DA Confusion for 6/7th of July, 2012

There’s always some degree of confusion when it comes to DA, so here you can have it sorted out thanks to the DA Trippers collective.

Ask away for help.

93 thoughts on “DA Confusion for 6/7th of July, 2012

  1. Still 5 to go, all in the NW corner.

    I don’t get the wordplay in 8D at all, while only the last letter confuses me in 23A.

  2. I was going to complain about 22A being ambiguous, but the linked clue means it can only be one of the alternatives.

  3. Spoiler alert: 8d: the first three letters are something that turns; the explorer is fourteenth century and Italian.
    As for the last letter in 23a, it’s clued by by.

  4. Although I’ve done, I don’t understand the “No 6” part of 13A. Clearly missing something!

  5. I’m have them all in except 1D and 2D. 1D looks like it’s a person, but I can’t fit a name to the cross letters. I had an answer for 2D but when I got 7A it turned out to be wrong.

  6. 13A: Ignore my hint. I apparently had the wrong answer (though quite a good one, I thought). According to Ian this is salmon when they’re a year old, not their colour.

    These new cross letters may help me with 1D and 2D …

  7. @Ian. Thank you! (It’s so annoying when one has the answer but only have half an understanding.)

  8. Done but not happy with today’s lot. Had to look up 9A and had not heard of 5D. 6D is only marginal. I put the survivor in at 13A but Rupert’s original answer is just as good.

  9. Jeepers – a bit loosey goosey today. Quite difficult and I wasn’t in a good frame of mind.

    Loved the shorter ones.

  10. 13A never would have got. Many brilliant. 6D don’t get it… Ordinary to my mind.

    But theme was in”spire”d

  11. When I was at school decades ago, a fifth-form boy each year was appointed the school’s official 12D. Our English Expression teacher gave us 8D as a high falutin’ synonym, so it was a gimme today. At the risk of giving a spoiler, that same teacher also gave us another synonym, tintinnabulator, which I think is a delightful word that every serious word lover should have in their lexicon!

  12. 1D is proving elusive. I’m in the same situation as Rupert was, with the NW corner looking a bit bare. Is the def ‘pusher, maybe’? Or do I have the wrong end of the clue?

  13. Re 1D. I’ve got it now. I did have the wrong end of the clue. Found the def quite weak.

    So it turns out I have 13A wrong. And the colour-snooker ball combo worked so well in a neat double-def.

    Reading comments above it’s amazing how much my experience with this particular puzzle mirrors Rupert’s experience.

  14. Just got 13A thanks to Ian’s hint above. DA is stretching it a bit here, I think. Makes the def in 1D seem plain as day.

  15. Enjoyed today’s theme. Have a couple of 8/12Ds in the family. Or should I not admit to that? Don’t get the 60% chimeral bit.
    Need help with 16A and 1D. Is 16A English? Def at end? Anagram (fancy?) first 3 words, not recognised by anagram tool. 1D inclined characters = italics?
    Thanks to hints above, have 13A answer, but still don’t get ‘No 6’.

  16. Gayle – chimerical has 10 letters and 60% of the word has a connection with bells.

  17. Finished an unsatisfying puzzle, with several answers in because they fitted, despite a lack of convincing wordplay (for me, any way). Didn’t like/understand 13a, 20a (ref to 22a?), 4d, 6d, 8d and 12d. Seems to be a general haziness creeping into the clues lately. There,that’s my whinge.

  18. @Gayle,

    Re 16A: Yes, it is English. Yes, fancy is the anagrind. I’d normally split this into two words (6,4).

    13A: Think English history.

    1D: the thing that helped me break through was ‘inclined letters’. Once I realised that I was seeking a synonym for that phrase as part of the wordplay, it fell into place. ‘Verse’ gives just one letter. A bit like ‘following’ last week.

  19. I’ve been overseas for 2 months and been missing DA. This is my first since returning. Have most completed but would welcome a hint for 15D.
    Have 1D but can’t see how it works.

  20. @Gayle I am a 12D.
    12D Break chimeralic at the 60% mark.
    16A I would have thought of as 6,4, or at the very least 6-4. Fancy is the anagrind.
    I too need assistance in understanding 13A.
    1D I have the answer but am working on understanding the cryptic part of the clue.
    I enjoyed this crossword. Mostly because I’ve managed to solve a lot of it.

