word means pants (as in out of breath), together they make one of the themes.
    26a Spot is the def as in a spot of rain. Letters 1-4 are a word meaning dash or run with the last letter missing. Rest of it is a joint in the body with the first two letters missing (an abandoned).

  48. @Jason and Bernie, I found the clue for 17d/23d a bit vague too. Only got the answer after finding some of the themes and looking at the cross letters. I think Jason is right in that clear feast is anagram fodder, I guess the first five letters of 17d is the anagrind (although not one I’m entirely happy with). Cryptically suggests we have to work in some sort of odd way, so giving a hint that those five letters are used to work backwards to the answer, but as for the “yes and no”???

  49. Did anyone else note that 6d also appeared on The Age’s next page in the Codewords solution.
    Helped me!

  50. nn, thanks, I had the first letter of 1A correct, fitted the chap’s head part of clue. Have a word meaning shifts, can’t connect letters 2-5 to anything in the clue. Just found 15A by using Wordfinder, don’t know why I hadn’t done that before. For 4A, I have, I’m sure, first word correct, its certainly something related to breakfast food. But the second word will have to wait till tomorrow morning, could not decipher your clue, I’m afraid. My 26A appears correct, though I’d only heard it in relation to weather, not this theme. And, of course, I lack 7D. There we rest till tomorrow.
    And A.C., if you are still around, you are forgiven for having the same initials. Aquick count shows 37, 475, 693 (oops, 694) people have those initials, from Anton Chernikov, to Ah Choo, to Akira Chabiru, so feel free to be another Alternating Current! I used to tell students I was the only instructor in the school qualified to teach AC theory.

  51. Anyone ,
    what is the answer for 1A, and i dont mean a hint, i want the answer

  52. Arthur 26A isn’t one of the themed ones (there are only 8 of them), your answer (in relation to the weather) is correct.
    For 4a, first word is something you get lots of in things like brown bread, metamucil etc. Second word is a mathematical operation. Together they make a brand of 17d/23d
    For 7D (not one of the themes) is a double definition. Answer is the plural of Pb (graphic points) and with a different pronunciation is something used to restrain (eg a dog)

    SPOILER I have answer to 1a as moves, this is coves (slang for chap) with the first letter multiplied by 10 so changing it from C (100) to M (1000).

  53. Away at the weekend so just catching up. Found this one hard to get past the first few. Got half a theme with Sultana – – – – !
    Anyone worked out the ‘Yes and no!’ yet?

  54. How sad! I missed the plus in Fibre Plus, so didn’t get the ‘leads’ in 7D. Otherwise, all OK. Auf Wiedersehen. Mehr nächste Woche, or, as Adolf would have said, ‘Farewell. More next week’.

  55. Late again!
    I for one didn’t much like 7d – I dithered over it for 2 days before finally putting in what turned out to be right. But that was more than made up for by the usual cleverness and the wonderful vision of Stephen Fry about to jump into the water…

  56. Ok, enough beating about the bush… it’s Tuesday evening, and I’m tired of this, so spoiler alert, etc…
    17-23d is BREAKFAST CEREAL, and its logic appears to remain dubious, at least to this confused punter, and the posts I’ve read so far. It is either very clever and I’ve (we’ve?) missed it, or it is somewhat BS.
    Obvious facts:
    – FAST CEREAL is an anagram of CLEAR FEAST
    – BREAK can be a cryptic suggestion.
    So, one way of interpreting those known facts is…
    1. you can BREAK “FAST CEREAL” to get “CLEAR FEAST”, which implies that….
    2. “Yes and no” is somehow its own cryptic definition of “BREAKFAST CEREAL”?
    but that means there’s two cryptic clues and no direct definition. Not satisfactory.

    So, another, more dubious approach is to take the Question and Answer structure seriously, and assume that the two ‘parts’ to the clue are to be interpreted as follows:
    1. YES! [the answer] is a cryptic suggestion of “clear feast”
    2. NO! [the answer is also] NOT a cryptic suggestion of “clear feast” (inference – if it’s not cryptic then it must be a direct suggestion – presumably because when one breaks a fast by eating some cereal it could be described semi-directly as a clear feast)

    That’s a long bow to draw, especially for such a pivotal clue. Hmmm. I really hope someone’s got a better third explanation than these attempts of mine?

  57. SPOILER. I think I’ve figured out how “nurses” = “cups” in 6d. If someone nurses a beer at the pub, they usually cup it with their hands. That probably qualifies as a synonym in DA’s world.

    @CL, I’m happy enough with you second explanation of 17-23d. “Clear feast” is both a cryptic and a direct suggestion.

  58. I think Bernie is right (Sep 2 10.13am) in asking “Were the last three words meant to be the anagrind?” I think they are and ‘clear feast’ is the fodder. The first part, BREAK, is a ‘cryptic suggestion’ and these two words are nothing to do with FAST CEREAL. There’s no more to it I don’t think.

  59. Robin,
    If Bernie was right (and he may well be), then the clue is lacking a definition, in which case my grumble would be that DA’s notes should then have said that NINE of the solutions lack a definition, not eight.

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