DA Reports for the 6/7th of July, 2012

A new financial year, and, happily, a new DA.

Could it be a carbon-tax themed crossword? A euro-fail themed crossword? A politically-themed crossword?

Report on it here.


One thought on “DA Reports for the 6/7th of July, 2012

  1. I really did enjoy this puzzle, and with the help of AMM, N(F)G and a glorious sunny morning outside the Cowderoy St milk bar, we did very well. A crucial get by AMM on 15a and N(F)G confirmed his ‘rising star’ status with 4d, 11A and many others.

    There was gold in there – 3d, confirming our suspicion that DA was quite the stoner in his day. 10a also great.

    The perfect morning was unfortunately ruined by 1d and 13a, for which I am going to dust off the DA Bullshit category, which I think has been too sparsely used in recent times.

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