  21. @Ian, great hint above for 13A. One of the best not-giving-it-away-immediately hints I’ve seen on this site. Thanks!

  22. @Ben,

    Re 20A: The answer to 22A provides the anagrind for 20A. I thought this clue was pretty good.

  23. 10A: Second time DA has used ‘slash’ this way recently. In March it meant ‘leak’.

  24. Thanks for that help with 13A. I eventually got there.
    1D I am breaking as 1, 6-12 and the remaining letters as a word and am reasonably happy with that.
    I liked 6D, with the first part of the next clue required, and the answer making it clear what sort of 12D DA is thinking of. We (12Ds) come in two basic varieties – tower and hand. 6D makes sense in the context of tower 12Ds.

  25. Enjoyed today’s. Some clever clues, some still mystifying. Just need a little help with the first word in 9A. Any offers? PS Glad I found this blog. Now part of my regular Friday/Saturday reading. Kep it up please.

  26. going well so far. Have about half of it out in half an hour, much better than usual.
    Even with above hints and most of the cross letters in the second word, I’ve no idea on 1d. NW and SE corners a bit bare at the moment. I too had pink for 13a until I read Ian’s hint.
    Fixing that still hasn’t helped with 1d.

  27. Got an answer for 1d that sort of fits now. Don’t get the NSW pusher bit though, presume it clues first 7 letters of the second word?

  28. @nn I agree with your interpretation on 1D. Could equally well have been VIC pusher.
    Do 2D and 15D really use the theme words with an enormous overlap? I’ve been looking for an alternative to 2D because I assumed DA wouldn’t be so repetative.

  29. Got 11a now, had thought of it earlier and rejected it as i didn’t get the wordplay. Time for a coffee before I have another go at the SW.

  30. thanks Deryn, I didn’t have 15d, had missed the plural in the clue and was on a wrong track.
    Still don’t get the pusher ref in 1d.

  31. Allan first word in 9a sounds like a word for something that you have if you are polite.
    Have four to go now
    10a, 15a, 21d and 23a

  32. Fell into place quite easily after a VERY slow start – just 23a to go – hints welcome.
    nn – 10a is slang; 15a familiar also as motivational self-talk; 21d I think is double def

  33. All done now, had written a wrong letter in 5d which messed up 10a, correcting this made 10a obvious. I seem to transcribe at least one answer incorrectly each week at the moment, resulting in much lost time and anguish. Memo to be more careful next week!

  34. Not doing very well. Held up for some time because of bad writing, I was reading the first letter of 8d as a G. Still only have a dozen, and one of those came from a hint above. 12A is one that has me baffled at present. What is significance of Bigpond?

  35. @Arthur re 12a. Road warning is the def (you find them on the back of cars), bigpond flashing is the spoonerism. What do you call a big pond? If something is flashy it is also _ _ _ _ _ _.

  36. Still 4 to go, 1D, 2D, 7A & 9A so it’s the NW corner again. First word of 9A eludes me in spite of the clues above.

    Well done, Ian, working 13A out, I’d never have got there! How did it come to you? I had NOVI but it was too ordinary for DA and had nothing to do with salmon except you can get a flight from King Salmon to Novi….

    Don’t know about inspired, Keith, maybe by DA having a few nips of an 8D’s tipple…

  37. Robin 9a, this one’s heaven sent.
    7a goat circle
    1d her outline could be 36-26-36
    2d sounds like singular of 15d

  38. Thanks nn, I’ve always preferred your clues…!
    Actually I managed to get 2D from Deryn’s hints above, then I guessed 1D after looking up 7A and 9A from sheer frustration.

    All in all some very good clues indeed, some awful – i.e. situation normal!

    I liked 4D, 17D, 8A especially. Also 23A after wordplay was explained above. Not so good in my view were 15A, 7A and 9A, and is the definition of 18A supposed to be ‘sting’? Really?

    Not even going to mention 13A…

  39. @Robin, agree with you on those. As for 13a, it is DA, par for the course!

  40. Got through all the bottom half and now have misplaced the page! (I think it fell out of my pocket at the cafe).
    Can anyone send me a scan of the crossword?
    Thanks in advance.

  41. Before I twigged about 13A, I was wondering if DA had excised the 6 (NoVi) from viviparous!
    Good fun.

  42. Thanks, nn, I saw it myself shortly after that post. Only just got back to it now, after pool afternoon, evening meal, etc. Seven to go, but 1D is my major concern. Australian poetess, or something entirely different? Is 2D somethink I’d use on a weekly basis? Seems unlikely. 4D is other major concern. Off for a pre-football nap, if I can get one. CU tomorrow arvo, probably.

