DA Confusion for the 10/11th of August, 2012

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92 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 10/11th of August, 2012

  1. Too easy this week. All done in under an hour, with no help apart from one trip to the dictionary for 21A (after all the cross letters were in). For some reason the only muse I can ever remember is Terpsichore.

    7D was my favourite clue this week.

  2. Well it took me more like 2 hours but now all done bar 6d and 10a. Can you help?

  3. Not really an early start. I’m in NZ. In the past I’ve been known to be on the SMH web site at 6am, hitting refresh. Today I slept in till nearly 7am.

    6D: The intense glare comes from a particular setting of lights on a car. The building supporter is a structural component named for its cross-section.

    10A: This is not a term anyone has ever used for silicon valley, but it would be where ethings come from. The vegetarian is a sort of gazelle, I think.

  4. Yes, not too tough today, though for me “easy” means finishing by lunchtime (3-4 hours). There was a scattering of easy clues to get us started. Thanks, DA!
    Some slightly dodgy clueing, though, I thought. I didn’t like “hound” as an anagrind in 28A, or “cycle” to indicate reversed letters in 9A. On the other hand 12A is nice, and the use of the … in 3D is clever.

  5. P.S. I think Ian’s solution in ACC has misinterpreted the wordplay in 3D, missing the significance of the …

  6. OK, it is a bit easier. I have the eastern side done. But I am still struggling with a few in the west. 1a, 4d, 15d, 22a and 29a. Any help?

  7. 1a: a word for food + 1/2 larder = type of soup
    4d: top is definition. last letter is centre of mafia
    22a: type of oil. spoonerise a storage place for things nose-related
    15d + 29a Help!

  8. 22a: should say, not a type of oil, but oil can be extracted from this

  9. Thanks for the help with 4D.
    I got 29a by thinking of something that may block freeloaders.

  10. 15d: people = definition. first to cook. type of pasta up. synonym for admission missing middle letter
    I think I got 29a (thanks Deryn) but can someone please explain wordplay? Also, wordplay for 18d. Thanks

  11. Thanks Deryn. Not thrilled about gloom synonym but he does stretch things sometimes.

  12. Thanks Flexicon,
    Your hints gave me 1a and 4d. I then worked out 22a froma list of oils and stat led me to 15d. 29a was the last. Sorry Deryn, your hint was no help. I hadn’t heard of it. I needed to know it was net related. Wordplay for 29a is a word for gloom around a and a type of tree (3 letters as per Deryn).

  13. Hey DAtrippers, I’m stuck on 12A. Do I need to know something about the TV show to get the answer? Is it a double def? Or is ‘select’ the single def? Is ‘broadcast’ a homophone indicator as it usually is?
    I have four letters out from the down clues, and they’re all consonants, so you’d think I’d be able to crack this last clue. But it might be a phrase I’ve never heard of, as usually happens at least once per puzzle.

  14. Found this one a lot harder than the last two weeks. Maybe my brain just wasn’t in the right space.
    Liked: 3D, 4D, 22A and 17D.

  15. Before I read that it was the easiest DA in living memory I would like to say that I have just completed my first ever DA, all in, all done, all checked! I have got close before, nearly got in the Pool Room during 2011 a couple of times, but I finally got there.

    Google confirmed only two after I had the letters for 21A and 28A. Sorry, three, the pasta, but I had the answer already. It might be easy but don’t we really deserve it after all the rom-coms?

  16. iPuzzled, yes, you’re right re ‘broadcast’ in 12A. You need to know the very minimum about the show as I did, almost nothing but enough. Def is ‘select’.

  17. DA gems for me were 10A, 12A, 4D, 6D and 17D.

    Wordplay worries … 2D? Letters 1-3 of 20A? Letters 4-5 of 8D? Thanks.

  18. Still stumped re 12A. ‘Select’ in the sense of ‘choose’? Or ‘select’ in the sense of ‘rare’?

  19. Thanks @Robin, by the way, for your help above. Apparently the winter weather has made me extra-dim today, and I still can’t get 12A. I have a bad feeling that when I do get it I will be kicking myself.

    Possibilities that I have considered:
    Spoiler alert due to the presence of cross-letters.
    slime/slimy fur
    plump for
    slump far
    climb far
    blame fir
    etc etc, none of which mean ‘select’.

