DA for the 3rd/4th of August, 2012

It’s a hearty DA for another winter’s weekend.

Report about it here.



2 thoughts on “DA for the 3rd/4th of August, 2012

  1. Themed cryptics are a mixed blessing. They are fun if you know someting about it and misery if you don’t. By the time you google and guess its too much like hard word for what is, in the end, a recreation. So can themes be not too obscure? Roms coms may not be fit this category entirely but does it match the cryptic demographic? Yet I’ll still be collecting next Sat’s paper with anticipation.

  2. the DA demographic is hard to define. Three generations of our family tackle him– ages 25 to 83– and it’s straight to the Poolroom if we do it together.

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