  43. Thanks for clues about 1d, a bit of a stretch re word for NSW pusher. Still haven’t worked out 11a and 12a and don’t get the wordplay for 22a though I have the answer. Also 2d looks very similar to 15d, is this right? Is 4d a fiction character or more about the theme?Enjoyed the theme, one of Dorothy Sayers crime novels was all about it so had some of the obscure vocab. It’s late in the day but any help appreciated.

  44. @Arthur C. Further 1D clue. The phrase should be well known by Asterix fans.
    @ Julia. It sounds like you have 4D. A finctional character with the theme in the word play. 22A word play swaps the first letter of a word (blew nothing for a).

  45. @JS 23 A Mug is anagrind for following word, but remove a three letter word for spat (as in an argument). This gives letters 1-5, letter 6 is clued by “by” in a mathematical sense.
    Arthur and Julia, yes 2d is very similar to 15d, but I don’t think it is something you’d use on a weekly basis, 4d is a fictional character from a Dickens novel, think small ringing.
    Hope you enjoy the footy Arthur (unless your team is playing mine!)

  46. I got more of Wednesday’s Times in the Oz. Had to use Mr Spencer again to get a start.
    I’m not getting far. Is 10a really pub slang for slash ? I don’t know many Dickens characters.
    12a the spoonerism is not something I would ever use.
    18a … What ? In my lexicon, they ain’t the same .
    I can’t even understand some of the clues given above.

  47. 10A: When you go to have a slash…? It’s called having a “——“.

  48. cripes. There’s no way I could get 15a without 15d which needed cross letters from 20a, which needed 22a. Was fun to cascade them. I’ve now discarded three possibilities for 13a.
    I was taking characters as anagrind for 1d. I feel like I’m slogging up the mountain with les cyclistes

  49. @Deryn Thanks for the tip on 22A, finally made sense. Got it all but 11A and 13A. I’ll try again in the morning.

  50. I can’t get 8a, is def ‘leave bath’?
    I got 4d when I realised it wasn’t the surname of an avenger, (also politician in Dickens time who is is the reason the rozzers are Bobbies)

  51. @Jupiter:

    8A: Yes. “polite” is made by removing “un” from a much more common word meaning impolite. Then remove the last letter, and stick an arm or a leg in.

  52. @AJ – I tried to send you a copy of the puzzle, but you posted your email address wrong. I’ve tried again with the obvious typo fixed. Let me know if you still need a copy.

  53. @Julia: 11A is still an oil company, though I don’t think they run petrol stations any more. It’s the half of the short black you’d order at a cafe.

  54. Der…..
    Note to self. When asking to be sent a replacement crossword, be sure to type your email address correctly.
    One hundred thousand pardons.

  55. 12A I thought a Spoonerism was an error made when trying to say something you might actually say. Dr Spooner would never have actually said 12A as there does not appear to be a ‘big pond’ with the ‘flashing’ name. (A name which is the same as the treed town in Victoria.)
    According to wikipedia Poland and the USA have a big pond with a name very close to it but with the two words the other way round.

  56. Totally agree, jupiter, 18A answer is not a ‘sting’. Tell a doctor you have ‘back sting’ for example….

    1D is clever but you’d never use the word for NSW pusher, well not in NSW anyway. QLD perhaps, back in the day…?

  57. Michelle re 8D: 1,2,3 give you a mechanism that turns, 5 and 6 gives you “an” inside 4,7,8,9, an Italian explorer. Letters 10, 11 ,12, 13 is a word for “point” used metaphorically, as in “point of an argument” . Hope that helps.

  58. Finally finished, after lots of short intermittent tries yesterday between long bouts of gardening. The last few took a while as I had to do a lot of googling. I only knew 7a meaning something like ‘a’lot’, didn’t know 9a, or the actress in 18. Agree with most comments/criticisms on here – it’s a very mixed DA bag this week. Am I still missing something clever in 2d, or is it a rather weak single definition dependent on the theme?

  59. Michelle re 8D: First three letters give you a mechanism that turns; letters 4,7,8 and 9 give the name of an Italian explorer enclosing “an”. The last four letters give a meaning for “point” as in the point of an argument. Definition is another name for 12D.