  20. @iPuzzled: The answer is on your list. The question you need to ask yourself, is which sounds like a collective definition of Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, La-La and Po?

  21. Whew, much easier this week, didn’t get last week’s at all. Just SE corner to go but must get on with the painting. Loved 12A, you don’t need to know much about the show, their name gives it away!

  22. Has David relented as a result of last week’s criticism? I have 14 solved already, not looking for help yet.

  23. Rupert. We need your help AGAIN!. We didn’t get our DA fix again today. Could you please send us one. Do you still have our email address?. Doug & Gwyn

  24. Mostly done, but running into problems in SW. 14A? Is middle part a synonym for hypocrisy? Hardly seems to fit with jargon? I need 22 & 29A, 13 & 15D. Though unsure of 20A also. Must read above to see if any clues there. But lunchtime looms. We dine ca 1100.

  25. @Robin Re20A: letters 1-3 is an outdated word for a state of being, such as ” thou ….”

  26. @Arthur C.
    Here are some hints for the clues that you mentioned in your most recent post.
    22A: ‘hooter’ in the clue refers to a part of the body (not on the torso!).
    29A: Is a recent term. The tree (which has the vowel taken out) was used for making longbows, I think. You’re also looking for a four-letter word that kindof means ‘gloom’. This 4-lttr word wraps the rest.
    13D: Seven tenths of the clue given by a noun synonymous with ‘study’ in the sense of casual examination.
    15D: Not too sure about the pasta, but I think that, if reversed, it gives letters 2 to 5.

  27. @Arthur C, just saw that you also needed a clue for 14A.
    The key to this clue for me was realising that a four-letter word for jargon (or argot) gives letters 3-6. It’s a rare word that also means hypocrisy.

    And 20A: def is ‘performer’. An anagram makes up part of the wordplay.

  28. Re 12A. Thanks @Robin, @Rupert and @BrianB for the assistance. My problem was that it was a phrase I’d never heard of. I wasn’t dipsy, in la-la land while on the po and eating twinkies, my range of English vocabulary simply wasn’t sufficient.

  29. I’m stumped. I think I have a vague idea for 5d. But nor sure that it fits quite right.

  30. got most of the right side out without much help and now have done most of the left with hints from above. Some wordplays completely elude me
    Have three to go (assuming the rest are correct). Any hints for 9A, 2d, 26d would be appreciated

  31. Michelle 5d, Vilifier is the def, when you do this you lose ground as in the sense of (wet) dirt.

  32. 5d: Michelle, the first three letters are what the ‘ground’ will turn to with all the rain we’ve been having.

  33. @nn
    9a a phrase usually used when prompting young children
    2d relies on the 6 letter name I was brought up with for the number 0, though it doesn’t seem to be commonly used.
    26d A dd with the first definition being in the sense of a reponse to a quiz question.

  34. thanks Deryn, got them all now, kicking myself over 26d.
    Lots of wordplays I don’ t get, will go to crossword club for them

  35. nn: The definition for 2d is ‘should’. 9a is what you may ask your children to use when they ask for something. The ‘wise guys’ are around at Christmas time. 26d is what you say if you don’t know.

  36. Thanks Mike, got it now for 20A 1-3. Never saw that one at all.

    25D Can’t get word play for this one yet. More than one way to look at it seemingly. Letters 1-3 = ‘rich’? 4-5 is a ‘territory’, sort of or even an ‘iron-rich’ one. What is the ‘small fortune’? Maybe a 4 letter word for ‘fortune’ with the last letter missing (small) gives 1-3?

    2D word play? Also 8D 4-5?

  37. 2d zip as in nothing, with the first letter removed.
    8d is split in three parts, the final being letters 3-5 which are from a word for drastic with the final letter removed.

  38. @Robin re 25d letters 1-3 are a small fortune, small being a deletion indicator. Think of a word for fortune (not in a monetary sense) and delete the last letter. The Iron rich territory is actually a state. This one threw me for a while as I had the first letter and attempted to put Fe for iron at the start and then somehow get the small fortune. Good misdirection.

  39. @nn thanks for that. I think I had it in a muddled sort of way. Wasn’t sure though.

    @Deryn, very good and thanks. Thanks for getting me out of the straits I was in. DA loves hi eletions doesn’ h?

