DA for the 20th/21st of July, 2012

Yes, we’re rocking it on through the DA year, and I’m almost willing to concede defeat in the face of the recent spate of what I’ve considered exceptionally difficult crosswords from our hero and just consult the internet from the outset.

Perhaps a new world of online crossword consulting begins this weekend.

Update: An interesting idea that, in DA’s hands, proved ridiculously difficult:

Further update: And here’s a PDF version of the crossword without solutions.

9 thoughts on “DA for the 20th/21st of July, 2012

  1. My crossword consultancy rates are very reasonable ;)

    Particularly compared with the 82.5 cents per minute that CrossWord Solutions will charge you! And I bet that just gets you the answers, not an explanation of the wordplay. Has anyone ever called them to find out?

  2. Hard to get excited about this one! I usually love DA’s themes but I was left feeling annoyed rather than satisfied.

  3. Jeebus!!! That was the hardest one for ages. It’s Sunday and only just finished. Sadly, plenty of electronic help. All good…tough but fair.

  4. Started this one Monday, and pottered away at it over cups of coffee until this morning when the last name became visible. I enjoyed the challenge.

  5. Well, for once I’ve finished a DA – admittedly almost a week after it was issued, and with copious help from this forum and other internet “helps”. Thanks guys – at least I can now say I understand the wordplay of each clue, even if I would never have got them on my own!

  6. Is there any chance of an unanswered image of the puzzle being uploaded for this one like other weeks? Just one size would be fine! Cheers, Sam.

  7. I only have the solution available, unfortunately.

    Someone else might have one available though, and if they send it to me I can put it up here.

  8. And Rupert came through with the goods.

    See the post and you should find the link to the crossword.


  9. Thanks very much for that, Rupert (sorry for the late reply). The August 3rd puzzle appears to have the same problem, only the solution image is posted.

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