  60. Finally got there, though I needed some of the above hints to explain the word play.
    The suggestion that 13A could reasonably be ‘pink’ overlooks the fact that in snooker the pnk is worth 6, but is No. 5.

  61. Robin – that explains the exclamation mark, then – it just means ‘thank God that’s finished!’
    A missed opportunity, really – 2d and 15d without a single mention of Oliver Postgate or the Soup Dragon!

  62. No further advanced on yesterday: -7. People tried to help above, will have to look through those again. I haven’t seen an Asterix strip for many years, was never a fan, so that hint went to waste. Think I will have to leave it at that.
    Had a bit of a smile in church this morning, preacher talking about the Higg’s boson (which he mispronounced) and suggesting it was something you might see through a powerful microscope. Nonsense! But the average Joe Blow has no concept of particle fizziks , my own understanding is very limited, but in teaching semiconductor theory at RMIT and other places, had to do a bit of reading.
    Just read some more from above, now have 7A, so only six to go. But I fed the three letters I have in 2D into my wordfinder, it provided no words at all, yet I’m certain my across answers, 7, 9, and 13, are correct. So, is 2D a dictionary word? I’m totally baffled.

  63. http://www.a2zwordfinder.com/ has the word, Arthur. It’s one of those words that might miss a letter in an American dictionary/wordfinder I think. It is almost the same answer as 15D which people above have mentioned.

  64. Ah, particle physics, where you can only see things once they aren’t there any more.

    I’m glad to see your preacher bringing the Higg’s into the service. After all, according to the Standard Model you can’t have Mass without it ;)

  65. Robin, I see my 13A was wrong, though it fitted the clue perfectly: pink, obvious to any snooker player. I saw the correct answer somewhere above, and dismissed it. So that now gives me 2D as well.
    Yes, Rupert, we got the ‘No mass without Higgs’ also thiws morning.
    Now, is 11A part of the lesson? Or some other oil company? I still lack 1D. No idea who or what it is.

  66. OOPS! Just saw 1D, though don’t understand pusher reference. Now time for arvo tea, so leave remaining two or three. Thanks folks.

  67. Finally finished in a quick rush of answers.
    Loosing the crossword half-way through delayed things a bit. (Thanks for your help Rupert)
    Include my vote for thinking NSW pusher is a bit dodgy…..
    Similarity of 2d and 15d had me thinking one of them might have been qrong. The old DA double bluff?
    Waiting for next Friday now.

  68. I wonder if DAwidow gave this puzzle a try? If you’re out there DAwidow, I recommend that you wait until next week.

  69. Rupert,
    My take on 8A is a 5 letter word meaning polite with the last letter taken off, there is no mention of UN.
    Apart from that comment, i think one of the easiest cryppies ever, nothing dodgy or unfair, just typical Astle

  70. Rogo, I think your overlooking the fact that the RED balls are worth one point, and the PINK is worth six points and is sixth inline.

  71. I used to think that ‘couth’ was a bit like ‘kempt’, ie it was only used in the ‘un+’ form. Learnt something new.
    Apart from the grumbles above which I share, I don’t get ‘the dismissed’ in 7A as def. I think DA might have been getting into too much pot, vino and a 3D. And ‘three or four’ as def in 20A? Did anyone get 1D from wordplay? How are we supposed to twig that No 6 meant Henry’s wife? I mean , 15A! What’s the editor doing? And am with Deryn .. not all 8D’s 6D. Some of them 10A.
    There’s a sense of DA naughtiness and fatigue in this week’s crossie. Hopefully he’ll emerge rejuvenated at the end of the school holidays.

  72. Gayle 7a expression – go to billyo, like go to hell
    20a numbers are integers

  73. Bit of a dizzy aster, ultimately. missed on four. I had entered ‘Pull the other leg’ for 6D, so couldn’t get 23A. Also missed on 4D and 10A, had forgotten Little Nell. Ah well, not too bad for an elderly lamebrain!

  74. @Arthur C, you’re no lame brain! Anyone who attempts a difficult DA and only misses 4 answers is pretty clever IMO. DA uses such a wide variety of traps, and his grids contain such a wide variety of English (old and new, technical and colloquial, popular and arcane), that it’s difficult for us to complete a whole puzzle without the aid of web tools, dictionaries, this site or a brains trust.

  75. OK Jimmy – point taken, but once all the reds are sunk you start on the colours, of which pink is the fifth. Semantics, I suppose.

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