  40. Did most fairly quickly today ie, just after lunch. Still stuck on 29A though despite a few hints here. Must be something computer related but I don’t know it. A sort of firewall, I suppose.

  41. Victor you are very close but it has more to do with money than conflagration

  42. Fairly quick this weekend. Loved 22A and 9A. I have, however, no idea about the word play for 1A.

  43. The first DA I have ever nearly completed – in collaboration with cryptic buddy that is, but neither of us can get 7-down! Help please we’ve got all the rest (unless we’ve gone wrong with the chubby Teletubbies).

  44. @Susan,
    vocal is a homophone indicator.
    programme as in an event that you might go to at a theatre.
    stole as in the garment (not the verb!)
    driver is def.

  45. Yess! Thank you so much, iPuzzled! Going to start buying Friday’s Herald now.

  46. Thank you, iPuzzled, for your attempts to help. I am aware of what the hooter refers to, I just can’t see a connection to the answer. I’m certain I have 22 & 23D correct, can’t smell anyway I could fit that ‘hooter’ in.
    I am aware of the tree used in longbows, but can’t see how those two letters can be fitted in to the word I had for gloom, which was only four letters, so looks as if I need a different gloom, because two letters from the tree, plus four for gloom, leaves me one short???
    My 13D appears a total impossibility, can’t see how to work it out, your clue completely meaningless to me. Sorry for my stupidity. I can only assume my 20A, where I had artiste, must be wrong, even though the last four fit the clue.
    With the pasta, I read through a long list on Wiki, but no help. Have really only the first and seventh letters of 15D (having ruled out artiste), can’t find any way of including any of the four-letter pastas I found. But thanks for trying to help. May just give up at that point, can’t see any way ahead.
    (PS: My pool game has deteriorated badly, but can’t really blame DA for that).

  47. @ArthurC
    I’m still working on the SE corner, but can help with the SW corner.
    29a you may be close. A = letter 2, hollow tree = letters 3-4, in gloom (letters 1, 5, 6, 7)
    20a I think you are correct with the first three letters a (very) dated form of to be
    15d I didn’t know the pasta, but having 22a was enough for me to find it (narrowing down the first letter sufficiently).
    22a I think the only extra clue I can give is that the words were in the opposite order to my initial expectation. That is, once you correct the spoonerism you have a nose-type word followed by a shed-type word rather than the other way round. It makes sense once you have it.

  48. Arthur, if you have your ‘gloom’ right in 29A you might see it and it’s rhyming partner on the Olympics where the walking race is on.

  49. Arthur, for the ‘shed’ in 22A, Mawson had one…
    For the first five letters, The Silver Bodgie had one before turning white…

  50. Been away for the weekend and had to wait to get home to google for the ‘muse’ clue. Liked the ‘rucks’ indicator. Loved “vocal programme stole driver”. Not having one of those vocal programmes myself but having been in vehicles with others, this clue really made me laugh. Or was it about Isadora Duncan? :)

  51. Loved your reference to Isadora Duncan, Gayle. How very appropriate! Suppose clue would be ‘stole stole passenger …’ or something like it …

  52. Ta to Derryn, I had finished before I looked back here. Major problem was that I had inserted TAG into 19A, which seemed to fit the clue perfectly. Once I saw the alternative, the rest came easily.
    More next week (Mata Raishu, I think).

  53. Been doing well but stuck on 28a and 18d. Soo trying again on the morning after. Have ideas but can’t get the wordply to confirm. Is 28a to do with mountains and 18d long journeys?Also 4d need a clue. If anyone is still around woild appreciate some ideas.

  54. Julia, I thought 4D was great. Huge deception by DA. Letters 1-3 is a ‘mob member’. The mob is nothing to do with the mafia. You’d hear the word in the bush. Flexicon gave advice above about letter 4 and the def.

    You need an atlas for 28A if you’re not familiar with Mongolia. See RogerD’s comment above for another clue.

    More deception in 18D as the def is ‘African migration’. If you get 28A first you’ll get a useful cross letter for the second word. Answer is an historic event.

  55. I once read (or saw) an interview with the creator of the Teletubbies, who said that La-la (the yellow one, with the tu-tu) thinks she’s Isadora Duncan.

