DA for the 29/30th of June, 2012

I’m back in town, without jet lag, and looking forward to a solid session with DA.

Here’s where you can talk about it (although no spoilers until Monday).


5 thoughts on “DA for the 29/30th of June, 2012

  1. Gee, I’m still persisting with last week’s challenge, and this week’s puzzle turns up. I’m refusing to use Google, etc., and refusing to peek at the solutions. I think I have all the warblers, but still missing three of the down clues in the bottom left hand side. Now, do I start this week’s tonight, or wait until last week’s is completely solved?

  2. Peter, given some of last week’s comments, I’d give up on that and move on to this week’s. Much more fun and gettable.
    See other thread for SW corner.

  3. I know it’s been a few weeks, but I thought this was sufficiently interesting to post…
    I had failed to finish this crossword because I’d come up with a perfectly good answer for 14A… that just happened to be wrong. The clue was:
    “Beer in longer glasses evenly swallowed”.
    My solution was to take the letters I and N, from “in”, and then O,G,R,L,S and E, from every second letter of “longer glasses”
    “Swallowed” can plausibly indicate an anagram, so then you’ve got, “SOLINGER”, a brand of beer!

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