  56. Rupert. Thanks again. @ iPuzzled’s post for Arthur above – we only have 29A to go, and make it a 5 letter word for “gloom”, and are stuck with “Pall” with “YW” in the middle. Leaves us stuck for one letter! – and Rupert, we didn’t find it as easy as you said.

  57. Sorry. Just read another post above. The letter we have missing is A. We’d never heard of it – had to Google it.

  58. @ Julia. For 18D try a European outside the odd letters in ” a tutor” – gives you an african migration ( historically)
    For 28 A we had to look at an atlas – it’s ananagram of “lab outran”

  59. Isn’t anyone having trouble with 21a?
    Nitpick-2d dose not really need the qualifier”fail to open”. It can mean the same thing as it stands.

  60. Greg, re 2D. Zip is nought, so it does need the first letter removed to mean should.
    21A is a strange word for one of the muses ( in Greek Mythology) – 6 letter word for “sexless” with the first letter removed + 2 letters for sport (usually in school)

  61. @Greg,
    Re 21:
    It is the name of one of the muses.
    Topless means remove first letter. To get letters one to five you need to take the first letter of a word meaning genderless.
    Sport as in a common abbreviation for school sports lessons. This gives the last two letters.

  62. Many thanks Doug & Gwyn, iPuzzled. Got it immediately with your help which made me realise I had mistakenly treated the answer as having two words! No idea where that came from.
    My point with 2d is that ought can also mean nought – less commonly but just the sort of thing I would expect DA to exploit.

  63. @Greg, nice point about ought and nought. Lead to discussion with my Yorkshire bred wife, we decided that they are opposites, at least in that part of the world, as in “I’ve got nought” (nothing) = “I haven’t got ought” (anything).

  64. When I was growing up in Leeds, a common cry from friends about to be punished was “I didn’t do ought”. So I think I agree with BrianB.

  65. I knew as soon as I read Rupert’s first comment that it would be a tough weekend and so it proved. The misdirection in 4d was superb Congratulations to Robin!

  66. Thanks Doug and Gwyn for the wordplay of 18d. I had the answer but I never would have worked out that cunning play.I had been puzzling over which part of the clue odds applied to. Got it all now!

  67. I got 4 words in two minutes on Friday night. I thought I was going to “get” it. It’s now Monday and even wit help from the erudite folks here, I still haven’t got them all …. Over to acc I guess.

  68. That’s the best I’ve done in ages. Missed four before ‘cheating’ here. One I’ve never heard of (Euterpe), but that’s acceptably low. For a long time I had 14A as DEBUNKS. which made sense to me, but wrecked 15D
    I agree with Bernie – how does 3D wordplay work? The only apparently obvious thing is the MEN part. Are CUTS slashes? Does DO CUTS relate to largely slashed?

  69. …perhaps… RogerD help… by explaining what’s significant about the ellipsis……………?

  70. @Bernie and CL, 3D is a bit cunning…….
    What comes after the words in the clue gives us letters 1, 2, 8, and 9. You got the MEN and the rest is CUT with the last letter missing.

  71. 3D proves that there are exceptions to the adage ‘ignore the punctuation’.

  72. Strewth. Ok I get it now, but that one was just out of my league.
    Thanks Robin.

  73. Hi,
    Wondering if I can get some help with the following:
    8d help with wordplay please
    12a don’t get the wordplay
    16a I imagine “contracts” clues “gets”. How does “info” clue “gen”?
    Thanks a lot.

  74. Grant,
    Is 8d n, a, drastic downsize = rid up ?
    12a there are four plump ttubbieseies. Broadcast indicates homophone … I was angling for “stump for”when you gen hi

  75. 8d
    Actually, I think it’s (N)orth pole faces (A) drastic (DIRE) downsize (minus the E) at lowest point (NADIR)
    I agree with jupiter – to “plump for” something is to select it, and it “broadcast” means “sounds like” (PLUMP FOUR) – an apt description of the teletubbies
    …doesn’t make sense to me either, but ian at the crossword club thinks info=gen… Perhaps gen=General knowledge??

  76. 16A: I’m not sure of the etymology, but gen = information was pretty common slang in the UK in the 1940s, and remains in the compilers toolkit to this day.

  77. My last comment got mangled by the phone …
    Ah that’s how dir got there !
    I have heard of gen as a verb and also used like gist.
    I hope this week is not so strange … Or maybe I don’t!

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